College Life by SeraphinaRivera
College Lifeby ♡ Seraphina ♡
Jesse Jackson is lost and hopeless in his own little world. His mind is full of dark secrets about his past, about the person he lost. That one night changed his whole l...
  • guys
  • jesseisahoe
  • mandate
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The Missing Cheetos by vehronicasoriano
The Missing Cheetosby vehronicasoriano
One day Vehronica wakes up to find her cheetos missing... read what happens next..
  • adidas
  • pedophile
  • cheetos
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100 Reasons To Facepalm by PickleCheeto
100 Reasons To Facepalmby Geek Girl
Facepalm ~ A gesture in which you slap your hand against your face in times of shame, woe, disgust, or baffled at something stupid and idiotic someone said or did. *****
  • geek
  • dork
  • cringe
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Cheetos End (Chester the Cheetah X Reader) by FluffyPhantom
Cheetos End (Chester the Cheetah Leah ¿
TRIGGER WARNING: DEATH // Your relationship with Chester the cheetah (the Cheetos mascot) seems to be going great. But your first sexual experience with your lover revea...
  • chesterthecheetah
  • xreader
  • crack
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flaming hot cheetos // e.g.d by triippydolan
flaming hot cheetos // e.g.dby 🍋
in which two flaming hot cheeto loving best friends try and make each other jealous - Mature content ©evieistyping
  • aesthetic
  • twins
  • california
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The Adventures of Juliberto, the two dots V two dots by edgyfuck
The Adventures of Juliberto, the Baepsae
Because of how many times this got requested (one, thanks Ainoor for your support), I decided to translate mine and Berry's worldwide popular best seller in English! Wha...
  • adventure
  • gass
  • cave
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Hello World by ArchAnant
Hello Worldby Arch Anant
Hello human. I am a galactic fart. Poof. I also like donuts.
  • stuff
  • stupid
  • awesomeness
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that one antisocial by EmzilyEmzily234
that one antisocialby śåd gøgürt
kyrie hates most people for her reasons. she was humiliated and now tries to live her life forgetting people and not forgiving them. will she soon realize that enemies C...
  • highschoolexperience
  • highschool
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