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365 Reasons to Smile (Broadway Edition) (Mostly) {Discontinued} by Hamiltrash3
365 Reasons to Smile (Broadway JoJo
Your daily dose of smiles!
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Super Girl ✩ by xPollymuse
Super Girl ✩by Sarah Smiles ♛
"The favourite food of us all, the pizza, if it's properly baked and has all the right toppings on it, the average pizza has over one thousand calories. The America...
  • relationship
  • friendship
  • cheery
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Gacha world: Escape the Night by charlan1234
Gacha world: Escape the Nightby IFG/Amy/Charlan
"Dear friends,i invited you to save a town from corruption,It may be consumed but it still is a mission to save the town,you must be dressed by that role to enter t...
  • djphantom
  • luni
  • kilios
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Healing Poems by psycho_person_1
Healing Poemsby -sleep-24/7-
Poems that will feel calm, and make you feel much better. F A S T O R S L O W U P D A T E S ! R A N D O M
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His Queen, Her King: Fantasma di Coltello e Proiettili by BOMB0N
His Queen, Her King: Fantasma di love
EWWWWW the description isnt the best their complete cheeks yeh? under construction WARNING: ( mature content and swearing andlalalalal) Vote and comment ✌️
  • wattys2018
  • stubborness
  • italian
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The Friendly Chain Letters by MapleTree112
The Friendly Chain Lettersby MapleTree112
Read these for positive encouragement that give you good luck whether or not you send!
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Cheerleaders of Green Britain by AudreyLansbury
Cheerleaders of Green Britainby Patricia Audrey Lansbury
In Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan experienced a tsunami that took lives of many people and a lot have been destroyed due to the strong current of the waves that hit th...
  • cheering
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Repair  ✔ by aregsap121
Repair ✔by aregsap121
Roselle Georgian. Roselle and her parents lived in California Los Angeles until her parents were taken by rival gangs and brutally murdered. It left her battered and thr...
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  • action
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Bright poems by AnnaValletto
Bright poemsby Anna Valletto
This are nice bright nice free verse poems enjoy :)
  • lovely
  • cheery
  • bright
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A Cat Called Steve by XxbubblewrapxX
A Cat Called Steveby Rachel
WATTY AWARDS ENTRY 2012 I looked down at the stupid little cat in front of me, the bells on his collar jingled and the name on his collar reflected on to the walls. Stev...
  • stacey
  • evil
  • cute
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Random Crap by kittencooki
Random Crapby Nora Tirgui
Just a bunch of random junk I might write when im board....
  • random
  • stupid
  • poetry
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What If...? by CheesecakeNatalie
What If...?by CheesecakeNatalie
Submit "what if" questions into my inbox about any of my stories! (That includes "Thanks to Darren," "Cheesecake's Short Stories," etc.)
  • cheesecake
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a diary by my_name_is_kelly
a diaryby :・゚☆ kelly 。・★
new year. new everything.
  • happiness
  • newyear
  • newme
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What a wonderful world [ on H O L D ] by AutotunedBird
What a wonderful world [ on H O Terrie The Creator
❝Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it❞ ~Confucuis ◆ ◇◆ ◇◆ ◇◆ ◇◆ ◇◆ ◇◆ ◇◆ ◇◆ ◇◆◇◆ This isn't just a collection of poetry for you, It's the won...
  • love
  • peace
  • cheery
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Poetry for dark and sad people by ASparkInTheDark
Poetry for dark and sad peopleby ASparkInTheDark
I write some poetry... And sometimes quotes by me and other people
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A Breeze In A Hot Summer. by BalloonsAndUnicorns
A Breeze In A Hot BalloonsAndUnicorns
No tragidies, no cliches. Just reality. Two teens with a lot of family problems and complications, but thats the only thing that links them together. Georgie Goldsworth...
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  • opposites
  • shane
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