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Bellas Group Chat by numnumpants1234
Bellas Group Chatby Me
I just made these texts up
Roller coaster (Pitch Perfect - 2 .) by rosies-blue
Roller coaster (Pitch Perfect - rosesareblue
Chloe Beale has just broken Beca's heart. In her (Beca's) mending, she's fallen for someone else. Stacie is Beca's best friend since they were 7. When Beca falls broken...
Will She Ever See The Truth? by pitchperfectisamazin
Will She Ever See The Truth?by JC
A chaubrey story. Aubrey Posen has fallen hard for her best friend, Chloe Beale, but unfortunately, she only has eyes for Tom. Will Chloe ever realize that he's just a j...
Descendants (Bechloe - Beca X Chloe) by sumpotato
Descendants (Bechloe - Beca X Kyla
It's the time that the daughter of The Beast and Queen Belle, Chloe, will become the queen. She decided to do her first proclamation, by sending four Villain kids from t...
50 Shades of Pitch Perfect by pitchperfecthuh
50 Shades of Pitch Perfectby Pitch Perfect❤️
The Barden Bella's have known each other for over a year and things get steamy...
Triple Treble: An Aca-love Story by iambrianataylor
Triple Treble: An Aca-love Storyby Briana Taylor
Beca, Chloe and Aubrey have known each other since Beca met the iconic duo of Chaubrey on her first day at Barden. Chloe being Chloe, she invited Beca to join the Barden...
Pitch Perfect Pic story by aubreysbetch
Pitch Perfect Pic storyby Hi friend💓
Actually I'm keeping this, if anyone want to see this..idk
We're Not Broken, Just Bent. by Sendrickhuh_47
We're Not Broken, Just CamrenBechloeClexa
Chloe and Aubrey have to learn how to deal with not only their greatest heartbreak, but also how to deal with each other in the aftermath. Established:Chaubrey. Other ch...
The Day We Met //A Triple Treble Story\\ by bechloestaubrey4evr
The Day We Met //A Triple Treble _PitchDALE_
The girls became friends,to bestfriend,and they finally fall in love at each other. They lived at the same house and they treat others like a family. They are all bella...
Pitch Perfect One-Shots by Anonymous_Gleek
Pitch Perfect One-Shotsby Anonymous_Gleek
A story containing one shots between the Barden Bellas. Mainly Steca and Junksen but i will be taking requests.
Drunk in Love by turntechbasshead
Drunk in Loveby turntechbasshead
Alcohol brings out parts of people otherwise completely unexpected, even by those who think they know them best.
ChAubrey - Rediscovery by HersheyPony
ChAubrey - Rediscoveryby Jade
Aubrey Posen x Chloe Beale from Pitch Perfect! (set after PP3) The USO tour is over and the Bellas have begun the next step of their lives. Aubrey has decided to contin...
ChAubrey - The Most Magical Place On Earth by HersheyPony
ChAubrey - The Most Magical Jade
Chloe Beale and Aubrey Posen have been dating for a little over 2 years now. Now, they've decided to take a little trip to Disney World in Orlando FL. Read how an unex...
Pitch Perfect one shots- (bechloe, chaubrey and other) by _just_another_girll_
Pitch Perfect one shots- ( Unknown
I just write whatever ship from pitch perfect I'm thinking about here. some one shots that should probably never see the light... enjoy
Drunk in Love by kendrickcamps
Drunk in Loveby kendrickcamps
The hallways of the Barden University dorms were silent, the sound of rustling leaves and the cool autumn breeze occasionally trickling through the cracked windows. Almo...
Been A While by love_writing1818
Been A Whileby love_writing1818
Aubrey a 12 year old girl lives a regular life of of pre-teen. In between the stages of a teen and a kid. She wants to grow up to be like her older sister Hannah with al...
ChAubrey - How They Met by HersheyPony
ChAubrey - How They Metby Jade
Everyone knows Chloe Beale and Aubrey Posen are best friends. Together, they rebuilt the Bellas after Alice and then graduated on that awful note. Aubrey was the first...
Sisterly Help by lilygrace1305
Sisterly Helpby lilay
a story I started in grade 6 (2017) that I've updated and made better (and tbh I'm probably gonna submit it for my CAT. A Glee and Pitch Perfect crossover that no one as...