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Club Penguin Chatlogs! by justabellhop
Club Penguin Chatlogs!by justabellhop
inspiration just hit me when i was on instagram and saw these accs doing it and now here we are [ALSO DIDNT HAVE A DECENT COVER IM SORRY A
Let's Chat! :D by CrystalPlayz_YT
Let's Chat! :Dby CrystalPlayzYT
My email is stupd and I can't chat with my followers or anyone else so this is how we do it! :D
behind the screen  by FOLLOWAGHASEJESS
behind the screen by follow @aghasejess
four teenagers are brought together on the internet. -- what? this isn't realistic? whatever.
e l e v e n t h » phan by pastelsdaniel
e l e v e n t h » phanby m !!
11:11 pm Phil: Hi. © phantasiamiddleton story inspired by: 23:11 of Pilosopotasya
Splatoon 2 Chatlogs! by LycanAnimates
Splatoon 2 Chatlogs!by Lycan Smashes Into Battle!
So, you know those chatlogs in the Octo Expansion featuring, Pearl Marina and Cap n Cuttlefish? Well, what if there were more of them, we excluded Cap N Cuttlefish and w...
D& by FaceInTheSpace
D&D.netby Aylee Blackthorne
Welcome to D&, a safe haven for those who need it, NERDS RULE, POPOURAZZI DROOL! Nerds unite!
Maybe.//phan by b00g00h00man
Maybe.//phanby 420 Blazing Bitch
"What is this?" "The internet. The place where we hide from reality." "As known as the place where we are free."
From the other side of the screen by Mantha8225
From the other side of the screenby Mantha8225
A story of unrequited love. ~~~~~ He was funny and she loved making puns. He was kind and she was generous. They were both energetic, cheerful people with insecurities...
Goofy Chatterhood by she_n3rd
Goofy Chatterhoodby she_n3rd
Compliation of chat logs where the topics could be so close to reality and sometimes drifting away to the other edge of brain and feelings.
Hunter (Book 1) (Text story) by Katana_Cat
Hunter (Book 1) (Text story)by Left
Hunter created a group chat full of his friends. He regretted it. *Sneak peek until the ultimate release on July 5th.* *Cover book out on May 7th 2019*
Connected by aliensskeleton
Connectedby jasper
12:58 4523>i wish things were different 12:49 6710>What do you mean? 12:52 4523>i wish... a lot of things 12:56 6710>What's the thing you wish the most? [dr...