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Flaws Of Love | Paw Patrol by Outcasted_Light
Flaws Of Love | Paw Patrolby Outcasted_Light
Have You Ever Been In Love? Yet You Choose To Deny It.... Did You Feel The Butterflies? Yet It Was Mistaken For Another..... This is a story by which two canine pups, a...
Marshall The Vampire by NewOfficialKyleQuack
Marshall The Vampireby NewOfficialKyleQuack
Marshall is a vampire so you can imagine how he struggles his urge to drink blood. The only person who knows his secret is Ryder who gives Marshall Blood Tablets so he D...
PAW Patrol Texts by pawpatrolrocky
PAW Patrol Textsby rocky
If the Paw Patrol all had texts! Inspired from similar stories from Wattpad! I write these just for fun! Disclaimer: I do not own PAW Patrol.
Paw Patrol: Truth Or Dare by EverestTheRacer
Paw Patrol: Truth Or Dareby ZumaTheGreat
The paw patrol are broad as ever and have nothing to do while Ryder is out, they want to play Truth or Dare, what do you think will happen in this story?
Chasing after a Fire by Dewott16422
Chasing after a Fireby Zuma The Water Pup
Hey guys this is a Chase X Marshall story and will not involve any of the feeling from my other stories this one is just separate on its own. So for those of you who shi...
Promise?  by DreamiePotato
Promise? by FabulousPotato
I'm not very good with story description so just read to find out
(Running Through Time) ~ A Yearbook of Chase and Marshall ~ by Milo_Rollins
(Running Through Time) ~ A ఌ𝑀𝑖𝑙𝑜ఌ
A series that tells the tale of Chase and his friends in an unusual year. There's something different with this year... what would it be? A Paw Patrol series that consis...
Pup academy by Nyzier
Pup academyby Rockyxzuma44
Welcome to pup academy we're pup learn how to be the best dog they can be and learn more about them selves while making new friends along the way. But with a new year co...
Paw patrol: chase the hero by duckmakeslovetome
Paw patrol: chase the heroby Pawpatrolfan
Chase gets shot by mayor humdinger after he escapes. What will happen! will he survive, find out here and now, squeal to paw patrol: The mission that changed everything...
Chase x Marshall (Prince of the Hellhounds) by RandallWatkins1
Chase x Marshall (Prince of the Randall Watkins
(Marshall had to imprison his Demonic power to live on the surface out of hell, so he did and he kept it a secret from everyone, now he puts on clumbsy and week act, but...
Chase X Marshall by Midgetgames
Chase X Marshallby Angrymidget
Chase and Marshall have been dating for years now, someone has feelings for chase, love, betrayal, replaced and even death comes between them but also new family members...
Paw Patrol: Vacancy by Insomni-act
Paw Patrol: Vacancyby Kojiseito
Marshall is turned down by Chase and broken. Now he has a vacancy in his heart. He meets a new pup and they seem to have a lot in common. When Chase becomes jealous know...
Pups Save A Vampire Marshall - A PAW Patrol Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by APawPatrolFanatic
Pups Save A Vampire Marshall - A APawPatrolFanatic
Marshall, the lovely and clumsy dalmatian and Fire Dog of the PAW Patrol, gets attacked and bitten by a vampire after a mission and becomes one himself. As a war breaks...
The Royal Duty by Outcasted_Light
The Royal Dutyby Outcasted_Light
Marshall is a prince of a large kingdom,along with his father and mother,King Felix and Queen Silvian,after visiting a certain place with his family,when they were about...
Something I Feel Inside by Lycon_rock
Something I Feel Insideby ꧁𝑲𝒂𝒊•𝑲𝒂𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒂꧂
This is my first story so take it easy on me... This is also a ZxR and MxC story so if you dont like boyxboy I suggest you leave. If you find any mistakes let me know
Burned In My Memories | Paw Patrol by deadbitee
Burned In My Memories | Paw Patrolby dead acc ♡
Marshall is dealing with the fact that he failed his mission, which affects his relationship with the Paw Patrol in a severe way.
Best Friends to Boyfriends by PopPunkLover23
Best Friends to Boyfriendsby PopPunkLover23
Marshall has feelings for his best friend Chase but is worried that his best friend might hate him for telling him how he feels. If you do not support boy x boy one-shot...
Loving You Between Life And Death (Chase And Marshall)  by 54John
Loving You Between Life And 54John
This is the story of MARSHALL (the spirit with an unfinished business) and CHASE (the kind hearted Teen pup) . What will happen if their worlds collide? (In this story...
A Paw Patrol Story: More than a Show by G-Reader13
A Paw Patrol Story: More than a G-Reader13
The Paw Patrol dazzles the people of Adventure Bay once again as they show their greatest talents. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Paw Patrol.
You Complete Me by 54John
You Complete Meby 54John
Chase was the only and first pup of the paw patrol,he find that kinda boring,until one fateful day Ryder had brought an unconscious dalmatian. The pup that will change h...