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The Doctor's young mate(A Twilight & Carlisle fanfic) by Oncer121598
The Doctor's young mate(A Shannon Brunicke
Emma is a thirteen year old girl who lived with her parents. She is an only child. One day, her and her parents get into a car accident and are brought to the hospital...
HUMAN ─ carlisle cullen by spxrrxwstxrks
HUMAN ─ carlisle cullenby SKYE
HUMAN ❝It's like time slowed down, and they were the only two standing in the room.❞ ellie newman's standalone book. carlisle cullen x ellie newman. ongoing. twilight ─...
The life and lies of Matty and I - J.Black by _tooprettyforprison_
The life and lies of Matty and Sunshine
Veronica Swan couldn't have been more excited for her elder sister and nephew to move in with her and her father. It was the most excitement a small place like Forks cou...
Annabelle and Isaiah Swan by DisasterChild20
Annabelle and Isaiah Swanby Nix
Annabelle Swan is Isabelle Swan's younger sister who moved to Forks when she was 5 and Bella was 7. At age 16 Anna gave birth to a baby boy who she named Isaiah. Two wee...
Bella's Older Sister by Mysterywolfmystic
Bella's Older Sisterby Vampirewolf2004
Bella never told anyone she had a sister. What happens when her sister comes to Forks Washington? How will everyone feel about her? Especially a certain doctor?
Willow  by miapotatobean
Willow by potato_lookin_bean
Twin brother of Bella Swan meets the beautiful blonde Rosalie. Rosalie Hale x oc (Sorry for the really bad description)
Vampire Queen-Carlisle Cullen  by purple2495
Vampire Queen-Carlisle Cullen by purple2495
Lacey Willows is amongst one of the oldest vampires in the world she has spent her entire life ruling the vampire Kingdom. when she returns to the little town of forks W...
Dark Imprint by YukiIseri
Dark Imprintby Yuki Iseri
Kagome moved to Forks to live with Charlie, her Uncle, but there she is imprinted on by a wolf. She didn't know that she would be rejected....rejected before he got to k...
Bella's Older Sister(A Twilight Fanfic & Carlisle Love Story) by Oncer121598
Bella's Older Sister(A Twilight Shannon Brunicke
Nicole Swan is the older sister of Bella Swan. When she was 17, Nicole became pregnant right before her senior year of high school. Her boyfriend, at the time, wanted no...
Her Final High [C.Cullen] by PocketKing3
Her Final High [C.Cullen]by PocketKing3
The air is filled with death. Black filling her lungs. She had nothing keeping her here. Except the smooth smoke blowing from her throat. It forever burned her thoat and...
Ready for Change - Jasper Hale by LostLonelyPopcorn
Ready for Change - Jasper Haleby LostLonelyPopcorn
'I only agreed to go to Forks because I knew it was the right thing to do. The only thing I've ever done in my seventeen years of life is do the right thing. It's a bad...
Chief and I ⇢ Charlie Swan Fanfiction  by BriFlare
Chief and I ⇢ Charlie Swan -BriFlare
Frustrated by life, forty-something Charlie can't stop himself from being interested in Gemini, despite their age gap. Started ⇢ Wednesday, January 27, 2020 Published ⇢...
Running With Wolves|Embry Call| by SavannahBrookeFrisby
Running With Wolves|Embry Call|by Savannah
in which the younger sister of bella swan finally gets her change at love. |new moon-breaking dawn pt. 2| Started: April 1, 2019 Finished: N/A
Twilight's Priestess (Emmett Cullen) by jumpingmanatee
Twilight's Priestess (Emmett jumpingmanatee
Kagome's Feudal Era adventures have finally come to an end. She has returned to the Modern Era determined to move on with her life but deciding it must be done somewhere...
Forbidden fruit by cringe_alert_
Forbidden fruitby Cringe_alert_
Charlie has wanted Bella to move to forks since he can remember but after she he sees her for the first time in years he realizes he wants more and will do any to trick...
Bella Swan's Sister (Twilight Fanfic) (Jasper Hale Fanfic) by Wayward_Son_1967
Bella Swan's Sister (Twilight Elijah H. Fox
Bella is not the only Swan daughter. A year before Bella was born her mom gave birth to a baby girl, which they named Harley. Harley is different from Bella. For one Har...
Oh honey//Wolfpack's imprint by malfoylovin
Oh honey//Wolfpack's imprintby malfoylovin
hi i'm ariana hunnington-swan yup i' m actually charlie swan's daughter and my mother is elizabeth hunnington,what happend when i come to forks and meet new people?read...
A Witch In Twilight ~ Harry Potter & Twilight Crossover by Ella_kenny
A Witch In Twilight ~ Harry Ella_kenny
Lily Hunter is trying to move on from the memories of the war. So she decides to move in with her uncle Charlie and cousin Bella in forks with her godson Teddy. What ha...
The Vampire and The Fae-An Edward Cullen SoulMate Story by Angelcake1998
The Vampire and The Fae-An Summer
Charlotte Swan comes to live with her father in the months leading up to her Maturity... Upon starting at Forks High School, she discovers that, not only is there a fami...
Jacob Black-Imprint by EllaMcCormack1
Jacob Black-Imprintby Ella McCormack
Bella Swan's half little sister Hope is moving back in with her father Charlie Swan and one of her older sisters Bella Swan after anew threat comes to New Orleans around...