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Class Appreciation Week 2017  by ellienerd14
Class Appreciation Week 2017 by Ellie :)
Day 1 - favourite character Day 2 - favourite episode Day 3 - favourite villain Day 4 - favourite theme Day 5 - favourite relationship Day 6 - favourite scene Day...
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You make my heart shake bend and break (in that order) (Class AU) by ellienerd14
You make my heart shake bend and Ellie :)
'Secrets could be dangerous. Soulmates could be dangerous. Matteusz' soulmate was a murderer.' In an universe when you are born with the knowledge of your soulmates big...
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We've Gone Way Too Fast For Way Too Long (BBC Class) by ellienerd14
We've Gone Way Too Fast For Way Ellie :)
It's easy to feel burnt out at nineteen years old, but things are so much harder when you're part of a superhero duo. Charity and Mercy have protected the Rhodian State...
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Class One Shots  by ellienerd14
Class One Shots by Ellie :)
A collection of one shots about Class *I don't own class*
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What Shadows Leave Behind by lotsofcuddles94
What Shadows Leave Behindby Cuddley Fanboy
Charlie and friends head home after the events of 'The Lost'. April has Corakinus's body now. Miss Quill has a baby on the way. Will Charlie and Matteusz's relationship...
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Odd Young Girl by scarletHidden
Odd Young Girlby Scarlet Hidden
this is a Doctor Who, Torchwood and the class story. one day Captain Jack Harknis meets and odd young girl who spins life on it's head and makes everything more complic...
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The Phoenix ►Class by Gleek_runner
The Phoenix ►Classby Gleek_runner
"Hey, Youngblood doesn't it feel like our time is running out" Class fic. Original story.
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Marlie Oneshots by justanotherBEEBOtee
Marlie Oneshotsby justanotherBEEBOtee
Fluffy oneshots for Marlie (Charlie x Matteusz) from Class bbc
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Family Isn't Always Blood by CammieInTheMaking
Family Isn't Always Bloodby Alexandra L. Jay
When a man from the past shows up on Matteusz, Charlie, and Quill's doorstep, how they get rid of him leaves them slightly broken. What had originally started as a pleas...
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Prom (Marlie/Class) by ellienerd14
Prom (Marlie/Class)by Ellie :)
The missing scene we all needed (and deserved) where Charlie asks Matteusz to be his prom date. *I don't own Class, the BBC does.*
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Standing Guard (Marlie/Class)  by ellienerd14
Standing Guard (Marlie/Class) by Ellie :)
Matteusz doesn't sleep that night. He watches the Cabinet of Souls and keeps an eye on their now locked door. More importantly he watches over Charlie. *I don't own Cl...
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More than Muggles (Class/Marlie) by ellienerd14
More than Muggles (Class/Marlie)by Ellie :)
Twenty years after Harry Potter's Triwizard tournament, Hogwarts is hosting again, this year. The famous British school is competing with Beauxbatons and Zcocha Castle...
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Wasting My Life Pretending (Class) by ellienerd14
Wasting My Life Pretending (Class)by Ellie :)
In order to help Charlie's weekend with his parents bearable, Matteusz agrees to come with him, only to discover that his parents are convinced they are dating. Things g...
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The 5 Times Quill Cares (Class)  by ellienerd14
The 5 Times Quill Cares (Class) by Ellie :)
Part of the 'more Than Muggles' universe. 5 Times Quill cares about Charlie and the first time she admits it. *I don't own Class*
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Everything Happens For a Reason  by nikkilouisesmith
Everything Happens For a Reason by tpwkstyles🍒
After a breakup and a few drinks, Ryan Fletcher Smith thinks that his relationship days are well and truly over. However, sometimes things happen for a reason and when h...
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