Supernatural Preferences and Imagines by Dreamescape101
Supernatural Preferences and Dreamescape101
Supernatural Preferences (Some Imagines Included!) Requests Closed (For Now) I DO NOT OWN SUPERNATURAL OR ITS CHARACTERS Characters: Dean Winchester Sam Winchester C...
  • castiel
  • charlie
  • balthazar
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Supernatural one shots by Babyskye101
Supernatural one shotsby Babyskye101
Hey! So I thought I'd do some random one shots with any character from supernatural. I don't take requests because I tried to once, and it was difficult to get everyones...
  • samwinchester
  • winchesters
  • fluff
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Daddy's Little Hunter {UNDER MAJOR EDITING} by DeanWinchestersGF
Daddy's Little Hunter {UNDER Scarlett Winchester
Alex Talbot is a homeless fifteen year old hunter. She's been living on the streets since she killed what she thought was her whole family nine years ago while she was p...
  • daddyissues
  • deanwinchestersdaughter
  • lgbtq
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Crossfire ⌲ S. Winchester [1] by winchasster
Crossfire ⌲ S. Winchester [1]by ❰ hayden ❱
❝ He's trade his guns for love, but he's caught in the crossfire. ❞ _ in which Sam Winchester meets a Stanford graduate over text and he learns a thing or two [FIRST BOO...
  • sam
  • katiecassidy
  • media
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Many Words (Destiel, Sabriel And Michifer highschool au) by Katspn
Many Words (Destiel, Sabriel And
Castiel and Dean are best friends. And they are neighbours too. One day Cas goes to Deans house in the middle of the night, and walks in on Dean... doing stuff;) And why...
  • bxb
  • castielnovak
  • sabriel
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lost all hope  ⌲⌲  d.winchester by BXLLAMYADDIC
lost all hope ⌲⌲ d.winchesterby hi, I’m des
"Which means, for the rest of my life, I'm going to have a hole in my heart where he's suppose to be. I can't live with that." #20 SPNAU #7 SPNFANFICTION ...
  • spnau
  • bobbysinger
  • deanandbrooke
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Useful (Avengers/Supernatural Crossover Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
Useful (Avengers/Supernatural Loki
This universe is a bit different from the one we all know and love. In this particular universe, Pietro does get shot in Sokovia, but he doesn't die. He does however, lo...
  • loki
  • natasharomanoff
  • pietro
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Motel Sam (Sam Winchester x Reader) by WaywardChild_4ever
Motel Sam (Sam Winchester x Reader)by WaywardChild_4ever
You were a normal hunter going to complete a salt and burn. In and out, right? Wrong, you met two handsome brothers and get mixed up with them. What's gonna happen. I'm...
  • castiel
  • charliebradbury
  • samxreader
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CARRY ON. ( spn gif imagines ) by deanlicious
CARRY ON. ( spn gif imagines )by ˗ˏˋ ambitchious! ˎˊ˗
❛ carry on my wayward son ❜ ( supernatural gif imagines ) ( completed )...
  • joharvelle
  • ghostfacers
  • samwinchester
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Destiel One-shots by LaurenABlack
Destiel One-shotsby I'm the Mad Hatter
Funny Destiel one-shots!! -Mostly funny and fluffy -Little feels -Few references to T and S -Featuring the Samoose fangirl, The baby in a trenchcoat, and Deano -Plus bon...
  • fangirl
  • michifer
  • castiel
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Supernatural Preferences!!  by harrypotterdeathnote
Supernatural Preferences!! by Em
A book with preferences using characters from the show supernatural! Includes: Dean Sam Cas Crowley Gabriel Charlie Benny Ruby (Can add more if requested)
  • spn
  • demons
  • deanwinchester
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Rebirth \\A Supernatural Spinoff// [2018 Watty Award Winner] by arrow_to_the_heart
Rebirth \\A Supernatural prim/sammy/miss barnes
Jessica Moore. Jo Harvelle. Meg Masters. Charlie Bradbury. Four women from four different walks of life. They all share one thing in common: they were at one time assoc...
  • charliebradbury
  • joharvelle
  • spinoff
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Supernatural DDM and BSM by Raeleigh05
Supernatural DDM and BSMby Moon●Child
DDM- daddy daughter moments BSM- brother sister moments
  • supernatural
  • joharvelle
  • bsm
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A Very Destiel Christmas by winchester_fever_
A Very Destiel Christmasby winchester_fever_
Ever wonder what Dean and Castiel do over the holidays? Spend time with family and friends, maybe? Many days straight without the world ending? Must be a Christmas mirac...
  • supernatural
  • rowena
  • writingchallenge
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Supernatural Stuff XD by Galaxy_Potatos
Supernatural Stuff XDby Kai
Just random SPN stuff :D And I just need people to talk to lol XD
  • lucifer
  • castiel
  • samwinchester
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Supernatural Oneshots by ameliarkim
Supernatural Oneshotsby Amelia Rayne Kim
A collection of Supernatural reader inserts. Requests are closed! You can also find these stories on Tumblr (@/fanfic-from-a-67-impala).
  • spn
  • samwinchester
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Supernatural - Drabbles (gay) by DestiWinchester
Supernatural - Drabbles (gay)by DestiWinchester
serie de drabbles de distintas parejas :v Algunas son referencias a películas así que pueden intentar buscar la referencia
  • charliebradbury
  • bobby
  • destiel
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Supernatual Imagines by allthefeelsarereal
Supernatual Imaginesby allthefeelsarereal
Here are some Supernatural Imagines. You can comment a request and I will try to write them. I will also write some of my own. I will try to upload at least once a week...
  • samxreader
  • spnimagines
  • dean
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Daughter Of Hell by hissesatlucifer
Daughter Of Hellby Patches O'Donnegy, a fighting...
When an unexpected visitor comes to see the Winchesters, they don't realize that she will change their lives forever. Crowley's daughter Vivienne seeks help from Sam and...
  • destiel
  • romance
  • vampire
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Supernatural Gif Series  by TheaWinter
Supernatural Gif Series by _Thea_
Gif Imagines for Supernatural
  • demons
  • ellenharvelle
  • bobbysinger
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