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Cold hearted (On-Going book 2 )  by Lealista_forever
Cold hearted (On-Going book 2 ) by Lealista_Pangarapmaka-duetsim...
Wala na akong masasabi kasi wala akong maisip na mailagay dito sa Description, But I want to thank you all for reading This Please read the note before you read the firs...
Who Am I To Stand In Your Way by Hushi09
Who Am I To Stand In Your Wayby Hushi
"I have love you for so long hoping that you'll love me too... Yes, you've love me but not the way that I wanted to..." "I know that I've been a fool to...
Im Inlove With My Boy BestFriend (On-Going) by kzieeeviado
Im Inlove With My Boy BestFriend ( Charlene Khryz S. Viado
Isang babae na may pagtingin sa kaibigan niyang lalaki. Parehas kaya sila ng nararamdaman? O hanggang kaibigan lang ang turing sa kanya ng kaibigan niya? O ang pagiging...
IN THE PAST. by shesbeingocean
IN THE Sixteena Princesita
What will you do if you will have the chance to go back in the past? Would you settle for what you have in the present? Or willingly changed your own history? iamemts28...
Wild Love by Philewritess
Wild Loveby Aphrodite
Tungkol ito sa babaeng si Eunji Vianna Ri isang isinupang babae na sa kagustuhan ni Hera na ipapatay si Eunji ay ipinatakas ni Erianna ang bata sa kasambahay nila na si...
Kingdom Keepers:The Shopping Trip by Willatree123
Kingdom Keepers:The Shopping Tripby Willa Angelo
Charlene wants to go to the mall, but none of the girls are available. (A Charbeck fic)
i'm his bodyguard! by AmarisAine123
i'm his bodyguard!by unicorn-smurf-ninjamonkey-the...
Char 17, only wanted one thing: get away as soon as possible from her parents and sister. when her Aunt says she has found a job that suited her "abilities" an...
The Black Foxes and The White Wolves by Dark-Anime-Angel
The Black Foxes and The White Dark-Anime-Angel
The White Wolves and The Black Foxes are long lost childhood friends. They have have forgotten all about each other but they are closer than they think. They soon find e...
Kingdom keeper one shots  by chew_10
Kingdom keeper one shots by chew_10
Kingdom told a different view. Holiday based mostly. Just cute little kingdom keeper stories.
Loved By Me - v.k oneshot  by taekookcidal
Loved By Me - v.k oneshot by GUCCV
"Do you love me, Tae?" "I'll always love you...kookie Even after death do us part." Start: 6th January 2017 End:
💙 A Different Kind Of Adventure 🖤 by RainbowFairyFloss
💙 A Different Kind Of Adventure 🖤by 🌈
Victor and Charlene have been hanging out a lot lately are they just friends or maybe something else?
Mr. Pick-up Line Guy And Me by uniqueliyours
Mr. Pick-up Line Guy And Meby AishiteruSenpai
Boy: Pedicab ka ba? Girl: Bakit? Boy: PEDICABang ligawan at maging akin ka na lang? Pick-up Lines Mga nakakakilig na pick-up lines na sasabihin sa iyo ng isang tao ...
FROZEN LOVE by echelon_charlene
FROZEN LOVEby charlie
Jared falls for a girl that turns out to be the girl of his dreams after a big accident.
Stupid Blue Girl (Charlotte X Vendetta) [Making Fiends] by ritapitasunshine
Stupid Blue Girl (Charlotte X Rita Pita
While Charlotte is unhappy at what vendetta says vendetta tries to reveal her true feelings to Charlotte but is it too late?
4 Gangster by CharleneJavier7
4 Gangsterby Rose
sorry sa mga mababasa niyong maling spelling Sana basahin niyo parin to Yun lang salamat Mahal ko kayo😘😘😘
The Kingdom Returns (Kingdom Keepers fanfiction) by bcruzy_02
The Kingdom Returns (Kingdom Brianna M. Cruz
The evil has finally been beaten. No more Maleficent. No more broomsticks. No more creepy Small World dolls. No nothing. When Finn Whitman gets a call in the middle of t...
The new kingdom keeper/ Percy Jackson sister by kingdomkeepers123
The new kingdom keeper/ Percy kingdomkeepers123
Sky Jackson has been under the overtakers spell for 1 month and has to fight the kingdom keepers ! When Wayne tells sky that he is her father and she is one of the disne...
Corner With Love by Aozora-chan
Corner With Loveby Summer
I want to fall in love. I'm already in my fourth year of High school but I've never met the guy in my dreams. I don't want to wait for Prince Charming anymore. That idi...
KK Stuff ( Kingdom Keepers One and Two Shots ) by Ravenclawgirl627
KK Stuff ( Kingdom Keepers One Riley
This is just a whole bunch of KK one shots and two shots....