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Artie Abrams: Hopelessly Devoted  by nickle0pickle
Artie Abrams: Hopelessly Devoted by Nic💕
Artie is in love with a cheerio: Charissa. But Charissa feels the exact opposite way. Will Charissa and Artie fall in love, or will they forever stay apart?
  • glee
  • cheerleading
  • quinn
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BERLYN  by Arini_Queenby
BERLYN by Hazelkim
Charissa Berlyana Angellista. Grandy Gerald Putra. Kisah Cinta Seorang Adkel dan Kakel di SMA Pancasila. Yang tidak bisa mengungkapkan perasaannya satu sama lain,karena...
  • friends
  • berlyana
  • remaja
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Berawal Dari Perjodohan Bad Boy and Bad Girl by AdindaAzahraRamadhan
Berawal Dari Perjodohan Bad Boy Adinda Azahra Ramadhani
Nama gw Anneth Delliecia Nasution. Gw punya sahabat namanya dinda, joa, ucha dan nashwa, gw sama sahabat gw itu musuhan sama cogan'genk, nama genk gw itu cecan'genk
  • denneth
  • wiliam
  • badgirl
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Dear Mantan by flowers45_
Dear Mantanby flowers45_
  • annetherz
  • friden
  • charissa
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Leave High and Dry ✔ by Hermioneabba
Leave High and Dry ✔by Hermioneabba
(Completed) A/N: Don't forget to VOTE and COMMENT on each chapter if you liked them. For 17-year-old Harmony Auburn, being the elder sister of 15-year-old Garnet wasn't...
  • harmony
  • bullying
  • garnet
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The series of me  by CharissaSeptember
The series of me by CharissaSeptember
Read and you'll find out that not all millennials are gonna ruin this generation
  • story
  • family
  • life
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The Life We Live by hashtaghello
The Life We Liveby Heathers
popular: liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group. But this isn't true. Popularity isn't measured by how many people like you, but b...
  • lena
  • life
  • hill
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indonesia idol junior love story by zsakhi2504
indonesia idol junior love storyby zsakhi2504
ini tentang persahabatan dan awal kisah merah jambu mereka dimulai. para anak anak yang kini mulai menginjak remaja,,mulai tumbuh rasa cinta,yang tak pernah mereka ketah...
  • charissa
  • idoljunior
  • friden
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The Beauty In Her Darkness. by YourSenpaiCharissa
The Beauty In Her Charissa
So like.. ;-; ...this is basically my life... I get beat and deal with depression ;-; I'm suicidal and like the love stuff didnt happen to me i just thought I'd make a t...
  • anime
  • charissa
  • romance
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Wise girl and seaweed brain by Gryffindorlionxox
Wise girl and seaweed brainby Gryffindorlionxox
Annabeth goes to groode school to see her much loved boyfriend Percy, but will everytging go to plan... It better do or I'll be having words with the writer... Oh wait t...
  • cleo
  • sonanglo
  • charissa
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Operation: Break the cold girl, Cold Heart [EDITING] by Aaliyahgalvez
Operation: Break the cold girl, Aaliyah Montefalco
Si Chase Andrei Paul Santiago o mas kilalang bilang "CAPS" ay isang playboy, womanizer, Casanova. O ano pang tawag sa mahilig mambabae. Hinahangaan ng maraming...
  • carissa
  • chase
  • charissa
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Will hearts takeover by Charissa_Gracie
Will hearts takeoverby Gracieloo06
Aubree and Nia had the perfect life or so they thought but in there high school life, will boys relationships grades new cliches change them. Read to find out.
  • highschool
  • gracie
  • college
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I'm a supermodel lookalike, so what happens when I'm forced to marry her boyfriend? by colourfulsockpuppet
I'm a supermodel lookalike, so Nicole
  • lookalike
  • taylor
  • marriage
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STRUGGLE by gracekdng
STRUGGLEby angell_
#49 - Arka /01-04-2019 #42-Arka/25-07-2019 #11 - Charissa /04-04-2019 #804 - Fiksi /15-04-2019 #576-Fiksi/10-07-2019 💦💦 STRUGGLE - (yang artinya) PERJUANGAN Kisah seo...
  • struggle
  • charissa
  • love
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