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Adopted by Logan Paul by Victoria-Death
Adopted by Logan Paulby Alice-Reaper
Hi my name is Katerina Mattea McClellan and I have an idiot twin brother named Kade Steph. My favorite color is black and my hobbies are singing but I'm not good, Readin...
  • pauler
  • jack
  • adopted
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Holding On and Letting Go by PurpleLiliy
Holding On and Letting Goby PurpleLiliy
**Completed** What happens when you lose your solider husband in the Iraq war? What do you do when you don't know how to deal with the ever crippling pain? You push eve...
  • past
  • proposal
  • letting
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My alpha by 0ScrewNames0
My alphaby Bunni Dove
[ON HOLD] imagine a universe where the Indominus rex was never created, most of the dinosaurs are actually male and aren't all female - but a threat still lures in the d...
  • jurrassic
  • dinosaur
  • claire
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Friends Texting Story UwU by Glitch_Malhare
Friends Texting Story UwUby Malhare
Character: Lewis(@Glitch_Malhare) Cassie(@IshrathRehana3) Charlie/Carlos(He has NO wattpad account) Ella(@Crazi_Gurl101) Makenna(@KittKattGirl) Charlie(SpiderWaffles)
  • mystery
  • cassie
  • charile
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A Sad Love Story 💔 by johnwakerley5
A Sad Love Story 💔by John wakerley
There once was two teenagers named Ben and Lucy they meet when they was grade 7... They got married at the age of 21.... 5 years later they had 2 kids..... Then Somethin...
  • sadstory
  • horrorstory
  • lovestorytohorrorstory
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The baker, the candyman by Louislover505
The baker, the candymanby athena
Willy wonka love story!!!! (Johnny depp) Willy is the candy man and his long time friend is the baker. Both make many things with chocolate.
  • ádd
  • love
  • willy
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Hollywood  undead  mean boys !  by Deuceyboy
Hollywood undead mean boys ! by Deuce
Danny is a new kid that moves to LA it is his first time at a real school but what will happen when he meets the mean boys of LA high school (There will be a few of...
  • emo
  • danny
  • jdog
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Hollywood Undead Chat room by PinkaTheSci
Hollywood Undead Chat roomby Pinka
This is about Hollywood undead doing chat rooms for the first time(Also For the New album in October 27!! Can't wait)
  • dylan
  • dakurrlz
  • deuce
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The 30 Day Letter Challenge! by colemione
The 30 Day Letter Challenge!by colemione
  • hannah
  • bffl
  • comedy
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AWAE GIF IMAGINES  by _hxlfblood
cast and characters
  • colemackenize
  • anne
  • gilbertblythe
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dive ( Charlie love story from bars and melody)  by NeeshaMitchell1
dive ( Charlie love story from Neesha Mitchell
This is a love story
  • barsandmeldoy
  • love
  • charile
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Supernatural Preferences  by Bacon_Burger3217
Supernatural Preferences by
Gabriel❤ Dean❤ Sam❤ Lucifer❤ Crowley❤ Charlie❤ Castiel❤ Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or the characters (I wish I did though)
  • gabriel
  • luci
  • charile
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how many times have i let you down  by NeeshaMitchell1
how many times have i let you down by Neesha Mitchell
This is about a boy i love at school but he doesn't love me back
  • charile
  • love
  • neesha
new year and school  by NeeshaMitchell1
new year and school by Neesha Mitchell
Annie and neesha has a new school year ahide of them wich is year 11 annie is in year 10
  • carson
  • charile
  • neesha
My Story ~Twilight Saga by CTreat
My Story ~Twilight Sagaby CTreat
Ok this is another Twilight story. This is my first one so I hope u guys like it. Ok, so my name is Cheznie and I decided to come to Forks,Wa to visit my friend. U proba...
  • pack
  • saga
  • cullens
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Flowers And Oceans | Zach Herron by I_whatch
Flowers And Oceans | Zach Herronby I_whatch
We Should and Why Don't We Girl band Boy band ---------- Perfect for two members of each to fall in love with Flowers and Oceans!
  • jonah
  • corbyn
  • saidee
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Midnight (a twilight fanfiction) Book One (On Hold) by lopunnybae
Midnight (a twilight fanfiction) lopunnybae
Met Rose, Bella's younger sister. Rose is the totally opposite of Bella. When Rose and Bella move to Forks to live with their dad. They didn't think that anything strang...
  • romance
  • charile
  • bella
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