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SIMP Book 2: Camilo Madrigal × Reader by ashurisann
SIMP Book 2: Camilo Madrigal × アシュリー
"So you Like her?" "Yeah." "Well, sorry Amigo. She's already taken." "To a Fictional Character? Pfft, oh please!" -[᪥]- Did you t...
Detective Namjoon | Kim Namjoon ff by Armyblink_0521
Detective Namjoon | Kim Namjoon ffby Þ
Kim Namjoon, other than working as an underground rapper but he is also well known detective. You are namjoon's personal assistant. Two of you hang out alot together un...
-Dbz x Reader- by TheOnlyDeathGoddess
-Dbz x Reader-by Elsa Goddess Of Death
I had to start my book over, I'm sowwy, I was such a dumbass, I didn't mean to delete the last one...but I'm just work on the part 2s and the other requested ones...
Aot/Snk characters x Reader by LestrangeTheWolf
Aot/Snk characters x Readerby Elliott
Various Aot/Snk x Reader stories, any characters requests accepted also will take OC requests if they have a description of the OC. I do not own attack on titan/shingeki...
The Good Girl's Bad Boys Oneshots & Preferences by iScreammonster2020
The Good Girl's Bad Boys Toni
I love The Good Girl's Bad Boys by RubixCube89201, so I decided to make a book of one shots and preferences of Naomi, Bennett, Jordon, and Declan. One for all, and all...
Kuroko no One shotsu~~ by PureRandomness101
Kuroko no One shotsu~~by PureRandomness101
A series of one shots concerning kuroko no basuke characters ~~ hope you enjoy ^_^ Disclaimer: I don't own kuroko no basuke
Uta No Prince Sama Oneshots! {UtaPri} by ArielLynn1014
Uta No Prince Sama Oneshots! { ✨🖤Ariel🖤✨
Started: 9/3/15 Finished: ??? 🎶🌌🎶🌌🎶 Now Taking Requests! UtaPri x Reader Characters up for grabs: 🌌~Starish Characters~🌌 Syo Kurusu Tokiya Ichinose Natsuki Shinom...
•[A GIFT FROM GOD]• -Fanfic - •[Aki]•
Fanfic - GHOST/SIMON RILEY x READER A GIFT FROM GOD - Simon riley was a strongest soldier.. one day.. There was a war from spain.. The War Of Death.. one day the crimina...
AMOROUS by chxll309
AMOROUSby Chelle
Amorous (a • mr • uhs) adjective. inclined or disposed to love, especially sexual love. . . . ⚠️!CONTAINS MANGA SPOILERS!⚠️ A TOG One-shot book. TOG belongs rightf...
Oneshots REQUESTS OPEN  by SexyShellfish_JJ
Oneshots REQUESTS OPEN by JJ Ray
Just oneshots, request a show/anime/book and then a prompt. I will try to make a list of things I know about and what I'm willing to write! If you have a request message...