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Major Izzy by KenzieP15
Major Izzyby Makenzie
Izzy was turned at age 17. 50 years later she met Peter and Charlotte Whitlock. They have been like her parents since she meet them. They move to Forks Washington. What...
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The Frozen Curse by BriannaWhitlock
The Frozen Curseby Anna
She's been cursed her whole life. She can't go outside, can't have any friends and she can definitely not go to school. Her whole life she's blocked out everyone, living...
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Friendship &Love by arienna_star
Friendship &Loveby Annie Veenyo Nyakubeah
Heidi is the only daughter of her parents and the heiress to them. But one thing, she never dreamt of was falling in love. It happened when Gregory comes as a transfer...
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Tell Me You Love Me \\ Chardre by charlotteb198
Tell Me You Love Me \\ Chardreby Char :)
What will happen when Charlie confesses his feelings for Leo just before a show?
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intimacy ruins  •jasper hale & bella swan • by sweettartgotswag
intimacy ruins •jasper hale & ᴍ.ɴ ᴇᴍᴇʀʟᴀ🥀
It's been three years since Edward and the rest of the Cullens left Forks. Bella is left in complete ruins. Jasper comes back to Forks in hopes to find himself and cope...
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Twilight: Forever Bk1 by BriannaWhitlock
Twilight: Forever Bk1by Anna
Book 1 in the Twilight Forever series- Bella goes over for a visit to the Cullen's but when she gets their she finds something she never thought would happen an...
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TOBOT IN SOSMED by ifaaulia89
Tobot gak mau kalah dong! Mereka juga punya sosmed! Dari mulai Ryan si anak pinter berponi. Kory si anak jahil bin aktif bin lain lain. Dolly si cewek eksis. O Hera poli...
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joey вιrleм мeмeѕ by gloomybirlem
joey вιrleм мeмeѕby gloomybirlem
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Attention-Charlie Puth and Charlotte Lawrence Fanfic by SugaQuackson
Attention-Charlie Puth and Suga Quackson
"Charlotte, we've been fighting for a long time, let's just get back together" Charlie said. "No" I answered. "Why?!?" "You just want...
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Sign language by CharleeBug0440
Sign languageby CharleeBug0440
Sign Language is a great way to talk,the people That Can't here and That communictates with tekir hands And you will learn about it in this book!!
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Started With a Quackson-A Tom Holland Story/Fanfic by SugaQuackson
Started With a Quackson-A Tom Suga Quackson
I ran from my house in tears a million questions running through my head. How? Why me? I saw a cafe and decided to stop there because I realized I probably wouldn't be g...
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Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic || by em_gustin
Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic ||by La-a
Sequel to Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic. What happens when your relationship with other celebrities grows. More importantly how will Joey act? Rubbish at writing blurbs just re...
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Char yaar by rishimandial
Char yaarby rishimandial
Friend are always insane stupid and weird that's why they are friend
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TOBOT : Please, Remember Us by ainusy1234
TOBOT : Please, Remember Usby SirenBlaze
[SELOW UPDATE] Dylan K. Anak yang hilang ingatan semenjak berumur 12 tahun. Setelah memasuki masa perkuliahan ia mulai mengingat potongan-potongan kecil di memorynya. N...
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CHAR. by 1228load
#15 yo im tired
One-shots, one-shots, one-shots and CHAR. TOTALLY RANDOM ONE-SHOTS AND OTHER THINGS...I THINK HAHA I ACCEPT REQUESTS!!! Cover by: @Flawless_Marinette Thanks :** These s...
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Random Stuff 3: #SodaKarp by CharTheCharmander34
Random Stuff 3: #SodaKarpby a Charmander
SodaKarp was found by @thefiveanimals on Pokemon Go.
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My First Love (a Cameron Boyce fanfic) by littlemiss12345
My First Love (a Cameron Boyce Charlie
Charlotte is forced to spend the summer with her dad in California. She hasn't seen him since she was four, so Charlotte doesn't know anything about his job, or new life...
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CharTheCharmander34's Art Book by CharTheCharmander34
CharTheCharmander34's Art Bookby a Charmander
I made this cause I wanted to. All art drawn on AutoDesk SketchBook. If these arts suck... I tried my best.
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a jasper hale love story or should I say whitlock by Georgiaraine26
a jasper hale love story or Georgiaraine26
Edward had left bella the family followed without question. they left bella not thinking about Victoria but when Victoria comes for revenge will they come back? will sh...
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