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Sweet Dreams (A Pokémon Fanfiction) by Nightcore_Lives
Sweet Dreams (A Pokémon Fanfiction)by Nightcore_Lives
This is a story that I'm making up in honor of one of my childhood, and current, joys. Please enjoy!
  • pokemon
  • alola
  • alice
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Monster Factory by Mcnultyp3
Monster Factoryby Patrick McNulty
The children of Cripple Creek have been kidnapped! When school buses loaded with kids go missing, the Ministry of Monsters (MOM) send their top agents, thirteen-year-old...
  • evilvsgood
  • mystery
  • kidnapped
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geronimo stilton and the ship of secrets (ON HIATUS) by Xather_bloom
geronimo stilton and the ship of a sad girl
NOTE I do not own the series geronimo stilton,it belongs to the rightful owner.i just rewrote the book I rewrote the whole story so you guys can read it without the book...
  • chapterbooks
  • rewrite
  • scholastic
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The Misadventures of Fandroid: The criminal student (Vol. 2) by Zeldathecupdog
The Misadventures of Fandroid: The Director.
"As Fandroid continues on with Highschool, he finds out one of his old friends has come to his school, to his dismay. As the criminal robot, Mocha Monster, gives hi...
  • fandroid
  • robots
  • manga
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This is a story from Nico's three days with Will to Trials of Appolo. I know a lot of people have written about this story, but I wanted to put my own twist on this stor...
  • lovewins
  • fanfiction
  • nicodiangelo
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Nerd Undercover by Raya_rai
Nerd Undercoverby Unknown
A 17 year old Savannah is going undercover as a school nerd. Savannah has a hard reality to face underneath the trembling hands, ponytail and glasses. Join the struggle...
  • hurt
  • hate
  • fight
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S Coups x Reader by kpopfan_Seventeen17
S Coups x Readerby Joy
This book is dedicated to Choi Seungcheol fans out there! ♥ You and Seungcheol have been friends for a long time You confess to him your feelings the day before he leave...
  • kpopimagines
  • seungcheolimagines
  • kpop
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Jacob and Jojo by PinkMingo101
Jacob and Jojoby PinkMingo127
Take a journey with Jacob and Jojo into a world of adventure and fun!
  • first
  • love
  • adventure
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Ticci Toby x reader (What Happens Next?) by XxxsecretfilesxxX
Ticci Toby x reader (What XxxsecretfilesxxX
you are lost broken and are giving up and your family i so messed up and wrong so everyday you take a walk in the woods until one day when you are about to kill yourself...
  • masky
  • laughingjack
  • bullystory
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dear rachel  by rxdleys
dear rachel by rxdleys
my dearest rachel, this is the truth. this is why i have to leave. i'll see you soon. love, mommy x
  • found
  • bff
  • missingparents
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Lost by Tnlucygal4
Lostby -Lucy-
A Eevee somehow manages to get seperated from her trainer, and now she must return to them. On her adventures she meets a pikachu and a Teddiursa who help her on her que...
  • eevee
  • romance
  • tnlucygal4
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Jeopardy by MissMagma
Jeopardyby MissMagma
I have been working on this for just over a year, and I haven't showed it to anyone, until now. Enjoy! Description: A young girl, who never had a childhood, makes it on...
  • horseriding
  • hero
  • adventure
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The six children by Audreyeveryday
The six childrenby Audreyeveryday
A girl named Jessica is a hybrid just like her siblings.They are angel and demon hybrids.
  • sbactesting
  • chapterbook
  • kids
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Percabeth After The War by fanfic_feels
Percabeth After The Warby Mady Degner
All rights go to Uncle Rick (aka troll). Read this story if your looking for Percabeth fluffiness and some heartache to! Here's my description: Percy and Annabeth start...
  • percabeth
  • greek
  • romance
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PBG by Cryptic_Sadness
PBGby CrypticS
Two girls were fused together one day. Under the experiment, "PBG". Taken away from their families. Two completly different lives. They would soon share the sa...
  • backstory
  • chapter
  • twogirls
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The Fairy Squad Princesses: A Magical Awakening (Book 1) by marcusmoutra
The Fairy Squad Princesses: A Marcus Moutra
Here you can read chapter 1 and a part of chapter 2 from the first book of my five-part book series. The book was released on Amazon July 28th, 2018. The story follows e...
  • adventure
  • chapterbook
  • warlock
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Blu by Dragon_Fang_Art
Bluby Emma White
Maila was just like everyone else. You know, the average gorisailn citizen. . . she liked to play with her friends, climb trees, sleep, and her favorite food was pikkoe...
  • colours
  • trilogy
  • exiting
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Lost by gracelbloom
Lostby gracelbloom
All I know is i woke up one day not knowing where i was or where i was from. All I know is my name, Eva. It was an early morning and I woke up somewhere. I was laying on...
  • mystery
  • book
  • lost
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Secret of beasts by featherstar_
Secret of beastsby _Secretstar_
Night is a 15 year old girl who got abandoned by her mother (or she gave night to her grandma). Night's grandma is the one Night doesn't really like, she doesn't let her...
  • night
  • cloud
  • rock
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