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Smoke Till We Drop (Finished) by IzzyFixxy
Smoke Till We Drop (Finished)by IzzyFixxy
this story includes: henry x pactrick Swearing bullying/fighting sexual harassment sexual comments physical and verbal abuse gay- homophobic comments threats blood...
Losers And Bowers Group Chat by IzzyFixxy
Losers And Bowers Group Chatby IzzyFixxy
texting story- their will be losers- bowers and ships- the ships include; reddie (Richie x Eddie) stenbrough (Stanley X Bill) benvrley (Ben x Beverley) henpat (Henry x...
We meet on Tinder || HenPat  by IzzyFixxy
We meet on Tinder || HenPat by IzzyFixxy
Henry is 18 and just download tinder. He is friends with Victor and that's about it. His dads an abusive fuck, his mum walked out on him and his towns homophobic. What t...
{º♡Secret Love♡º} by RandomSunset
{º♡Secret Love♡º}by Sunset_Fandom
(This will be a modern-day Reddie story. By the way Georgie is alive in this one ok. Also they're still teens ok) The Losers Club is a group of 7 people. Their names are...
HYBRID: Una historia de VIRUS by KLComiCs20031709
HYBRID: Una historia de VIRUSby Mr_Charlos
La historia se divide en dos partes, los buenos y los malos, cada capitulo se reparte para cada bando. Por el lado de los buenos tenemos al equipo de Arthur y el de los...
The Lost Ring by SwetaRaj527
The Lost Ringby Sweta Raj
The story is about a ring which is lost and it revolves around the incident.
The Loving Brother (A Brent Rivera Fanfiction) by breeeent__ramooos
The Loving Brother (A Brent breeeent__ramooos
Kelly's life is very difficult. She's failing most of her classes and it gotta repeat the 10th grade. Her mom ran away and left her with her father. Her father meet some...
im a good person by kattttttieee
im a good personby kattttttieee
im a good person i may do some things that are bad but im a good person i promis
Angel in hell  by DineshKanna2002
Angel in hell by DineshKanna2002
Struggle of an angel to save the world and his loved ones there for the Rath, the god of hell
The Pet by Loverboy_jaxson
The Petby Loverboy_jaxson
This is a story abt one girl and a guy. The girls name is Alex. The guys name is Ranfairy. This is the story of how Alex became a pet-
love is an illusion by QuintinJrArciaga
love is an illusionby Quintin Jr Arciaga
(chapter 1) he is a waiter and her name is Kevin and he met in cafe name cherry and they accidentally kiss front on costumers (end in chapter 1)
This is Nice...and Awkward.. (BL) by YourCasual_Lie
This is Nice...and Awkward.. (BL)by Liane/Luca Evans
A certain spell was cast in order to be free. (to be free you must make love with the one who you are bound to.)
my first ddlg relationahip  by allybass
my first ddlg relationahip by Allysa Hamilton
about my first relationship with a daddy dom