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Jealousy by suckmymochi
Jealousyby Carmelia
[YALLLLL I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS LIKE 12 AND IM 15 (2017) NOW SO PLS READ WITH CAUTION!] Chan Mi's first impression on Jungkook was : A jerk. Knowing that, she has alwa...
When Playboys Fall For Gangster's Girlfriends by Dohansewife
When Playboys Fall For Gangster' Hanse♡
Exo,the rich and handsome playboys who likes to bet each other.The bet always involves girls,thus the girls are called Barbies. Apink,the cold beauties.They are mysterio...
Chance for Us by BeaBB42_EA7
Chance for Usby Charcharr
ExoPink BaekMi fanfiction Now what will happen to Baekhyun's Second Love Story? will it give a heartbreak again, or will it give him a happily ever after? With Bomi, he...
© Sky Castle | ExoPink by BigBadB2st
© Sky Castle | ExoPinkby yejiapsa
Note: I never watched Sky Castle but only heard about the plot. Basically the plot is the same but different incidents and conflicts It is the time of the year for highs...
Fall Down {TaeBin} by zuhonoseswag
Fall Down {TaeBin}by zuhonoseswag
Taeyang is in love with Youngbin but Youngbin is straight.
YELLOW | exopink by BigBadB2st
YELLOW | exopinkby yejiapsa
EXOPINK PRANK SERIES Rule to read this book is, Imagine you are watching a prank video on youtube Have fun!
Loving You Forever by _apink_highlight_
Loving You Foreverby _apink_highlight_
Jung eunji is a member of a famous group called APINK. She is always the cool type and never talks unless she needs to. Byun baekhyun is a member of EXO, a super famous...
One Who Come Back (Loona x Male Reader) by ShadeofZ
One Who Come Back (Loona x Male ShadeofZ
"i know that i like that, but i don't want to having those road again" "you can overcome those problem easily bro, let's go" "you are my steppin...
[EDITING] Lightsaber | Exopink Full by BigBadB2st
[EDITING] Lightsaber | Exopink Fullby yejiapsa
Lightsaber will go through editing process as of Aug 13 2020. The format of this book will change but with the same storyline ≧ω≦ The editing process is made to fulfil t...
Lost, Hope, Love (Surong / Exopink) by cbennhs
Lost, Hope, Love (Surong / Exopink)by cbennhs
A Story of a woman Park Chorong, which lost the man she loved. Will she ever be the same again. Will she ever find someone whom she can trust and LOVE. Charakters from...
Her Prince Charming [Completed] by min_suga0993
Her Prince Charming [Completed]by Kim Ji Yoon
Yoon Bomi, an average girl whose dream is to have a prince charming and that prince charming of hers for now is named, Byun Baekhyun, her bestfriend. Who left her to stu...
© Endless Love | ExoPink ChanMi by BigBadB2st
© Endless Love | ExoPink ChanMiby yejiapsa
Park Chanyeol,came from rich family.Everyone thought he had a perfect life but actually not.He grew up without his parents.His mother passed away since he was 13 and his...
© PURPLE | exopink by BigBadB2st
© PURPLE | exopinkby yejiapsa
PURPLE is a color that symblizes secret and mystery In this series, Apink girls keep getting mysterious messages from unknown persona through applications Check...
Love The Way You Eat [ EXO Park Chanyeol - EXO Kim Jongin - Yoon Bomi ] EXOPINK by bubblechaera
Love The Way You Eat [ EXO Park Chae [ON-HIATUS]
Yoon Bomi, an orphan girl. Fall in love at first sight with a cold handsome guy, named Park Chanyeol which helps her. But then, something make them meet again. however...
  ✔Exopink - Our Fake Enemies 2 by Reexopink
✔Exopink - Our Fake Enemies 2by Reexopink
After 3 years,Apink and Exo are getting more popular.....Even though they gained more popular,they still keep in contact...Not until..... "I can't trust you anymore...
© RED | exopink by BigBadB2st
© RED | exopinkby yejiapsa
"Losing her was blue, like I'd never known" - Exo "Missing him was dark grey, all alone" - Apink "Forgetting her was like trying to know somebod...
Trust me - Sunmi x Chungha  by AnimeLover1447
Trust me - Sunmi x Chungha by AnimeLover1447
"I hate you, I hate you so much. I hate you because I still love you"
Exopink Start with a war by VileanLak
Exopink Start with a warby Bomi_Panda
what will happen when two popular groups meet? Will there a war? A romantic moments? Or a horrible moment? Stop staring at me, I know I'm fabulous -Chorong I love you...
AOA one shots by TaegiChuDan
AOA one shotsby Fangirl
One shots about the amazing girl band Ace of Angels. I love these girls a lot! It will be reader x idol fanfics. Mostly girl x girl. Some will be they x girl. I've...
Together {2Young / ZuYoung} by zuhonoseswag
Together {2Young / ZuYoung}by zuhonoseswag
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