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Dragon Witch ✔️ by Silverfstreak
Dragon Witch ✔️by Silvana F. Streak
Magic or family? The choice will change her life forever. *** Lillith Hemlock is the last in a long line of Hem...
Changeling by TheQuirkyCreative
Changelingby TheQuirkyCreative
The surgery was supposed to fix everything. But Jai's medication is so finely balanced, anything can happen. Word Count: 1200
Percy Jackson The Wolf Prince by LordOfAutumn
Percy Jackson The Wolf Princeby Liːf-i
(Warning; probably has plot holes) Highest ranking; #4 on pjo, #2 on chb After Percy Jackson gets betrayed by all his friends. Eventually he gets blamed for a crime he d...
Changeling (A Creepypasta Fanfic) by May5696
Changeling (A Creepypasta Fanfic)by FFXVQueen
Everything changed in one day. Marlow was once an ordinary girl who worked as a servant to a rich yet abusive man. But the day she killed her master was also the day she...
Eclipse: A TrollHunters Fanfiction by TJTaylorStation
Eclipse: A TrollHunters Fanfictionby Zen Jones
After Jim enters the dark lands without his friends, Blinky, Claire, and Toby; they have to learn how to deal without him or the recently deceased Arrrgh around. But th...
BBRae-Meant To Be? by bbraelove01
BBRae-Meant To Be?by bbraelove01
Beast Boy and Raven have never been really close. She keeps to herself and he never really takes the time to get close to anyone other than Cyborg. After a life changing...
Give It Your All by brokensamurai
Give It Your Allby brokensamurai
The sequel to Give it a Week Y/N's life as a creepypasta is moving forward! Her family is growing and Slender Mansion is the best home she could have ever asked for but...
Trollhunters Boyfriend Scenarios/Preference by ShoalsComicDrawings
Trollhunters Boyfriend Scenarios/ Rikki Nicole Martinez
welp... I decided to make something like this cause I tried looking for some myself but couldn't find any 😂... well enjoy
⭐Stars⭐Trollhunters⭐ by Silver-Ashley
⭐Stars⭐Trollhunters⭐by sιℓvεя
"Stars. In your multitudes scarce to be counted, filling the darkness with order and light. You are the sentinels; Silent and sure. Keeping watch in the night."...
Silver Flame by Innocently_Seductive
Silver Flameby Innocently_Seductive
Ashton is the omega of the DarkWaters pack. He's mistreated by everyone including his own twin brother just because he hasn't shifted yet...everyone tells him that he's...
Changeling-Giorno Giovanna x Reader by altreality
Changeling-Giorno Giovanna x Readerby walternatereality
Y/n, by all accounts, does not exist. All the better for someone who's running from both sides of the law. When she meets Giorno Giovanna, a man almost as secretive as h...
[𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙨: ongoing !] 𝐈𝐓𝐍𝐆 ━━ "YOU REALLY EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THAT I'VE ENCHANTED YOU?" 𝚒𝚗 𝚠𝚑𝚒𝚌𝚑 an inhuman being finds themselves infatuated b...
Seraphino (boy/boy) by mythmouth
Seraphino (boy/boy)by mythmouth
At the tender age of sixteen, Emery's family takes a dangerous stray of a teen into their otherwise happy home. Emery has had trouble separating fear from desire ever s...
The DickKory Collection by prncesskoriandr
The DickKory Collectionby natalie moon
"The two press their lips to the other's, silently hoping that this isn't the last time they'll see one another and wishing that this wasn't goodbye. That they coul...
The Half Demon and the Changeling by the_impulsive_writer
The Half Demon and the Changelingby the_impulsive_writer
It has been four years since Raven banished Trigon and things were stable. The group was still together. Beastboy, still going by that title, wanted to show someone how...
Nightingale by PrevailedPrince
Nightingaleby Roman Relyea
Virgil Blake is an unusual young man. Hated by his family for gifts he could not control he finally runs away and finds refuge at a camp. Trying to blend in is hard when...
Élphame by AnnabethC
Élphameby L.L. Newitt
It's getting worse. Not now. Why now? It's been dormant for weeks! Naomi thought, squeezing her hand repeatedly into a fist to try to suppress the faint tingling in the...
Cold (Trollhunters Fanfic) by You_Trick_Ass_Hoe
Cold (Trollhunters Fanfic)by Dumb
"Try not to smack me with a broom next time." "I-I'm so s-s-sorry." ~•°-°•~ Jaylen is pretty much the human embodiment of anxiety, too nervous and sh...
Changeling by _gyldrinth_
Changelingby _gyldrinth_
Born before humans were created, Kia is the last Changeling. She has mingled peacefully with humans for years in the bustling capital of the Olgarese Empire, Latil. It a...
Broken by LightNS
Brokenby Melissa C.
Garfield was curious, really curious. He wanted to learn more about her. He wanted to know her story. He wanted to know why she appeared so closed off. Garfield wanted t...