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Zombie Apocalypse by arockgirl28
Zombie Apocalypseby arockgirl28
Lucy Alexa Silver had been a foster kid her since she was 13 years old when her mother a scientist/mechanic along with her father who was the captain of the black ops al...
Sweet Bites by Demi_Alyxxia
Sweet Bitesby 💙~Blue Side~💙
You passed on the scholarship program at the university that you really wanted to enroll in , the "Bangtan University". But you didn't know that on the day you...
-GONE- by Umaipeace
-GONE-by -BlueBunny-
- we will begin to appreciate when it is all gone-
Secrets Kill  by Luna_Lovegood3030
Secrets Kill by Luna_Lovegood
Secrets kill A James potter book A time travel book ***** What happens when a young black is faced with the one and only death himself, and he gives her a task that wil...
Mlbb YuYi (Yu Zhong X Luo yi) by karinahanabi
Mlbb YuYi (Yu Zhong X Luo yi)by Karina Ve Hanabi
Aşk ne saçma sapan bir şey! Yani belki de değildir... Ne hissedeceğimi bilmiyorum!
Don't you love me? by Sanam3622
Don't you love me?by Sanam3622
Anna Stuart is a 17 years old teen who yearns for love and care. She wanted someone who can protect and embrace her. She had been constantly insulted and betrayed by man...
KIMEA's JOURNAL by official_yin_
KIMEA's JOURNALby official_yin_
Ekwami Jones is one adventurous girl but she gets tired of having to move to a new place often too quickly because her Dad's work takes him all over the place. He has ta...
The road between the mountains by ElemoreVanDerMerwe
The road between the mountainsby Female King
Elina is a young woman who has her life all figured out. She is dating the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She loves her family dearly. Everything chan...
One Night Changes by LadyInTheDark15
One Night Changesby xeah
{UNEDITED | ONGOING} In a one night, everything changed. Warning: Medyo Magulo Started: 4•17•22 Finished: 6•26•22 Posted: 6•26•22 Note: If you are here to judge my wor...
[ C A P T I V A T E D ] by Hexologh
[ C A P T I V A T E D ]by Lady Creation
[Lego Monkie kid various x fem!reader] The heros, The Villans, she's not on either side, does it matter though? No, it doesn't, There just wondering how in the world the...
The Self Love Project by ThatGulabJamunGirl
The Self Love Projectby ˗ˏˋ𝘋𝘦𝘴𝘪 𝘎𝘶𝘭𝘢𝘣´ˎ˗
This project is to help you grow and know yourself. Join the challenge (more like a project) for 30 days and feel the difference in yourself. ❥ There will be small task...
Cheated  by minecraftthalleus
Cheated by minecraftthalleus
after the war between the empire and the nebulis sovereignty iska has finally had enough courage to confess to the nebulis princess but what he finds shocked him this i...
Change by pusamongkyutt
Changeby Frnacheska Aekisha Falcon
Ano ang maaari mong gawin upang bumalik ang dati niyang ugali? What will you gonna do if one day, she will gonna be a cold person? Ang dahilan ng kaniyang pag babago ay...
Poeticcharmer by Tremar_Ivey
Poeticcharmerby Tremar Ivey
Expect The Unexpected A complete documentation of each phase of the Life of The Poeticcharmer; hence written from Experience.
The Spider and the Psychopath [Peter Parker X Fem! reader]  by Peter_Parker_is_mine
The Spider and the Psychopath [ Parker's girlfriend
"I know you're Spiderman." "How?" "I have my ways." 16 year old Y/N Addams is a student at Midtown High. The one they call "Freak"...
Our Last Conversation by IzzyTheAssassin
Our Last Conversationby IzzyTheAssassin
A young girl recounts the last conversation she had with her mother before leaving her hometown to start over in a new city. (Based off a true story)
I Want You To Be My Last  by JolinaDayao
I Want You To Be My Last by Jolina Dayao
A love that full of challenge, heartache and sacrifice.. Malalagpasan kaya nila ang bawat pagsubok na dadaan sa kanila... Away lang pero walang hiwalayan -Zgem and Jona...
Thinking Gay (unedited) by Mac_and_Shit
Thinking Gay (unedited)by Q⃠U⃠E⃠E⃠N⃠
After Joseph Seida catches his homophobic bully, Tatello Kline kissing another boy in school. Joseph puts aside their differences, as he struggles to help Tatello offici...
How close can we be? by Lost_moon_girl
How close can we be?by Lost_moon_girl
This story starts with a woman who when she was a baby was ill .......blah , blah blah.......genius scientific father but no this is not a story where the girl is healed...