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someone else's thoughts by just_a_norma1_gir1
someone else's thoughtsby Alisa
Have you ever wondered what someone else is thinking? I bet you wanted to know that at least once in a certain situation - sadly I can't tell you whatever that was about...
A good girl gets so hurt from a heart break that decides to change her character . So she became a bad girl that swears to herself to never love again , will someone cha...
To be a Straw Hat by ShutEyeShares
To be a Straw Hatby Shut-Eye Shares
A young woman graduated from college and has no idea what to do with the rest of her life. No one will hire a nobody with no experience and a lot of time on their hands...
Train Wreck by LizzyPeltonWrites
Train Wreckby Lizzy Pelton
Two people, heading toward the unknown. Tragedy brings them together, unearthing secrets and guilt that could devastate their lives. Will the tangled wreckage be the en...
I Won't Say It © by StephaniMadukaa
I Won't Say It ©by 𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏𝐇💋
|| Gabriella Carson was not the prototype of the perfect girl, with a perfect life. What's more, she was the opposite. She had no father, no brothers, she got bad grades...
They Hate Me (Halley Mizuchi) by Realrstyy
They Hate Me (Halley Mizuchi)by ...
The One And Only Daughter Who Suffer In Hands Of Her Six Brother Because Of The Accident. They Still Blaming Her And Hurting Her Emotionally And Physically While She's...
life goes rollercoaster by abhani
life goes rollercoasterby abhani
"I won't marry a 29 years old hag like you." Krushi shouted at him. "Are you sure future wifey?" Abhimaan asked her bemused. "See this"
Choose Me (On- going)  by Astrielley
Choose Me (On- going) by Astrielley
Siryna told a big lie in exchange for a good life for her father and brother. She broke the trust of others in her to educate her brother and provide for the treatment o...
Ethan's POV (Bonus Book) by miadaley17
Ethan's POV (Bonus Book)by Mia Daley
Warning: This book is an alternative view of my book ITAAS. It can NOT be read as a stand alone unless you don't mind being extremely confused. ...
INSANE RAINSby J. B. Gacayan
[UNEDITED] 🥈Second Place| General/ Historical Fiction | Blue and Grey by Kimgits| His name is Billy Halang Domingo, a man who had been known as someone to be jolly, bas...
fix Optus email not receiving email issue by optusweb098
fix Optus email not receiving optus webmail
Optus is one of the most important telecommunication company which is understood for providing its customers with various services including e-mail services.
Time Travel With BTS || BTS Into AGO || To Past by Park_Si_Ah_
Time Travel With BTS || BTS Into KookieeLuv
What if a 14 year old ARMY girl with here friend moves into a mischievous world where BTS also enters. How did they come here??How are they going to manage?? (⚠CAUTION :...
Behind Closed Doors by _Kiwi_Lili_
Behind Closed Doorsby Liliana
Izuku Midoriya was born female, because of this her father left her and her mother. Over the years, Izuku came out to her- his mother as Trans male! he was shocked when...
Good Changes  by Exclusivekyee
Good Changes by kyee
This is my first book so dont come for me
Cipher by BKAston
Cipherby B. K. Aston
What if we found intelligent life in the universe? What would happen if they came to us not as enemies, but as refugees? Cipher is a stranger in a strange land. From a d...
Un Idhayathai Thirudi Sendraval Naan!! ( ON HOLD..!! ) by NithilaSiva
Un Idhayathai Thirudi Sendraval Nithila Siva
Ashaangi fan-fiction ( Tanglish ) Gawtham Prabhakaran, Our Hero, A very well known famous business man in Chennai, He hate women and think all women are bad in nature...
The Red MOON Chronicles by DavidRohlic
The Red MOON Chroniclesby David Kieth Rohlic Jr
The world is in ruins. Chaos is upon the land. And when an exiled prince must reclaim his throne, he finds he must stop yet another evil. Will the cycle ever end?
New Beginnings  by roachmonster
New Beginnings by yamotha
She was so used to everything being "exactly how it's supposed to be". She meets people that change her life completely. Can she change for the better or will...
The Wolf's Fire by StephanieMyers0
The Wolf's Fireby Steph
Lily Franklin is your average seventh child spitfire. She won't take your bullshit. Chris Walker is the big bad future alpha who is enthralled by this spitfire. What w...
Together. by winnie531 milkshake:>
Lara Davis is a high school student that lived with her aunt in New York most of her life, well, since she was in middle school. It's all because way back in elementary...