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Growing Up Latina by sparklybish
Growing Up Latinaby thank u, next.
If you have grown up in a Hispanic household you might understand these struggles we all went through at some point in our lives. Have fun reading this and don't forget...
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The Life Of A Mexican by Okay_Celeste
The Life Of A Mexicanby Celeste Avila
Mexicans and Hispanics WHO CAN RELATE?!
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Vaccinated  by wildtwithat
Vaccinated by wildtwithat
Poor Hoes be Poor hoes You gotta do what you gotta do to pay the rent man. Even if it means being experimented on. Five broke as heck girls need some money so they head...
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a...Aaron? (this is a Aphmau story.... trying to be funny) by aph_fan_meow
a...Aaron? (this is a Aphmau aph_fan_meow
well Aaron is looking for flowers for his flower pot in the middle of the to see what happens hehehe
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LETRAS FNAFHS :3 by -CryUsagiBon-
Creo que esto no necesita descripción
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The chancla of wrath by tol_loser
The chancla of wrathby tol_loser
This is total BULLSHIT
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Harry Potter Truth Or Dare by Alora_Alviva2
Harry Potter Truth Or Dareby ANN!
I kidnap - Harry Luna Hermione Ron Draco Neville Ginny Fred George I will also be playing a part in this story. FRED IS MINE HOES.
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Frayjoles by _elizabethdoe
Frayjolesby _elizabethdoe
Once upon a time Fraydoe was in his room using his phone.. He got a message de su MADRE! And it said "Mijo reviza los frijoles aver si le faltan agua"(this is...
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Le Chancla Memes by Glitchypasta
Le Chancla Memesby Glitchy
ChAnClA mEmEs
Me beating the shit out of TyLeR by Haunted_Solby
Me beating the shit out of TyLeRby Haley 🤪
You read the title right?
La Chancla by zayuumdempastelez
La Chanclaby La Chancla
This story is about a twisted, sadistic, and evil master mind named....LA CHANCLA. We learn about la chanclas evil deeds, back story and mooore.
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Ask Mexico by aph_hetalia_mexico
Ask Mexicoby Isabelle Antoinette Vasquez
Want to ask me a question? It can be anything! I swear! I won't beat you with a chancla! *Btw, I draw almost all of the art that you see. If I did not draw it, I will gi...
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Randomness  by Woozilim
Randomness by Taejoon
This is a book of randomness Enjoy
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A New Love by lemonchiffoncake
A New Loveby Lemon Chiff
Kenny loves Nina. For him, the only way to show that is to fight it out. Slowly. Very slowly. Almost as painfully and slowly as being murdered by a man whacking you with...
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Frear The Chancla by mespinoza23
Frear The Chanclaby Michael Espinoza
When you see your mom waiting for you to come home you better start running.
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Leticia, mai Leticia // h.s hispanic CRACK FIC by hungry5soswhy
Leticia, mai Leticia // h.s hungry5soswhy
Find aut what happens wen Letícia end her friende Gloria mit de uane end onlay uan direction { HISPANIC IMAGINE }
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Chanlca  by AshleyAndThePig
Chanlca by AshleyAndThePig
Have you ever been hit with the Chancla? Scary huh, don't worry we have chancla protectors here. only 1 soul per chancla protector!
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