Blood Lust||k.j.d.k WATTYS2018 by rosezx
Blood Lust||k.j.d.k WATTYS2018by ☼ baekhyuns.nipple☼
In which a vampire lusted on a poor boy. Please do not copy, any characters made up by me please do not use. I do not own Exo or any of the members.
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[CHANBAEK ] MAMA by loeybyy
[CHANBAEK ] MAMAby Call Me Bee!
Loeybyy present MAMA Byun Baekhyun • Park Chanyeol Other casts find by yourself MATURE | THRILLER | INCEST PSYCHO | MURDER | YAOI Summary : Ketika Baekhyun tahu sebuah a...
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ChanBaek Oneshots by byunsdiary
ChanBaek Oneshotsby 잼
Do not read this if you don't like boyxboy and if you don't like or ship ChanBaek. This book is just a ChanBaek oneshots stories it contains Smut, Fluff, & Angst made my...
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nudes. [chanbaek] by httpsbaek
nudes. [chanbaek]by monica
❝It was suppose to be a simple fuck, but he ended up falling head over heels. Hard.❞ -in which the schools slut Byun Baekhyun sends Park Chanyeol nudes without thinki...
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The Jock and His Pet Nerd (Chanbaek Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by LittleBaoziUnicorn
The Jock and His Pet Nerd ( Soomin \(^-^)/
A normal high school love story. A jock and nerd falls for each other, but this one has a twist. "If you tutor me, you have to be my pet and do everything I say.&qu...
  • love
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one shortေလးမ်ားစုစည္းမူ... by Cute04_BBH
one shortေလးမ်ားစုစည္းမူ Baekhyunee cute
ျမတ္နိုးလြန္း၍ ေရးျဖစ္ေသာစာ...
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Fragile Hearts by byunsdiary
Fragile Heartsby 잼
"Because you're the beat to my heart and a heart can't live without a heartbeat," Baekhyun said holding Chanyeol's warm hand, "and that's you. It is you w...
  • angst
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  • chanyeol
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The Devil kiss by Achloey
The Devil kissby Keabloey
Park Chanyeol is a 2nd year student of Exo academy ( for guys ). He is one of the most popular guy in his school , where all the gay guys are after him and even the st...
  • exo
  • kaisoo
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[ChanBaek] CRUSH của tôi là một tên mặt lạnh by march28th200x
[ChanBaek] CRUSH của tôi là một tê Lii
Nguồn : Top Comments ChanBaek (Series Crush của tôi là một tên mặt lạnh) (Mỗi phần có nội dung hoàn toàn không giống nhau) - Mình thấy hay nên lưu về đọc vì sợ sau này t...
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Space Boy | Baekyeol by http-livv
Space Boy | Baekyeolby Olivia
'From: Baekhyun To: Space Boy' Chanyeol likes space, but the prettiest stars he's ever seen are the ones that twinkle in Baekhyun's eyes.
  • alternative
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  • angst
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hot summer romance  by looveforkpop
hot summer romance by looveforkpop
Brooke is a 22 year old woman from new york.She lived in south korea for 6 years when she was 8 - 14 years old. There she met a boy and they became close friends. She wo...
  • friendship
  • baekhyun
  • chanbaek
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but i love you ♢ chanbaek by yoongisdickpics
but i love you ♢ chanbaekby も メ て 方 刄
chanyeol hates baekhyun, baekhyun loves chanyeol ; a chanbaek fic ©yoongisdickpics 2017
  • fanfic
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[BET 찬백 ] 찬열×백현 by bboombboompow
[BET 찬백 ] 찬열×백현by bboombboompow
Si baekhyun ay crush na crush ang famous basketball player sa school nila na si park chanyeol . He wants to make a bet
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Senior field trip | CHANBAEK | by taehurts1
Senior field trip | CHANBAEK |by m ♡
Baekhyun is a 17 year old, sassy diva who is a new student at Sejong Academy, after being homeschooled for his first three years of high school. Chanyeol is an 18 year o...
  • exootp
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  • fanfic
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Chanbaek Angsty One Shots || Chanyeol x Baekhyun - Baekyeol by chanbaekmahart
Chanbaek Angsty One Shots || Ginsberg2
A collection of my angst Chanbaek one shots
  • angsty
  • kaisoo
  • sehun
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Odludek. || ° CHANBAEK ° by sehunbrzoza
Odludek. || ° CHANBAEK °by 🖤Brzoza🖤
Paring: ChanBaek, HunHan Paringi poboczne: KaiSoo, JiKook Gdzie Baekhyun ubiera dziewczęce ubrania i poznaje Chanyeola na KakaoTalk'u..
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•underclassman• chanbaek by _nctwinks_
•underclassman• chanbaekby sadist
• Chanyeol is a bullied sophomore in college because of something that happened at a party, and he meets a popular junior named Baekhyun • - •some angst, some smut• - 《s...
  • fanfic
  • bullied
  • baekyeol
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One last cry (chanbaek Oneshot) by Chanbaeklovey
One last cry (chanbaek Oneshot)by semi hiatus
"People cry when they feel sad or lonely but sometimes you cry out of happiness for the person you once loved and still love"- Park Chanyeol
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Meet BYUN BAEKHYUN, the boy from Gyeonggi-do province, ready to find a good job and to study at university in the city, Seoul. While PARK CHANYEOL is boy who grows up in...
  • lgbt
  • bestfriend
  • parkchanyeol
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