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The Lost Master by SPORTS_STEEL
The Lost Masterby Ashton Satoshi Ketchum
Seven years after Ash's defeat in Sinnoh, the Champion Cynthia is ruthlessly crushed in a battle for the title of Pokémon Master. The new Champion refuses to release his...
Ash Ketchum who lost against Leon in the world Coronation series as he saw the world saying he was weak. When he reached back home he and his Mom were attacked by Giovan...
What the Future Holds by flairsclap3
What the Future Holdsby flairsclap3
Ash Ketchum is a man of many secrets he is The Unknown Champion of Alola, An Aura Guardian and A Psychic, and The Secret Prince of The Kingdom Of Rota, but he keeps all...
Ash - The Mega Evolution Master by RohanJohn1
Ash - The Mega Evolution Masterby Rohan John
Ash son of prof. Sycamore and former kalos champion Delia travels through kalos learning about mega evolution, mastering mega evolution and winning the kalos league. Wit...
I was never weak (ash betrayal story) by DJMM15
I was never weak (ash betrayal I creative
Ash was betrayed by his traveling companions,his Rivals and his own Mother but after 5 years Ash's is now the champion of Kanto and a tournament is coming but first he g...
Pokémon: Ultra Guardian by Nicky__Reddy
Pokémon: Ultra Guardianby Jo Ninto - Crunchter
Learning How To Love(a pokemon love story) by tyllogic456
Learning How To Love(a pokemon Zo
Red Ashura Ketchum, a boy that has never experienced love in his live. But then, a special girl entered his life. And Ash's life will never be the same again. "She...
Unknown Champion(Ash betrayal story) by DJMM15
Unknown Champion(Ash betrayal I creative
Ash was Betrayed by his companions,Rivals and Some of his Pokémon he goes to alola region were after 5 years he became the Champion of Alola now a big tournament will ha...
THE CHAMPION  by Shibaniguha
THE CHAMPION by Shibaniguha
My first Wattpad story! Ash Ketchum was an orphan after his parents died in a plane crash from there he was nourish in the orphan and at the age of 10 he was able to bec...
We Were Destined To Meet  by Serena-Amour162
We Were Destined To Meet by Asuna
This story takes place one year after the end of Kalos Journey. We were destined to meet no matter the distance we return to each other again and again. It's that once-i...
Pokemon ash betrayed the alolan master by DanielChitwood
Pokemon ash betrayed the alolan Daniel Chitwood
ashs mom and few friends betrays ash as he disappeared with his pokemon and few friends he has
A new region a new champion(Ash betrayal story) by DJMM15
A new region a new champion(Ash I creative
After coming back to Kanto after his defeat in the alola league Ash gets betrayed by his traveling companions and his own mother then 8 years have pass and a new region...
The Forgotten Pokemon Master by Jayvaughn123
The Forgotten Pokemon Masterby Baka!
A lone Pokemon Master, unknown and questioned by everyone, who is this Pokemon Trainer? What is his current status and goal? Find out in the story. Disclaimer : I do not...
The Lonely Champ by pokelover2835
The Lonely Champby Gengar1094
Ash hasn't been ordinary since he was a child, the reason? He has a very very high IQ and so he was bullied in kindergarten, making him wary. When 10, accident striked a...
A story of Ash and on how he reunited with old friends. They all join him for a new adventure, what could all go wrong? Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon!! Pairings: In f...
Kalos league final in my style by JAMIESON09877890
Kalos league final in my styleby SOWRODEEP SAHA
No spoilers. Only the story belongs to me pictures, characters and videos used in the story belong to their respective owners . In simple words I on...
The Undercover Pokemon Teacher by Jayvaughn123
The Undercover Pokemon Teacherby Baka!
Years have passed, no one still knows whose the current Kanto and Alola Champion, they say the two regions have the same champion, but they didn't knew the trainer profi...