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Pure Joy by camzyjoy
Pure Joyby camzyjoy
Hello dear readers! This scene has been running in my head the whole day so I decided to better share it with you. Should I continue the story? Let me know! :)
I Would Do Anything For You by riendonghae
I Would Do Anything For Youby Lee Rien
It's been 2 years yet the scar Moon Chae Won has caused Song Joong Ki's heart was never healed. When they meet again, he was already a famous and successful actor like w...
Start to Love You by daydrms_
Start to Love Youby rzkt
Did you know what I had to do to send you away? What can I do now If you returned like this?
Here to Stay by daydrms_
Here to Stayby rzkt
Because you might be in pain, because you might struggle, I erase my tears.
I Only Want You by camzyjoy
I Only Want Youby camzyjoy
Pure bliss was all they experienced as they cherished each other’s presence. By the mere touch of the hand, a whisper of affection, and a sweet kiss, they could already...
It's Because I Love You (DISCONTINUED) by riendonghae
It's Because I Love You ( Lee Rien
Song Joong Ki was never going to forgive his parents and twin brother, Ma Ru, for making him feel unwanted. Until one day, Ma Ru, whom he'd never meet after 15 years sin...
The Progress Of Love by seopiro
The Progress Of Loveby seopiro
For love is not always something that fall upon you out of of nowhere like the lightning in a daylight. Sometimes, you can learn to love and find that it's not impossibl...
DOTS2 by wenxxiluv
DOTS2by Amanda Oh
Moon Chae Won is a kind-strong hearted doctor who works as a cardiac surgeon at SeoulMA Hospital. She is a straight forward girl who isn't afraid to admit her mistakes...
A Part Of Me Is You by by_cur
A Part Of Me Is Youby ㅋ
Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki met through a drama and continued to meet even after their drama ended. They managed to date secretly for so long and even managed to pas...
The Changing Tune by seopiro
The Changing Tuneby seopiro
A man and a woman met on a train ride. The attraction unfolded as one small coincidence led them to another. Would it bring something good to each of them? Or would it f...
APATE and THANATOS by MethaAlanaSailormoon
APATE and THANATOSby Metha Alana Sailormoon Winche...
Song Joongki, Ia sang Dewa Kematian yang jatuh dalam pesona Apate sang Dewi Tipu Daya - Moon Chae Won.It is a CHAEKI FAN FICTION.
THANATOS and APATE by MethaAlanaSailormoon
THANATOS and APATEby Metha Alana Sailormoon Winche...
Moon Chae Won, polisi yang jatuh cinta pada seorang pembunuh bayaran bernama Song Joongki.It is a CHAEKI FF
Kiss The Rain by lili_0497
Kiss The Rainby L
Tuhan menentukan takdir seseorang di garis yang sama. Sesulit apa pun mereka akan tetap bersatu. Walau badai menghadang, getir menerjang pun bak angin yang sukar di geng...
THE SUN AND MOON by simasimi22
THE SUN AND MOONby simasimi22
Kita bagaikan musim panas dan musim dingin, selalu bertolak belakang. kita bagaikan matahari dan bulan, ya aku bulan karena aku yang akan selalu menunggu cahaya mu untuk...
Cruel Fairy Tale - Book 1 : Reminds Me Of You by senpaichaeki
Cruel Fairy Tale - Book 1 : 박은수
Though I can't remember what happened yesterday,I'm pretty sure that there is one thing I prayed before God erased my connections to the people and to my experiences on...
Please Move On by Songsukyeol
Please Move Onby Songsukyeol
Lelaki itu lelaki yang kukira tak memiliki perasaan dan berhati dinin. ternyata menyimpan luka masa lalu yang sangat menyakitkan. hatinya rusak. terpecah belah. Ia tak b...
Cruel Fairy Tale - Book 6: I Won't Cry by senpaichaeki
Cruel Fairy Tale - Book 6: I Won' 박은수
And now , I'm close to reality. Close enough to crush them one by one. They will not know that I am the only person behind all of their sufferings. I want them to get c...
When the Moon Falls in Love by AfifahRosyidah
When the Moon Falls in Loveby Afifah Rosyidah
Ketika hati sang rembulan tergoyahkan Akankah ia mematahkan janjinya sendiri Menghapus seluruh sumpah yang ia ucapkan Dan meraih tangan sang terkasih Meski ia ta...
Drabble and One Shot Collection by seopiro
Drabble and One Shot Collectionby seopiro
A collection of Chaeki short stories. Warning : random theme and it could be really short