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Little tries to Love Again by Patradon
Little tries to Love Againby Patradon
This is my first MDLB story. Hopefully you'll like it. Some smut, also might potentially have some trigggering elements.
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Our Baby//Fifth Harmony by lanasparilla
Our Baby//Fifth Harmonyby Gay Bish🌈🔥
Dinah and her Wife, Lauren Hansen-Jauregui, have been looking for a Little to take care of since three Weeks already, never finding the one. On the other Hand, with them...
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How Are You Classified? by madkyra
How Are You Classified?by OC-almost-everything
4 boys getting classified as littles and how their lives are affected by it. Key: ☆☆=Julian Stark Chapters □□=Huxley-Maxton Banner Chapters ○○=Vito Udonta Chapters ...
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Danganronpa CGL Oneshots by -HopeEgg-
Danganronpa CGL Oneshotsby Makoto Naegi
Just some sweet cgl oneshots with characters from Danganronpa! The whole book will be SFW; nothing to be too worried about besides a possible trigger warning, though tha...
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A little story ¯\_( °¬°)_/¯ by IsamLKKeynes
A little story ¯\_( °¬°)_/¯by IsaBarHer
Little wishes little me
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Shy Little Detective by -EMOtionalDetective-
Shy Little Detectiveby Shuichi Saihara
//This book is a safe space for Saihara to be a little. Simply put; if you're not comfortable with things like this, then please just leave. //This book is a safe space...
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Beginner's Guide To Cg/l by Kyla_Ishtar
Beginner's Guide To Cg/lby Kyla Ishtar
A brief intro for new Daddy Doms, Mommy Dommes, and littles.
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little and alone by SkylaGilbert
little and aloneby sky.bleh
Geoff stumbles across a fearful boy, what will he do?
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🎀All About A 'Little' Life🎀 by Daddyslittlegoth
🎀All About A 'Little' Life🎀by Baby Girl
So, I thought it was finally time to write a book based on DDLG, what it means to be a Caregiver/Daddy and a Little. This is all purely based on my personal opinions. I...
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💞ᗯITTᒪEᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗷOOKIEᔕ💞 by zhangbella544
💞ᗯITTᒪEᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᗷOOKIEᔕ💞by 💞
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CGL/DDLG/MDLG/DDLB/MDLB Chatroom! by _LilPandorah_
CGL/DDLG/MDLG/DDLB/MDLB Chatroom!by °•Abby•°
Hiya! You can find yourself a cg or a little here!!
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headspace w garrett !  by knucklepopz
headspace w garrett ! by frog boy!!
just when i feel subby n wanna say shit n complain
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Little-tober by Laila1191
Little-toberby JF Stories
October 2019 Little based prompts I made!!
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A Little's Guide by bbyd0llz
A Little's Guideby bbyd0llz
A little's guide full with tips, rules, activities and more. All you need to know about cgl and little's.
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Ageplay Roleplay by CorcaliusRosalea
Ageplay Roleplayby CorcaliusRosalea
This is an ageplay roleplay, if you make a little you NEED to make a dom, if you make a dom you don't need to make a little. Hate will not be tolerated as you can just h...
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My General Dynamic by MommuPhynix
My General Dynamicby Mommy Phynix
things you need to know before and during a dynamic with me.
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An Anonymous Little || DDLB || LITTLESPACE  by 2waymirror
An Anonymous Little || DDLB || ✩ 2waymirror ✩
🍬This is a book of littlespace thoughts so please be respectful. 🍼 And if you don't like this kind of thing, that's ok, there's no need to read what you don't like :)
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SSC Test Series, Papers for SSC CGL, CHSL by Rik324ki
SSC Test Series, Papers for SSC rik ki keeps you updated with SSC CGL Mock Test: Take 100% Free SSC Test Series for SSC CGL 2019 Exam and other SSC exams. Here you can Get Free Practice Pap...
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Mommy's Brat by LackingLatte
Mommy's Bratby LackingLatte
Vincent Denra is a 19 year old boy who's just figuring out his place in life. Of course, he's very pleased to find out that not only has he landed in the lap of a very a...
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Call Me A Little Prince  by madkyra
Call Me A Little Prince by OC-almost-everything
Giovanni Boykewich comes to stay at his uncle's home while his is worked on. Leo refuses to let his nephew be influenced by his cousin and keeps him cooped up and cared...
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