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Boy of fire - Prince of sweets                                                           (Flame Prince x reader x Prince Gumball) by kittysoftpawsa
Boy of fire - Prince of sweets...by 雨 騎士
no No NO I absolutely Positively refuse to let him go! That was all you could think before you did something to change your life ____________________________________ ...
  • flame
  • fionna
  • reader
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things bts might say; book eight by peaches_n_mochi
things bts might say; book eightby ✨🌈🍑👌cynthia👌🍑🌈✨
I ran out of cereal.
  • jin
  • jimin
  • yoongi
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Noticed || Rhett and Link by SecretJungle666
Noticed || Rhett and Linkby Inactive
If he hadn't have noticed her, then what would've happened? She wouldn't have found a family. She wouldn't have made any friends. She wouldn't have gone to school. She w...
  • link
  • linkneal
  • cereal
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I Broke His Nose When I Was Five...2: Zoe's Story. by hobbity0923
I Broke His Nose When I Was Five...by Gracie
  • riley
  • soda
  • falon
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lists // hemmings by dandeluke
lists // hemmingsby dandeluke
she had to make ten lists and if he liked them, he'd like her.
  • waddup
  • robert
  • cute
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can i get you a book? | chensung ✔ by milkbcy
can i get you a book? | chensung ✔by ♡
" all i wanted to do was get a book, how did i end up with a (cute) stranger's phone number? " - inspired by that one tumblr post lmao i was inspiration depriv...
  • drabble
  • fluff
  • book
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Boop | Moonbae by LITERALJINNIE
Boop | Moonbaeby Jinnie
"DID YOU JUST TOUCH ME?" "Well ,duh?"
  • sunwoo
  • eric
  • ogcharacters
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Cereal Club Book by _-TheCerealGoddess-_
Cereal Club Bookby 🥣 💚ɖɛɱɛɬɛཞ 💙🌾
If you know you know
  • cereal
  • club
  • demeter
Boxed in: a cereal story by dragonmaster897
Boxed in: a cereal storyby Lunarstar
Two fruit loops are all that stands between The Destroyer and their homes. The Destroyer is the all powerful teen age boy here for their tasty deliciousness. Can they s...
  • cereal
  • puns
  • funny
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Trademarked Adventures by CloudiNight
Trademarked Adventuresby Cloudi (funny)
<<None of the art used is mine unless said otherwise>> A bunch of food mascots live in the same universe and know each other. What happens next?
  • bürger
  • fastfood
  • kfc
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Williams War by SlimShadySloth
Williams Warby Hoe
Alice Williams is a great fighter. She'll fight anyone who's in the way of her last cookie. That was until seventh grade when she realized that having all the sweets i...
  • cereal
  • selflove
  • romance
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Poseidon: Ask or Dare by RetroSSJ21
Poseidon: Ask or Dareby James Yeskey
This is an ask or dare for Poseidon. I did one for all the mortals, but I can't do one for all the gods, how can I manage that? So here we are with my dad swearing on th...
  • gods
  • cereal
  • hallways
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Cereal by JSpurlock
Cerealby JSpurlock
A man strives to get milk for his bowl of dry cereal. I I I I I I I V Keep going It's worth it Almost there If u had time for this just read my story And tell me what u...
  • great
  • amazing
  • short
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❤️Colleen x Cereal❤️ by EnzoNotaro
❤️Colleen x Cereal❤️by Enzo Notaro
Colleen's love for cereal.
  • dream
  • cereal
  • lol
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Disintegration by Woowoowriting
Disintegrationby XBlakXTearX
The story of a man as his family disintegrates.
  • spoons
  • marriage
  • divorce
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Rich Creamy Chocolate - Daredevil Dan x Vlad Chocul (A Foodfight Fanfiction) by AceTheNotSoGreat
Rich Creamy Chocolate - Daredevil...by Diego Is The Best
This was made because I was bored as frick and wanted to ease my depression. Daredevil Dan has been rejected by one too many girls in the past. Vlad Chocul has been hara...
  • dexdogtective
  • vlad
  • lemon
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(Tony the Tiger x Toucan Sam) Alcohol & Cereal by SamIaint
(Tony the Tiger x Toucan Sam) Alco...by Not Sam
Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam are fated to meet, after they bump into each other into a bar. Chaos ensues. oh god oh man why did i write this to the best of my ability ...
  • bar
  • maskie
  • meme
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multiship group chat (DISCONTINUED)by ⚡️
DISCONTINUED let the gays take over in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... this book is not serious at all, it is just meant for laughs and for me to release my inappropriate hu...
  • discontinued
bear // phan - book one by samiisgay
bear // phan - book oneby sam
phil has tourettes, his most common word is bear. tw: drugs, suicide, self-harm
  • dan
  • danisnotonfire
  • dilhowlter
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Reckless by ItsPrettyReckless
Recklessby ItsPrettyReckless
Some things are just unintended... like bumping into a conceited vampire at a party, hating his guts then - against all your better judgement and frequent protests - ine...
  • vampires
  • plug
  • canteen
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