Boy of fire - Prince of sweets                                                           (Flame Prince x reader x Prince Gumball) by kittysoftpawsa
Boy of fire - Prince of sweets...by 雨 騎士
no No NO I absolutely Positively refuse to let him go! That was all you could think before you did something to change your life ____________________________________ ...
  • lemon
  • time
  • finn
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Noticed || Rhett and Link by SecretJungle88
Noticed || Rhett and Linkby ~ Zoe ~
If he hadn't have noticed her, then what would've happened? She wouldn't have found a family. She wouldn't have made any friends. She wouldn't have gone to school. She w...
  • family
  • rhett
  • help
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my life and everything in it  by marzbarss
my life and everything in it by Mar
just me fangirling/ranting/being dumb so yeah basically just my life that you're free to laugh and make fun of🤷🏽‍♀️😊
  • love
  • smiles
  • poetry
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CerealTale by GarbageInHumanForm
CerealTaleby CactusDog
Long ago, two races ruled over the fridge: MILK and CEREAL. One day, a box of shreddies said they liked the star wars prequels, so a war began. After a long and tiring b...
  • oof
  • cereal
  • what
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 ᶜᶩᶤ ᶯᶤ ᶜ ᶛᶩᶩy   ᶧᶮsᶛᶮe by CerealBaat
ᶜᶩᶤ ᶯᶤ ᶜ ᶛᶩᶩy ᶧᶮsᶛᶮeby Mama CerealBat
MATURE 18+ DUE TO EXTREME LANGUAGE AND EXTREME VIOLENCE IT ALSO SWITCHES FROM 3RD PERSON TO CEREAL'S POV CerealBat is a tween who is bullied to the extreme, Getting beat...
  • murder
  • wattys2018
  • wattyawards
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The Cereal Fic by Xx_stephanied_xX
The Cereal Ficby Stephanie Elizabeth Helena Do...
*DISCLAIMER* I am not trying to force anyone with this work of FICTION. I am just a silly fan girl who spends too much time in her room and not outside. Also, Dan or Phi...
  • fanfiction
  • cereal
  • fiction
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Fusion (RWBY) by Kuromi_Nakajima
Fusion (RWBY)by Kuromi_Nakajima
A buncha one-shots with fusion
  • multishipping
  • milk
  • rwby
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Cactus Nipples by SociopathAtHeart
Cactus Nipplesby Chicken Tendies
Crap that be goin on
  • harrypotter
  • sherlocked
  • sherlock
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it rains milk by Cocoapuppy
it rains milkby Cocoapuppy
open rp! im just kidding please dont
  • horror
  • kink
  • lunar
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The Couch Fic (Joshler) by TheAngryNoodle
The Couch Fic (Joshler)by TheAngryNoodle
Tyler Joseph x Josh Dun
  • twentyonepilots
  • saturday
  • afternoons
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Cereal↗merthur One shot  by fangirlmodeactivate
Cereal↗merthur One shot by F•G•M•A
Long story short, Arthur wants cereal, Cereal is gone, He goes apeshit crazy, Blames Merlin. But it'll get better towards the end, I may even add a bit of fluff but who...
  • fluff
  • cereal
  • merthur
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Mr.Reeses by Makennaluvtae
Mr.Reesesby Mk
Based of real of with a little exaggeration XD. With changed names but real situations.
  • cereal
  • truestory
  • cringe
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Cereal Killer by AbbyTurtleGirl
Cereal Killerby Ketchup
I'm sure at one point of your childhood you probably mistaken a 'serial killer' with someone who kills cereal. But what if there was an actual 'cereal killer' who killed...
  • fiction
  • horror
  • murder
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What I Eat Healthy in my Life by Rainboweye160
What I Eat Healthy in my Lifeby Tatyana Brown
It is my first food story, it is about what I eat healthy foods in the past and present. I eat healthy foods that keeps my health strong. I eat cereal all the time sinc...
  • healthy-foods
  • vegetables
  • true-story
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A Carrot's Life by NickAnderson42
A Carrot's Lifeby NickAnderson42
Judy Hopps has had the dream of being an officer since she was a young child. She has fought through all of the people saying she can't. But, suddenly she can't take it...
  • wildehopps
  • mildcontent
  • mildviolence
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