Boy of fire - Prince of sweets                                                           (Flame Prince x reader x Prince Gumball) by kittysoftpawsa
Boy of fire - Prince of sweets...by 雨 騎士
no No NO I absolutely Positively refuse to let him go! That was all you could think before you did something to change your life ____________________________________ ...
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cereal: cashton by ashtonfelldown
cereal: cashtonby 0w0
a cashton one-shotty book where ashton bottoms and calum tops. (cashton) (this book is just for laughs, please don't take this one seriously!) (please vote my desperate...
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bear // phan - book one by samiisgay
bear // phan - book oneby sam
phil has tourettes, his most common word is bear. tw: drugs, suicide, self-harm
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Get the fucking extinguisher (don't worry it's a real story) by happytrout
Get the fucking extinguisher (don'...by PerkySalmon
This is a Boyf riends AU where jerm is a special bean but he doesn't know it. This book was written by me and the worlds biggest Jake Pauler: @QueerNom Go check her out...
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tags by -asianpizza
tagsby seoul
fuck i dropped my fruitloops ! !
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。゚The Last Box by shucksmyducks
。゚The Last Boxby shaquille oatmeal
❝And so, the lion fell in love with the lamb.❞ ❝And the lamb ran away screaming.❞ ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ────── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── ➳ highest ranking(s): #9 (dramatic...
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Get Your Everyday Bowl Of Cereal by Creepypasti
Get Your Everyday Bowl Of Cerealby V̕͏o̢i̢͢͜d̵
Come and get your free daily bowl of cereal! We've got all the types! You can even request for the next days' choice.
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Do It For The Memes by Fakefangirl21
Do It For The Memesby 《StanMamamoo》
Hello people! So basically if you like panic! at the disco, twenty one pilots and (eventually) mcrx you can read this if you like to ship these dudes. (idek i wrote this...
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Signed, Simone by SlimShadySloth
Signed, Simoneby SlimShadySloth
For most people, their name meant everything to them. It was part of their identity. For Barney her name meant nothing to her. All it did was remind her of unwanted memo...
  • cereal
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Gay Fortnite by Cereal_Man
Gay Fortniteby StickieNoYouDon't
Call me if you want to Gay fortnite phone: 385-288-0490
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Cereal  by Ambermier
Cereal by Amber
'So...' she utters as a cloud of awkwardness looms over them '...what's your favourite cereal?' Ana is a lonely young women in her early 20's. She has never been on a d...
  • awkward
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