Legions Of Rome by CreationOfEarth
Legions Of Romeby CreationOFEarth
What awaits us... Beyond uncharted waters? What awaits us... Beyond our own protected borders? In the haze; dust appear's on the horizon As the earth's heart trembles wi...
  • expedition
  • roman
  • discovery
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Pasión Divina by Centurion1983
Pasión Divinaby Immanuelle
Somos momentos que coinciden en una línea que nunca fue recta pero que al avanzar en espiral se va encontrando una y otra vez con aquello que niega y que rechaza. A todo...
  • destino
  • amor
  • misticismo
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The Lion's Den by fortheloveofreaders
The Lion's Denby M. McPherson
"Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die." #82 in Historical Fiction 4/6/2015 ( and i don't know I haven't checked since then :)
  • gladiators
  • romans
  • emperors
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For Honor : Centurion Male Reader by WamblyReaper
For Honor : Centurion Male Readerby WamblyReaper
Apollyon wanted war and she had received it. I, Y/N, one of the Centurion's of our empire were sent to deal with her and capture her, but we soon found out that she was...
  • myownstory
  • forhonor
  • malereader
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