For Honor: Centurion Male Reader by PlainFields
For Honor: Centurion Male Readerby PlainFields
Apollyon wanted war and she had received it. I, Y/N, one of the Centurion's of our empire were sent to deal with her and capture her, but we soon found out that she was...
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Return to Sender: A Fallout NV Story by incultascum
Return to Sender: A Fallout NV Sto...by andromeda
"We are fighting on ground already fought upon. The war is done, but the world isn't changing," Through blood and anguish, the Legion spread their crimson shad...
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Legions Of Rome by CreationOfEarth
Legions Of Romeby CreationOFEarth
What awaits us... Beyond uncharted waters? What awaits us... Beyond our own protected borders? In the haze; dust appear's on the horizon As the earth's heart trembles wi...
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The Code of Honor by _PirateHellFox_
The Code of Honorby _PirateHellFox_
Honour. What do you know about honour. You, who has never faced true fear. Learn what honour is before pretending you are a true warrior. Know this, before you step o...
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