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For Honor: Centurion Male Reader by PlainFields
For Honor: Centurion Male Readerby PlainFields
Apollyon wanted war and she had received it. I, Y/N, one of the Centurion's of our empire were sent to deal with her and capture her, but we soon found out that she was...
  • action
  • centurion
  • malereader
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Saber Vs For Honor Heroes One-shot (Fate/Stay Night UBW And For Honor Crossover) by HellFire1111
Saber Vs For Honor Heroes One-shot...by HeavensFire
Saber vs for Honor heroes, that's it
  • peacekeeper
  • caster
  • lawbringer
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The Shrine (A Prelude to Eagles at War) by benkane1
The Shrine (A Prelude to Eagles at...by Ben Kane
As some of you may know my new book, Eagles At War (http://amzn.to/1FnfIrJ) , hits the shelves in April. Before that, however, I have written a prequel short story featu...
  • legionary
  • historical
  • soldiers
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Spartacus: the Gladiator by benkane1
Spartacus: the Gladiatorby Ben Kane
The first chapter from the first of two epic novels which tell the story of one of the most charismatic heroes history has ever known - Spartacus, the gladiator slave wh...
  • rome
  • war
  • soldier
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A Rebel In The Ranks by Flakoo120
A Rebel In The Ranksby Avery Albert
When Oleandra, a beautiful but deadly Insurgio assassin is captured by the Romans, she is prepared for the pain, torture and possible death sentence which looms before h...
  • concubine
  • conquest
  • slave
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Don't Make It Complicated by x3Nightmare
Don't Make It Complicatedby Scarlett
  • apocalypse
  • fantasy
  • fate
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Poised by LittleRuess
Poisedby Centurion
Just Recovering From Everything, Need a little break, Little bit sad, little bit dark, little bit relatable and a little bit meh Be sure to share it with others... that...
  • poetry
  • poems
  • christmaspoem
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Centurion   by StarflightNightwing
Centurion by Starflight
This story is about a young Centurion, Lucius Varus. Lucius started off as a Roman Legionnaire, just as any great general of Rome does. In time, his name would be rememb...
  • centurion
  • historical
  • fiction
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