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Runaway across the sea by nonoyborbun
Runaway across the seaby nonoyborbun
The narrative of a young, budding perfumer from New York who went to the Philippines during the Martial Law. In order to find fresh and innovative ingredients from both...
Twisted Fates by haileyolsen20
Twisted Fatesby Hailey Olsen
Marriage is an institution of relationship, belonging, trust, companionship and love. This is what marriage is according to Rebecca Rosington and she wanted to share all...
Notting Hill in Manhattan [t. c] by hpscardigan
Notting Hill in Manhattan [t. c]by mare
"my own little notting hill." "in manhattan." Annalise Lewis, a common girl who lives in Manhattan and loves old films and who's favourite film i...
A Need, not Want | Kate Bishop [1] by Someone09083
A Need, not Want | Kate Bishop [1]by Someone09083
In the midst of surviving day-to-day life in the famous "City That Never Sleeps", southern-born Payton Cooper becomes a little too attached to an overconfident...
Smiling through the pain by mindyyy_07
Smiling through the painby Mindy
Mindy Solace was a victim of bullying once rumors about a certain incident started floating around during her freshman year. Falling back on drugs to cope with her pers...
F.R.I.E.N.D.S  by notexactlynormal_
F.R.I.E.N.D.S by notexactlynormal_
welcome to the real world. it sucks... you're gonna love it! this is only a fanpage and none of the content belongs to me whatsoever. have a laugh!
Addams Family Beginnings by GH_Gryffindor_394
Addams Family Beginningsby GH_Gryffindor_394
Morticia had always been very closed off to the world. When a mysterious stranger steals her heart, she is overjoyed. In comes the arranged marriage of her nightmares. C...
If Friends were set in 2017 by noblesortinghat
If Friends were set in 2017by noblesortinghat
One shots- different scenarios the Friends might face in 2017
MLB-Home Alone 2 AU 2022 by Shiploverchronicles
MLB-Home Alone 2 AU 2022by Shiploverchronicles
Marinette is back and she is still living on campus and now going ona trip with her roomates/friends she accidently goes to New York City now she has to refcae Rose and...
Always, style by mosaicbokehhearts
Always, styleby mosaicbokehhearts
A collection of haylor one shots that i loved writing :)
Under Ice by OhGodItsLiv
Under Iceby Liv Liv
You're trapped. You're cold. You're dying. Nobody knows where you are. Except from Her. Disclaimer: I do not own the image on the cover, it is from Google. I simply edit...
At Last by ___meow__
At Lastby Emily Van Wyhe
Lilah and Kurt love each other. They know that much.
The Monster Inside by KayliGonzalez7
The Monster Insideby Kayli Gonzalez
A 14 year old girl name Lilith lived a normal life then one day she learned she had power.Will powers a blessing or a curse.
Love at first sight by Mattierainbow25
Love at first sightby Mattierainbow25
When to multi- millionaire dollar people bump into each other they become more than strangers. When you read this book you will experience the romance and hardships but...
There's an end to every war  by Janelnyc
There's an end to every war by Janelnyc
Short story about a girl struggling with her past.
Big Mad Apple follows the adventures of Sam Starker- aka Mr Liberty the strongest man in the world. He's the Superhero that New York City never asked for.
Menapak Jejak Love Story - by Hanan Nugroho by hanan2ugroho
Menapak Jejak Love Story - by Hana...by
"Love means never having to say you're sorry" Kata-kata dalam film klasik Love Story itu dihafalkan anak-anak muda di desa kami. Desa yang tak banyak pendudukn...