Centauri Stories

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Monsters vs Aliens: An Alpha's Honor by Brinovae
Monsters vs Aliens: An Alpha's Hon...by Brinovae
"Something deep within her eyes seemed to draw forth a memory from her past. A memory that caused to to protect everything she had." Activity on the base of A...
The Macrocosm: Centauri by HoustonTheHammer
The Macrocosm: Centauriby HoustonTheHammer
Highest rank on Sci-Fi: #343 Some worlds are meant to be forgotten. But humans have a way of digging things up that should be buried. In this novel, we explore the pla...
Alpha Centauri by FlanOfFreedom
Alpha Centauriby Devyn, Duha, and Manu
The year is 2070, unfortunately for pessimist Pomo and the rest of civilization, the sun has been demolished. Nobody actually knows what occurred and how the sun disappe...
The Hierophant by KimWedlock
The Hierophantby Kim Wedlock
Tarot & Mythology of The Hierophant card
The Beginning of Hope by JoePlantamura
The Beginning of Hopeby Joe Plantamura
Book 1 of the Hope Series In the year 2128, humankind suffers from the effects of climate change, including rising sea levels, devastating weather, droughts, wildfires...
Plywood dealer centauri in Lucknow | Garg Fabricators by gargfabricators
Plywood dealer centauri in Lucknow...by garg fabricators
Choosing a right place to get the best plywood is a tough choice, which one has to make. Garg Fabricators & Hardware Lucknow is one of the best plywood dealer centauri i...
Just A Little Itchy by rossdaviebooks
Just A Little Itchyby David Walker
​​​​Someone once said all this tired old world needs is a few Heroes... And maybe a little Inspiration II.
Ferma by PisleagGeorge
Fermaby Pisleag George
Povestea se desfasoara intr-un viitor nu pea indepartat cand stiinta inaintase foarte mult. Actiunea se desfasoara la o ferma.
The History of The Planet Nerxa by Seanimusprime98
The History of The Planet Nerxaby Seanimusprime98
This is simply just a history about the Alpa Centaurian planet Nerxa and how the Albumins and The Nijestrians came to be.
Alien Singularity by MikeWu950
Alien Singularityby Mike Wu
With advancement in science and technology, we eventually succeeded in colonizing Proxima b, an exoplanet. But human settlement on Proxima b encountered a deadly alien s...
Tellus | ONC 2020 by Brochmann
Tellus | ONC 2020by Brochmann
When Polaris was a little girl, she watched the first space probe reach the star system of Alpha Centauri. Growing up, she dreams of one day being able to travel to its...
Nuestra ultima oportunidad by ThinkOutsideTheBox10
Nuestra ultima oportunidadby ThinkOutsideTheBox10
Por fin lo logramos llegamos al futuro que tanto nos esforzamos por alcanzar , uno en el que los autos vuelan , en el que estamos modificados geneticamente para que n...
The Quest to Alpha Centauri by UKnowULovin
The Quest to Alpha Centauriby UKnowULovin
Morgan and Ian both have doubts. Has NASA really found a way for humans to get to the star cloest to Earth besides the sun, Alpha Centauri? Doubtful but excited, the two...
Calypso by PisleagGeorge
Calypsoby Pisleag George
Povestea uneia dintre ultimele centaurite ce coboara din muntele Pelion pentru a interactiona cu oamenii si ajungand astfel la o ferma de cai.
Alpha Aliens by Swashbucklore
Alpha Aliensby Swash
Alpha: (ZOOLOGY•SOCIOLOGY) denoting the dominant animal or human in a particular group. Xande Centauri has been trapped in a broken escape pod after their spacecraft is...