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Nikki Bella and Not John by chastainnn
Nikki Bella and Not Johnby chastainnn
A red headed diva wants John Cena all to herself, but there's one problem. He has a wife and kids to think about. Who will he pick? And boy does he make his decision cle...
My crazy lunatic savior( dean Ambrose love story) by Kay0993
My crazy lunatic savior( dean Ambr...by Kayla rolfes
Cecily was a normal 23 year old until her first wwe show. For a small girl, people underestimated her and that's exactly what Seth Rollins did. Now rollins is after Ceci...
Beauty and The Beast (Brock Lesnar) by CheyenneFanFics
Beauty and The Beast (Brock Lesnar)by CheyenneFanFics
After being with the WWE for almost a decade, Casey retired to marry the love of her life. When all goes wrong, Casey is left divorced and with a daughter. For years, al...
John Cena Smut by periwn
John Cena Smutby Perwin
John Cena, your lord an savior, comes to your school as an assembly, but after that, things get weird (and a lil kinky ;)) ) will have you thinking wtf is this completed
Being A Diva ( Roman Reigns ) by jalennareigns
Being A Diva ( Roman Reigns )by jalenna
Savannah Cena A.K.A Diana. Wrestler, & sister to also another WWE superstar John Cena, reigning from West Newbury, Massachusetts. Savannah is one of the newest divas in...
WWE IMAGINES & PREFERENCES by lunatic_of_tomorrow
WWE IMAGINES & PREFERENCESby i run the asylum
Hope everyone is safe & well♡ DM for requests
WWE One Shots by StefanieMizanin
WWE One Shotsby ѕтeғanιe мιzanιn ♥
These are a few short stories I did for a few friends.
WWE One Shots(Request Closed) by RyderStark
WWE One Shots(Request Closed)by Ryder Stark
Fun filled one shots with your favorite WWE Superstars and Divas
Victim Of The Viper's Love(on hold) by XxlexiortonxX
Victim Of The Viper's Love(on hold)by XxlexiortonxX
Ashley is the WWE's newest diva. A friend of the Bella's, she meets a new friend Alanna, Randy Orton's daughter. Will Ashley take the chance of a lifetime and meet the m...
WWE: Ring Around the Love Triangle [-BOOK ONE-] by LlamaSuperHero
WWE: Ring Around the Love Triangle...by Jessica Marie :3
Jessica wanted nothing more than to finally wrestle in the WWE. But after an unwelcome superstar shows up at her best friend's moving in party, Jess completely took her...
WWE one shots by linala92
WWE one shotsby linala92
Welcome to the book, where all my small stories found a home :) These stories were not long enough to get an own book :) I'll try to keep the dirty stuff out of it ;D ...
The Kids She Always Wanted(John Cena and Nikki Bella) by Soccer131713
The Kids She Always Wanted(John Ce...by Olivia Cherry
Nikki Bella and John Cena are living there normal life in a dream relationship. Until one day they get the call they would never expect. Will this news make them or brea...
This is her Brutality (Rhea Ripley X OC) by OGRATEDTG
This is her Brutality (Rhea Ripley...by Rated TG
Tyler Gordon won the opportunity of a lifetime after impressing scouts at a Evolve event he gets signed to NXT. How will Tyler Fair in and outside the ring after catchin...
Remember When? (Dolph Ziggler FanFic) by HeelZiggler
Remember When? (Dolph Ziggler FanF...by Victoria (Vixy) Nemeth ;)
When Victoria was a teenager she met a guy named Nick who wanted to make it into the WWE just like her as they work together trying to make it big they fall in love, the...
Come Back To Me [Cody Rhodes] by CodeToMyHeart
Come Back To Me [Cody Rhodes]by Maggie
"How can you love someone after a 30 minute talk?" is what Cody and Maggie get asked all the time by friends and family, they both answer the same thing. "...
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Only Us (Brock Lesnar) by CheyenneFanFics
Only Us (Brock Lesnar)by CheyenneFanFics
Carrie Jo Parker has been away from the WWE for almost half a decade. She had been enjoying her retirement until COVID came along. Now, she's getting bored and she's uns...
wwe preferences🌹 by CiaraMcardle5
wwe preferences🌹by Ciara Mcardle
a bunch of wwe preferences,,for those who like wrestling or are interested in reading them:)im a big fan of wrestling so i said why not do some for you guys?so here you...
Is your love right for me? (Centon) by _Crown__Me_
Is your love right for me? (Centon)by __Lunatic_Fridge__
John POV I stormed into the back, I wasn't mad or angry I was Livid.... CENA!" Randy yelled. He sure knew how to draw a crowd, I ignored him and he grabbed my arm...
The Viper Bite (WWE Fan Fic) by Wolfimprintee31
The Viper Bite (WWE Fan Fic)by Anne
Cheyenne Monet is a writer for the WWE. She writes the stories in the magazines and on WWE.com. She interviews the superstars. What will happen when she has to interview...
WWE/TNA one shots- Love in Wrestling?! by RKOforlife01
WWE/TNA one shots- Love in Wrestli...by Kiara
Just a collection of my fave wrestlers oneshots. Will include CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Edge, AJ Styles, Raven, John Cena, Chris Jericho etc and of course my fav...