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He was my Smoke, by Chocl8Muffin
He was my Smoke,by Muffin
Roya just got out of Rehab after fighting addiction since her boyfriend died. On her path to help other people who think drugs are the answer, she'll meet the guy who be...
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He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins...by Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
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CUPID calling CUPID[Completed] by mikaelanay
CUPID calling CUPID[Completed]by Mickey
*Bad, bad writing ahead* He came in like a wrecking ball was an understatement. Tyler Woods a.k.a The jerk, The bully, The ex-best friend did a huge favor to Gabriella B...
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iAmTalon (On Hold) by DoNotMicrowave
iAmTalon (On Hold)by Lindsey Summers
Who is James Talon Harrington the Fourth? His friends would say he's the pretty boy of the group. His coach would say he's a dedicated football player. His mother would...
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WRONG NUMBER || Noah Centineo AU (1st Book) by JuliForbes
WRONG NUMBER || Noah Centineo AU (...by Ms. Centineo
New Message from (+1) 361 879 6524: "Hi, It's me" "Hey, who is 'me'?" "It's Noah, from Anthony's party?" "Don't know any Noah's...
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Oneshots about your favourite dbz or dbs characters! You can request anything you want! But I don't do lemon. I am sorry. The fotos and songs in this story are not mine...
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Bound To Him (#3 Mate or Not) by SimplyAWriter_D
Bound To Him (#3 Mate or Not)by Dana
(Third in my 'Mate Or Not' Series) Celena was raised with hunters after they they had killed her family when she was just 5 months old. Only one hunter, Brett, ever trea...
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♡Nanbaka Oneshots♡ by uwululu
♡Nanbaka Oneshots♡by * ᴾᴬˢᵀᴱᴸ ᵀᴿᴬˢᴴ *
I recommend watching the anime or reading the manga before reading this so you aren't confused. None of the characters belong to me, go support the original artist: Futa...
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Amazon Warrior | 🍷✔ by KaitlinJackisch
Amazon Warrior | 🍷✔by Kaitlin Jackisch
Hello AmazonWarrior I understand that you may think you're funny, but you're not. You're hurting my rating. Please take down your review. ___ Hello GideonToysLLC I under...
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Something In Between {Alec Volturi love story} by demongoddess14
Something In Between {Alec Volturi...by demongoddess14
"Alec..." His name was the only word that I could force across the barrier of my lips. The lips that he'd kissed in ways that should be illegal. I tore my soul...
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Dragon Ball Z x Reader {Requests closed for now!} by SarahNash6
Dragon Ball Z x Reader {Requests c...by Sarah Nash
All The Dragon Ball Z characters, Even the villains, if you want. and i'm not that great at writing this stuff so comment please.
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Ask or Dare: Cell, Bardock, Nitsua, Yang Xiao Long, Neopolitan, & Igginus Blitz by Bardock-Son
Ask or Dare: Cell, Bardock, Nitsua...by Majin 21s (Good, Evil, & Neut...
This book will be about all my beloved followers, fans, and everyone else, to ask or dare my favorite DBZ characters, RWBY, and my OCs from each. Note I don't do gay gu...
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Koreaboo and weaboo post  by krystal_violetchoi
Koreaboo and weaboo post by krystal_violetchoi
Just read it and I hope you won't lose twelve thousands of brain cells
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Take back time (Future Trunks x Reader) by IceJewel
Take back time (Future Trunks x Re...by Liv_Pie
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Icy Heart #wattys2017 by siriuslyfuckoff
Icy Heart #wattys2017by kira
"Only the guilty ones go mad, Mr. Black..." In which a little girl, who's also an infamous murderer, digs into the Azkaban cell of the one and only... Sirius B...
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RWBY: CryNet  by Winter1568
RWBY: CryNet by Winter1568
A scarred CELL Commander is transferred to Beacon to test out CryNet's newest Nanosuit. However things are more complicated than the ongoing bloody rivalry between CryNe...
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Dragon Ball Super: The New Warrior  by DeadMC55
Dragon Ball Super: The New Warrior by Mr Torgue
A follow up from the Tournament of Power Saga and the Broly movie. Goku and Vegeta are off planet training, again, and from their absence, a new warrior emerges. Dragon...
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The Super Saiyan Girl (Continued In Rewrite) by x_Alex_chan_x
The Super Saiyan Girl (Continued I...by A.M.Z.
As a mysterious, young man with a sword on his back stops Freiza from attacking the citizens of Earth, a silent, beautiful, young woman with striking onyx eyes and hair...
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Dbz X Reader  OPEN REQUEST by i_am_a_penguin____
Dbz X Reader OPEN REQUESTby Aranayad_Zaid
Any character you request I'll write a x reader for it but this is my first story so if I suck sorry :3 DragonBall Z or any series of DragonBall does not belong to me it...
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Wattpad Confidential: Proven Reader Engagement Techniques by SapphireAlena
Wattpad Confidential: Proven Reade...by S. A. McCaffrey
BEFORE YOU PUBLISH A NEW BOOK, READ THIS ONE FIRST! Are you a rookie to Wattpad? Are you a veteran on Wattpad? Are you struggling to get r...
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