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The crunch (HarryxCelery) by bench_gang
The crunch (HarryxCelery)by bench_gang
  • sad
  • icriedreadingthis
  • romance
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Celery  by superhaught
Celery by superhaught
Amazing celery thriller with mad plot twists and shocking character development and most of all CELERY
  • celery
online // lrh by saraafazeli
online // lrhby saraafazeli
online dating sites can't be THAT bad because hey 4/5 couples end up happy !!
  • fanfiction
  • 5sos
  • celery
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CELERY STICK by 01110011z
The moral of the story is keep a positive outlook and be optimistic and have determination like Simon
  • moral
  • forest
  • california
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The Celery Penis by insaneunicorncelery
The Celery Penisby Nope.
Read this. And understand the celery.
  • true
  • fanfic
  • vegetable
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CELERY HATIN by kymberlie
CELERY HATINby kimberley
  • cats
  • dreams
  • trip
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Meeting your Celery // Septiplier by Addie-img
Meeting your Celery // Septiplierby addie
Will Jack meet his celery? Will Mark ever meet his own celery - wait, what does celery have to do with soulmates? And why did Marks dad teach him this language that no o...
  • jack
  • mark
  • soulmates
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Default Title - Write Your Own by Blueberryicecream159
Default Title - Write Your Ownby Meow
  • sure
  • randomthoughts
  • celery
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Celery by Aizellechii
Celeryby Reicelle~
Yes, the title fits the story. Yeah, really. XD My first poem evar. :3 Enjoy ^_^
  • short
  • awesome
  • oneshot
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Celery by BookLoverLexiN
Celeryby Lexi N
  • crunchy
  • peanutbutter
  • food
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Celery attack by DinkidooDailyComics
Celery attackby DinkidooDailyComics
Celery has been brought to life!!! This book is a nightmare come true, but a 12 year old child decides to stop this mess, he stares right into deaths eye and makes death...
  • celery
  • attack
  • child
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The Competition Collection by newpoet
The Competition Collectionby Rose
  • yanni
  • december
  • month
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Shea's Journal: Time Never Stands by HugoSablier
Shea's Journal: Time Never Standsby X
Three friends, Shea, Lyze, and Avangaline, each uniquely different. When disaster strikes a small town, their adventure is kicked into full gear. (Puns) The trio travel...
  • time
  • celery
  • eastereggs
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Nona in the Dark by ninawashere1
Nona in the Darkby Nina K.
Gloriana Hamilton had the worst enemy of all time: Nina 'Nona' Reynolds. Nona was soft on the outside but creepy on the inside. (literally)
  • yogurt
  • celery
  • soda
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celery poem by automine
celery poemby automine
"I feel very naked and raw" “do you want to feel better?” little tiny cat sounds little tiny baby sounds the hum of someone falling asleep  an inside out...
  • poem
  • celery
  • altlit
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Torn: A One Direction Fanfiction by onedirectioncupcakes
Torn: A One Direction Fanfictionby onedirectioncupcakes
18 year old Chloe, sister of Liam Payne's life is pretty crazy. But when she starts to develop feelings for one of the boys, will her friendship last with all of them? W...
  • potatoes
  • payne
  • horan
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