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Outerworlder's Blessing on this Wonderful World! by CDS0407
Outerworlder's Blessing on this Wo...by CDS0407
If told from the perspective of a certain goddess, it all began when the boy fell through the crack in the sky. Y/N L/N, or rather, Y/N Ichi, has been thrown into anothe...
Kenja no Mago x OC/male reader by OndrejS
Kenja no Mago x OC/male readerby Ciel Sensei
Just read the title..smh I only take credit for the OC, Kenja no Mago belongs to its rightful creator and owner
TMI meets TID by Miss_Fairchild
TMI meets TIDby Miss_Fairchild
What if Henry made a portal that took the Shadowhunters from the London institute, to the New York one? In this book The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices mee...
Where There Is Love .... There Is Life by missycheli
Where There Is Love .... There Is...by missycheli
This is book 2 of Long Lost Chapman read to find out what's in for Pheobe Leigh and her friends and family.
Da Lightwood Radio Show by MasterChainsaw
Da Lightwood Radio Showby Alla
Okay, so I had to make a radio show for school, so I decided to make a Lightwood one. So, Cecily had an idea to make a radio show, and Gabriel, Gideon, and Sophie agreed...
JASPER HALE is one big JERK! Or is he? by TheEmmysShow
JASPER HALE is one big JERK! Or is...by TheEmmysShow
Cecily and her cousin, Bella Swan, never exactly got along. Cecily is invited to the wedding - one thing that completely changes her future. She and Jasper share a speci...
the two princes but it's vines by leejwrites-
the two princes but it's vinesby Lee Ocean J.
this cover took way too much time i- spoiler warning ⚠️ you can find the two princes as podcast on spotify btw the vines aren't mine and belong to their rightful owners...
Shadowhunter highschool by aSh91156
Shadowhunter highschoolby Ashley
Clary and Tessa are shipped away to a boarding school. This all happens because Jocelyn wants to spend time with her new husband Luke. She also never wanted children but...
Keeper by AutumnEleanore
Keeperby auttie c
Caden Blackett hasn't been having a good few months. Actually, scratch that. More like it hasn't been a good year. With his mother gone and his dad on a bender, Caden ca...
REMAKE: Encanto  by kluby716
REMAKE: Encanto by Crystalrose blue
Luz, Amber, James, Sofia are Queen Miranda and King Roland the second was their children. While Cecily, Alex, Sebastian, Ava are Queen Tily and King Steven. All of them...
Supernatural by OvenMitts
Supernaturalby OvenMitts
What if after you died, you became... Paranormal?
Lixamera by QueenTeacupKittyyy
Lixameraby TeacupKittyRuler
Rosalinda, a girl with super powers from the planet of Lucencyria, joins a spy agency, Pravda, to stop the people who destroyed her home to save earth from being destroy...
The girl and the dream catcher by alabamalover
The girl and the dream catcherby alabamalover
The girl has a dream about her favorite doll as a kid.a girl not like others. She jumps into the dream and she. Find out by reading
For All Of My Mistakes by 197666rocks
For All Of My Mistakesby ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
«Revisioned version of There's Always A Sunshine After The Sunset » The fifteen-year-old teen girl, Cecily Harrison just moved to Alberqurque with her mother and younger...
Drowned by ToriPugliese
Drownedby ToriPugliese
My best friend died a year ago. Ever since then, I haven't been able to rest. Her name was Dove. She was beautiful and bright. She was a gift we didn't deserve. They sai...
"Kung banal ka? anghel ako, kung isa kang demonyo? pasensyahan pero makakaharap mo ang tunay na dyablo." Nalilito ka? BASAHIN mo ang buong ESTORYA... HINDI MO...
The Dark Side #1 by alex_chloe_0100
The Dark Side #1by Alex and Chloe
#1 in The Dark Side Trilogy Cecily has never lived an ordinary life, being a Warlock. Who would? Her parents are dead, she doesn't know who to trust, and the only family...
Gold for a bride - Infernal Devices fanfic by Spongie_fanfic
Gold for a bride - Infernal Device...by Spongie
A wedding. A happy couple. And some unexpected guests. ______ *This story will contain spoilers from the Infernal Devices series* ______ I wrote this for a class in 2015...