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The Night that Changed Everything  Kaneki X reader by otakugirl1228
The Night that Changed otakugirl1228
You are the adopted child of Arima, otherwise known the death god of the CCG. He has raised you since the moment he found you as a baby wailing after your mother had be...
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[discontinued] Anubis | Tokyo Ghoul X Reader by LostKilljoy_
[discontinued] Anubis | Tokyo Trashy
Anubis, the name people all over Tokyo are scared of. Anubis is a well-known ghoul who is a big problem with the CCG. No one, not even other ghouls, knows the true ident...
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Reasons to Love Kuki Urie by superphantomjane
Reasons to Love Kuki Urieby Nico- chan
Dedicated to my bae, Kuki Urie. Requests are deeply appreciated.
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♢ Kiss Me Sweet 《Tokyo Ghoul/Vampire Knight》 ♢ by Kiratanna
♢ Kiss Me Sweet 《Tokyo Ghoul/ Kiratanna
"It's cold." a girl roughly the age of 7 stated as she stared down at her snow-covered hands. 'Pure white snow Miyako.' echoed a ghostly voice, strangely like...
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The Scorpion (Tokyo Ghoul) COMPLETED by brevitempore
The Scorpion (Tokyo Ghoul) dead roses
"I don't know who I am, who I was, or who I will be. All I know is the monster I'm becoming and an unbearable guilt that has been forced into my hand since the day...
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No Face ~ Uta (Tokyo Ghoul) x Reader by Neko-Chan94
No Face ~ Uta (Tokyo Ghoul) x Neko-Chan
Fanfiction of Uta from Tokyo Ghoul (Spoiler if you haven't read the ;RE manga) !Content is not following the original storyline! |English is not my first language, there...
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Two Different Worlds In One(KanekiXReader) by psychocookielover
Two Different Worlds In One( Mama Cookie
A young girl named (y/n) lived in a world belonging to two. Ghouls and humans. Though she was taught to fear and hate ghouls, she just couldn't. Something inside of her...
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Tokyo Ghoul Preferences by xxkloiexxx
Tokyo Ghoul Preferencesby Crescent
What would your life be like in Tokyo Ghoul? Would you be a ghoul or a human? What if you fell for someone? What if that someone fell for you back? Would it be peace and...
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The One Eye King by DarkOneTAS
The One Eye Kingby Dixon_FanZ
This is in the arrowverse. When the famous flash gets a victory over reverse flash thinking things are easy. But he was wrong after earth one collided with there earth t...
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✝Hümān/GhøuL✡ by WhiteROSEbeautiful
✝Hümān/GhøuL✡by WhiteRoseBeautiful
??:Чи том болоод ямар хүн болмоор байна??? Аавын минь сайн найз надаас ийнхүү асуулаа. Хэдийгээр би тэр үед хүүхдээрээ байсан ч өөртөө итгэлтэйгээр:"Би том болоод Г...
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CCG's Top Ghoul ~ Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic by animeandmusic
CCG's Top Ghoul ~ Tokyo Ghoul Anime Lover~!
What if there was a ghoul in the CCG? She is stronger than anyone has ever seen but she doesn't know how to use her Kagune. She is only half ghoul. What makes her join C...
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Experiment 013 | Tokyo Ghoul by zombigail-chan
Experiment 013 | Tokyo Ghoulby ⚜
"My adorable, grotesque, beautiful, hideous little girl," she cooed sweetly, adorning a smile as radiant as heaven, yet inhabiting an intention as evil as hell...
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The Day Class Ghoul [ Vampire Knight / Tokyo Ghoul ] by The_Last_Otaku
The Day Class Ghoul [ Vampire Kaname's Waifu
Your name is Amber. You know you're a ghoul. You know there are Vampires. You know about the night class's secrets. You know the mask you own to cover your identity for...
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A Gory Love (RenjiXReader) by Amethysttheoneandonl
A Gory Love (RenjiXReader)by Amethyst
After the death of your late uncle, he left a share house that he owned in your name, since he had no children. You moved to the 20th ward where he once lived and found...
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Broken Hearts (Kaneki Ken x Nurse!Reader) DISCONTINUED by DarkerPotato
Broken Hearts (Kaneki Ken x DarkerPotato
(Y/n) is a nurse who aids ghouls who suffer injuries, but must keep it a secret because she is working closely with the CCG in Tokyo. (Y/n) has discovered that CCG have...
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Unravel- Miraculous Ladybug AU by keelafairie
Unravel- Miraculous Ladybug AUby keela
「Ghoul (喰種) - a carnivorous and cannibalistic species that are only able to feed on humans and other ghouls」 [MLB Tokyo Ghoul AU] ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Marinette grew up hiding, never...
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Tokyo Ghoul Memes!  by LightFury_OfHearts
Tokyo Ghoul Memes! by Villian Queen
Exactly what the title says
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Uta X one eyed ghoul! Reader by Lem0nsga10recentra1
Uta X one eyed ghoul! Readerby Child of darkness
Your a one eyed ghoul and life for you isn't easy, people hate you, you still go to school and risk getting caught. One day you walk by Hysy a mask making studio and dec...
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Tokyo Ghoul: Zero by TheAgent88
Tokyo Ghoul: Zeroby Expendable Asset
Tokyo Ghoul X Code Geass Spin-off to the Suicidal Ghoul After Kaneki's disappearence, Tokyo has been much more dangerous than ever after​ a masked man known as Zero decl...
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Gas Mask (Tokyo Ghoul)[being Rewritten] by natsuDiamond
Gas Mask (Tokyo Ghoul)[being Katsuo Hiramo
"Gass mask has once again stricken! in the 20th ward this time. The following people who where involved in the incident have been killed: Akatsuki himawori a female...
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