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Change - Avengers FF by reloadbrain
Change - Avengers FFby reloadbrain
Allison Stark had a rough past; with her parents dying in a car crash and leaving her under the care of her older brother, she could only cause trouble. When she is off...
Fearless // Bucky Barnes by Queen_Hellhound
Fearless // Bucky Barnesby Kathrine-Writes
One Day HYDRA's ghost-story assassins are sent to eliminate their threat. The threat being Agent Romanoff, Captain Rogers and Director Fury. James Barnes and Brookly...
The Golden Age Is Over | A Captain America Fanfiction by vintage_gigi
The Golden Age Is Over | A GiGi
"The golden age is over old man. You need to get with the times." "Old man?" In which a conflicted teen ends up robbing the wrong apartment. ...
Unexpected Valor by Bin0249
Unexpected Valorby Bin0249
Valentina Alvarez is a quirky scientist who works at SHIELD. She by chance meets Brock Rumlow who is the complete opposite of her. Is she too nerdy or just what he needs...
Call me Soldier by jmaertens5
Call me Soldierby jmaertens5
"Who are you?" "You can call me Soldier, well for the short time you continue to live." "What is your business with Hydra?" "You know...
Flashes of You by natromanoffdanvers
Flashes of Youby lissie
SHIELD falls. HYDRA emerges from the shadows, and with it is you. An unfortunate encounter with the Black Widow leads to you running into her a few too many times. You...
Blurred Lines ▷ Sharon Carter by spiderlad
Blurred Lines ▷ Sharon Carterby ✧*ೃ༄ 𝖙𝖎𝖘𝖍𝖆
BLURRED LINES | ❝If it's meant to be, it'll find its way home, no matter the distance or obstacles in its path.❞ POST CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER | SHARON CARTER...
Lost or Found? by TKDGirl2016
Lost or Found?by TKDGirl2016
Bucky Barnes isn't the only unfortunate soul to taken by Hydra and turned into a weapon. After the fall of Shield and saving Captain America's life, the Winter Soldier i...
HAKUNA MATATA. ❝ it means no worries for the rest of your days! ❞ steve rogers x elena solis [oc] pre captain america: the winter soldier book one : ongoing copyrigh...
CODENAME ▸ Winter Soldier by lullabiesanddreams
CODENAME ▸ Winter Soldierby ˗ˏˋmemoryˎˊ˗
"I AM THE STORM, SO WAIT." ▸ ▸ ▸ "We are who we are. There's no choice involved in any of it, just strings. Strings that we can't see." In which Re...
Captain America Land Of Grace by Ros192
Captain America Land Of Graceby Ros192
BREAKING NEWS: New Captain America Film Confirmed! --------------------------------------------- Chris Evans is returning as Steve Rogers ...
Total Drama Island: CAWs Edition. by goldengamer88
Total Drama Island: CAWs goldengamer88
Its TDI. But with mine and my friends WWE2k18 CAWs
Strange Winters: Heroes Fall by LintaAM
Strange Winters: Heroes Fallby Linta A.M
Sequel to Daddy's Little Hel: After spending some time on Asgard with her family, Kiera Rogers is back on Earth as the redefined Kyra. Having taken magic lessons on Asg...
Being a Eighth Grade Wolf by that1reader08
Being a Eighth Grade Wolfby that1reader
Follow the life Crystal Banner and how she got where she is. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...
The Sarah Aldridge Files | The Beginning by LalaM00
The Sarah Aldridge Files | The LalaM00
"I've always preferred the color blue." "Why's that?" "Sometimes if it clear enough, you can pretend everything is okay." {Steve Rogers/OC}...
Herpyz R kewl by Derpyherp12
Herpyz R kewlby Derpyherp12-San
Da yunicarnz fynd kewl nuuew frand yay!
Helping Hand by izuniias
Helping Handby Gets Shot In Spanish
Bucky x Assassin!Reader (more platonic than romantic however.) [Cover image by alicexz on deviantart]
Captain My Captain book 2 by LadyGeekster
Captain My Captain book 2by LadyGeekster
Book 2 of the Captain My Captain series What happens when a Sheild becomes corrupted and a Ghost Story isn't so much a story
Marvel imagines  by tomsmytype
Marvel imagines by Tommy ;)
A book of one shot imagines with the Marvel cast and their characters! Imagine x female reader, usually y/n's POV (I and me) but sometimes other characters (still I and...