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Taken and cared for [SEPTIPLIER]  ~NEKO~ by warfstache1234
Taken and cared for [SEPTIPLIER] willow
Mark goes to a pet store and sees a beautiful neko but the workers say hes a hand full but mark takes him in. No matter what mark takes care of him. From the sleepless n...
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Septiplier Neko Story by SeptiplierShipper094
Septiplier Neko Storyby carmen Ashley Hernandez
Jack has been abused by this horrible owner and finally runs away for like the fifth try. he finds this hot guy named Mark and after a while of living with him he starts...
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Antisepticeye: The Birth of a Killer Demon (ONE SHOT) by Flutterbat276
Antisepticeye: The Birth of a 𝔽𝕝𝕦𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕓𝕒𝕥
Jack gets chased and marked by a demon, then his own demon haunts him. Along with every. Septiceye. Ever. This story uses my Anti and concepts that may be confusing. Bas...
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beauty can have its flaws [NEKO] [warfstache X catsepticeye] by warfstache1234
beauty can have its flaws [NEKO] [ willow
jack is a spical kind of neko. He has bright blue eyes and a white cat ear and a black cat ear. His tail is white with black spots. When people see him on the street th...
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idfk by anxietyandprincey
idfkby anxietyandprincey
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The Creek (Antisepticeye x OC)  by sunsetsenpai
The Creek (Antisepticeye x OC) by ximena♡
"I felt an uncontrollable darkness overcome me. I felt my veins be flooded with a darkness I couldn't control." || *I do not own the picture in the cover I ju...
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The scared good kitty and the brave bad dog ( Septiplier ) by acottoncandysoul
The scared good kitty and the Cass'o lance
{Written by @acottoncandysoul} I had to rewrite due to my mistake This is my problems becoming a book someone please kill me DOGIPLIER X CATSEPTICEYE Friends...Family p...
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Not the only one *Neko Jacksepticeye x Neko Reader by JackANTIEye
Not the only one *Neko Antisepticeye
You have a secret, that NOBODY can find out about, until he came into your life. He said he felt the same pain you feel, it's odd. Until one day, you discover that you a...
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