Catdemon Stories

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A cat at hogwarts  by --satan--
A cat at hogwarts by Satan
Hadrian Potter. The boy who lived. The last true demon. A cat demon to be specific. Armed with a cool cat familiar and badass powers, Hadrian takes the wizarding world...
Black Butler Sabastian x Reader by chibi_kitty_
Black Butler Sabastian x Readerby chibi_kitty_
This is my first story I have ever made. I don't own black butler, or any of there characters. (Y/N) is a beautiful half cat demon, half human. Wondering around the wood...
Nezuko X Demon Reader by Flowerslover54321
Nezuko X Demon Readerby ColumbinaLover
What happens if Nezuko had been meeting up with someone before the tragedy of her family. What happens if that someone happened to be a demon but not just any demon the...
Two Demons and a Child (Sebastian Michaelis x Cat Demon! reader) by Madam_Star
Two Demons and a Child ( Madam Star
A cat demon unnamed by her previous master is offered to work for the one and only Ciel Phantomhive the queens guard dog, yes, he was a sweet boy but it was the other de...
Taoist Master and the Cat by dreamer_reine
Taoist Master and the Catby regine
URL: Novel Summary Xie Jingyuan, the master taoist of Qingxu Temple, was reborn into modern times together with the c...
Blitzo x Nick (My Oc) by Helluvaverseff
Blitzo x Nick (My Oc)by Hazbin
Nick and Blitz are a cat demon and an imp who met in hell ready to be friends. Maybe something more
The half demon beauty (inuyasha) by sweetprincess94
The half demon beauty (inuyasha)by sweetprincess94
Mina thought the show inuyasha was amazing so when she gets sucked in and finds her real mother she is happier than before. but will she find her mate?
Love Magic by VvmOkachiievV
Love Magicby April Samonte
A simple girl named Moka Akashiya is going back to her hometown for her grandmother's funeral. She will soon to know her beloved grandmother secrets and the mysterious...
III by Maya_Carneal
IIIby Maya Carneal
Short shifter story that popped up and was mostly written during the time I was supposed to work on my thesis... It was supposed to be a one shot but for now I separated...
Death Before Dishoner by DarkKitty
Death Before Dishonerby Violleta
When your half cat demon, half night angel when things go bad, run. espesialy when everyone suppernatural wants you dead cause your a "halfling" and on top of...
Kitty Freak Show ( Sebastian x reader ) by Ariana_Butler
Kitty Freak Show ( Sebastian x Ariana Butler
You, my friend, are a cat demon! But... You don't exactly know that.... All you know is that you share a few feline characteristics such as ears, a tail, some fangs, (e...
Her Twisted Wonderland(A Black Butler FanFiction) by notapairofglasses
Her Twisted Wonderland(A Black notapairofglasses
Suffering an intense fever, a child of the Victorian Era begins to hallucinate. Things slowly grow darker from this point forward until a demon steps in with an offer. ...
Stuck in Gakuen Alice?! (Gakuen Alice Fanfiction) by holyshietthisisold
Stuck in Gakuen Alice?! (Gakuen kys
Kitty Hinamori is a normal high school girl, until one day on her way back home from school she gets shot and dies. After she dies she got stuck in Gakuen Alice. What wi...
The Shadow-Hazbin Hotel Oc by Doctor_OwO
The Shadow-Hazbin Hotel Ocby Vrabe
A shadow lurks. A voice mummers. When the shadow is revealed what is it to do? It can't abandon its job but, the main goal was to not get caught...and to watch. Come al...
Magical Love (book 3) #Nanowrimo2018 (SLOW UPDATE)  by blue-pixie
Magical Love (book 3) bluepixie
Do you believe in supernatural? when your mum and grandma suddenly dies in a car crash, you discovered secrets upon secret.... your little family isn't at all...
Why am I the one a alone and in pain!? by kitkat795
Why am I the one a alone and in kitkat795
Her parents hated her hit her she has no friends sits alone all the time no one cares but one day there is a new boy in class and..."they just don't get me i just w...
Violet Neko The Cat Demon by JeanDenis1
Violet Neko The Cat Demonby Christian Phased
This story is about Demi God created to bring balance into the universe and is born with a being who gives her supernatural powers form the Bowles of hell this being is...
A-Kind of-new beginning by UNKNOWN54V10R
A-Kind of-new beginningby Saeran Choi
16 year old twins Luke and Lucinda Feline are cat demons. They were in a fire that killed their parents when they were 7. It took one of Lucinda's eyes and have her nigh...