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Many Words (Destiel, Sabriel And Michifer highschool au) by Katspn
Many Words (Destiel, Sabriel And
Castiel and Dean are best friends. And they are neighbours too. One day Cas goes to Deans house in the middle of the night, and walks in on Dean... doing stuff;) And why...
Teach Me by johnlox
Teach Meby johnlox
Castiel is a college student. Dean is a professor. It's not allowed. {recently completed} ©2017
Tales from the Bewitch Angel's Bane (Supernatural fanfic) by incredibletrinh
Tales from the Bewitch Angel's Helene Lee Novak
Poor the fifth archangel Jezaniah serving as the first archangel Michael's lieutenant general , while struggling to accept that the four archangel's rivalry had already...
This is (not) the Last Time by All0rNothing
This is (not) the Last Timeby All0rNothing
Dean and Cas fall into a routine. They get drunk, or gather enough craziness to find each other, and do the deed. They promise it will be the last time. Always the last...
Destiel one shots by Irontallica666
Destiel one shotsby Luci
Just a couple of Destiel one shots, some are based on a tumblr post (which I will add), and others are just random out of nowhere. Hope you like them :) UPDATE: Not-Dest...
Paint you Wings (Destiel) by Maybejustme2
Paint you Wings (Destiel)by Martina
(Teenage Foster Home AU) Dean Winchester. The boy with a traumatic past. Castiel Novak. The boy who has it all. Two boys who couldn't be any more different meet at a fo...
Angel and the Beast  by mvnixc
Angel and the Beast by 𐂂𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕠𐂂
What's the worst thing that could happen when being crowned king. Being cursed. Dean is cursed for judging monsters for what they are. In heaven, there is a beautiful an...
Blind.                                BoyxBoy Destiel by taka05
#8 Ray
"You have pretty eyes." "Thanks I guess?" "Just kidding I'm blind, wanna' hookup?" [cover by @safeinhistouch]
I want to live. I want to love. I think I am ready. by FirebreathingReader
I want to live. I want to love. FirebreathingReader
Dean Winchester is finally free and can finally live his own life. Write his own story. And yet, he is nowhere near being happy. On the contrary, he is feeling worse tha...
Fragile by CreativeCooki
Fragileby Cc
"I guess I'm just waiting." "For?" "For the day I find you faced down in the tub." There is sensitive content inside. Including thoughts of...
I Promise | A Destiel High School & College AU by xTheFamilyBusinessx
I Promise | A Destiel High lauren
There is no escape for Castiel. The hell he lives in offers him no solace, and he has come to terms that this is the way his life will always be. When Dean Winchester, a...
A Supernatural Destiel Fanfiction by Sagefullmoon
A Supernatural Destiel Fanfictionby Asher James
this is just my own supernatural fan fiction I have been working on for a while and yes it has Destiel
Paint |•| Destiel by teawithmyotp
Paint |•| Destielby evie parker
"I could paint you. Your life. Your dreams." "Show me then." •artist!cas• •model!dean•
Help Me Find My Wings (Destiel) by Maybejustme2
Help Me Find My Wings (Destiel)by Martina
"This is for the kids with the beaten in lips whose parents try to shut them up using their fists." (Beartooth - Beaten in Lips) Dean Winchester had finally fo...
Percy Winchester? by scarletto101
Percy Winchester?by The_teachers_table
This is a story about how the brothers have found a half brother. But it was not from there fathers side. What happens if the fates brought back Mary Winchester so there...
Kiss Me Like You Mean It by CreativeCooki
Kiss Me Like You Mean Itby Cc
A book full of one-shots to ease the soul. (They're all BoyxBoy. You've been warned).
Music Wars (Destiel, Sabriel, Michifer) by albuquerque-story
Music Wars (Destiel, Sabriel, me
The Winchesters' band, 'The Hunters', has become the number one band in the world. However, they are going to have to fight to stay there when a new duo called 'Archange...
Let's Love by AguacatesValientes
Let's Loveby ValientesAguacates
AU. "-Creo que me enamore de ti. -No soy gay."
i'm afraid of paper cuts || a destiel high school au by InterruptingMoose
i'm afraid of paper cuts || a InterruptingMoose
"Love has no definition." Well, whoever said that was obviously wrong because when you google it you get five. love/noun 1. a strong feeling of affection 2. a...
The Leather Jacket & The Trench Coat [A Destiel AU] by ash_winchester
The Leather Jacket & The Trench ☾αѕн☽
Dean and Castiel first meet each other at a premiership playoff (soccer match). Dean is the cocky jock and Cas the quirky nerd that everyone underestimates. Will they ad...