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Tilly Nicholls, Goner? by drop_the_game
Tilly Nicholls, Goner?by Imogen Smith
Tilly Nicholls is your average 16 year old, but could one heroic act change her life forever? Tilly goes to Queen Margaret's School and is in 5th Year Main Characters: ...
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A chance of love (casualty) by Carolineeexx
A chance of love (casualty)by Caroline
Emily beauchamp, is a nurse in the ED but she is also the unknown daughter to Connie beauchamp. Emily has a troubling relationship with her mum, ever since she was found...
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Parenthood - (completed) by aht-lo-levad
Parenthood - (completed)by aht-lo-levad
There's one thing that Connie wants, that Jacob wants to give to her. Will it work out for the best?
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Only forever (Casualty) by Carolineeexx
Only forever (Casualty)by Caroline
When Grace has her seizure. Sam returned from America but he didn't return alone. He brings with him his Twenty one year old American daughter, Hannah. Hannah comes to v...
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Step-Monster {Holby City} by ivy-snakebite
Step-Monster {Holby City}by ivy-snakebite
Dr Guy Self's youngest daughter has had major heart surgery, and Zosia is pretending she doesn't care. The girl turns to nurse Marie-Claire "MC" Carter for sup...
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My Baby Girl  by Bethxxx0409
My Baby Girl by Bethxxx0409
Grace Beauchamp is at boarding school and trying to hide a big terrible secret but Jac Naylor her God Mother soon realises something is up
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Lost Without You by LauraCasualty1996
Lost Without Youby LauraCasualty1996
Connie was career-driven, her work had always meant everything to her but even she wasn't immune to the ways of the world.
Time will heal - flac fanfic #wattys2018 by fairlylocalty
Time will heal - flac fanfic Gracie🖤
(Takes place after the shooting.)Holby City has almost returned to normal after The shooting, except a few things... Ollie was shot in the head, Raf has died and red hea...
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Short Stories by LauraCasualty1996
Short Storiesby LauraCasualty1996
Just a selection of short ideas to pass the time ☺️ All focused on Connie including a mix of other characters
I Don't Need Saving by effyxjamesxdunn
I Don't Need Savingby effyxjamesxdunn
In which Elizabeth "Effy" Chalk is a member of the ED staff. Engaged to be married to Dylan Keogh but what will get in their way? What is Dylan keeping from he...
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Losing Herself by LauraCasualty1996
Losing Herselfby LauraCasualty1996
It's always one thing after another in Connie's life but as her health deteriorates will she finally accept help
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Neighbours by charlotte_3588
Neighboursby charlotte_3588
Connie has been on her own for a while she lonely and burying herself in work, she's had enough of men but she can't deny she gets lonely it's not like she has friends...
Wanting him back (Casualty) by Carolineeexx
Wanting him back (Casualty)by Caroline
Skylar is the Ex girlfriend of Iain dean. Skylar left and broke his heart. He never wants yo see her again, bit when her little sister, grace turns ill. Skylar returns t...
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Just a kiss by QueenConnieB
Just a kissby Teigan
"I forgot your name again." She laughed weekly, the people behind the cameras chuckling too, "Jacob." He smiled, "Connie." She joked, "...
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Living Dead - (completed) by aht-lo-levad
Living Dead - (completed)by aht-lo-levad
Connie and Jacob are expecting a baby, but it certainly isn't there first. (Grace does not exist in this story and Connie and Jacob's background is very different)
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want to want you (Casualty) by Carolineeexx
want to want you (Casualty)by Caroline
Lola fairhead is Charlie's one and only daughter, she is a total daddy girl, the apple of his eye. She can't do a thing wrong in his eye. Lola starts working at holby ED...
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The consultant's daughter (Casualty) by Carolineeexx
The consultant's daughter ( Caroline
Leah keogh is the daughter of Dylan and Sam. She is nineteen and when Sam returned to Holby ED. she also returns, she is reunited as her father and starts to train as a...
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Easy by aht-lo-levad
Easyby aht-lo-levad
Connie left for America leaving Jacob heartbroken. When she arrives back in Holby he's delighted, certain that he will finally admit how he feels, but he realises that i...
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Better together by TheCasualtyFandom
Better togetherby ♡
A Connie and Jacob fan-fiction.
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A Beautiful Mistake by KendalRosey
A Beautiful Mistakeby KendalRosey
Hi all, I've posted a couple of stories on another site, but this is my first one on here. Jacobs due to get married, and it's not to Connie. Will he go through with it?