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Why me ?  -Caspar Lee by 5sos_smash
Why me ? -Caspar Leeby your local trash
I'm Jenna Carner. A 17 year old girl with NO friends. You want to know why ? I'm bad at making friends. My mom probably thought: "Let's put her into a new school wh...
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He Loves Me... Not? || Jaspar Fanfic (Caspar lee x Joe Sugg) by justahugefangirl
He Loves Me... Not? || Jaspar gnarly♥
"Friends can cuddle, right?" I asked, inching closer to Joe. "Yeah." Joe said, opening one eye adorably to look at me. "They can kiss too?"...
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Promise (Joe Sugg Fan-fiction) by conftsugg
Promise (Joe Sugg Fan-fiction)by gee
Ally moves in with her best friend, Caspar Lee, in London to be closer to her YouTube friends. Living with them is Caspar's friend, Joe. The group of friends all go to a...
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Looking for somebody  by purplegemini1601
Looking for somebody by Gemini Jaspar
One day Zoe disappears, causing the lives of both Joe and Caspar to be flipped upside down. [JASPAR]
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Muse (Caspar Lee Fanfic) by Danieller0se
Muse (Caspar Lee Fanfic)by Dani
WAS: Art Comes In Many Forms An artist never settles down. They move around, looking for new inspiration. But after coming with her older sister Eva, to Playlist Live, s...
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Roommates. A Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg fan fiction.  by itsmevickyxo
Roommates. A Caspar Lee and Joe Vickie
Vicky's a vlogger with 2,000,000 subscribers. Caspar's a vlogger with 6,000,000 subscribers. Thanks to Vicky's brother Joe. They actually became meant to be. You know. L...
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Our destiny  by WavesandCaves
Our destiny by WavesandCaves
Chloe is the younger sister of youtube stars, Zoe and Joe Sugg. She has her own YouTube channel, she models and has a successful clothes and cosmetics line. The media, h...
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Too Young // Caspar Lee by keke-starcke
Too Young // Caspar Leeby Janneke
Elle has been best friends with YouTube beauty guru Zoella since childhood and never found real love. This all changes after she meets Zoe's friends at dinner, which inc...
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Poison in Wine [DISCONTINUED] by ToxicElvenDragon
Poison in Wine [DISCONTINUED]by ChangingAccounts
Sophia Heidi Cooper, age 19. Half-shaved head, turquoise and Aqua colored hair. The girl who lived through so many days of horror and abuse. Seeing parents divorcing, mo...
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Easy - Caspar Lee Fanfiction by Kacie4Life
Easy - Caspar Lee Fanfictionby Kacie Rowland x
Kacie Morris is your typical 19 year old girl. Loves to party, alcohol and of course - boys. Since she was little she's always been second best, her best friend Freya ha...
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Change? by chillingwithunicorns
Change?by chillingwithunicorns
Zoe, a strong-minded girl who loves what she does. But when Caspar walks into her life everything is about to change, but will she take down her walls and let him in and...
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More than Pizza (A Caspar Lee Fanfic) by Carolnr0912
More than Pizza (A Caspar Lee !-/
When we entered the ballroom, I immediately searched around for Caspar. "Amy, are you ok alone? I'm just going to grab a drink and maybe a few snacks." "I...
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Best Mistake | Caspar Lee by xitsxrainexlizettex
Best Mistake | Caspar Leeby — lizette ♡
Lauren Howard, the girl who just moved to London with her family. It was a decision made by her mom, where she and her sister just had to agree because of the condition...
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Sorry I'm a Slut (Caspar Lee) by Chlobug_fin
Sorry I'm a Slut (Caspar Lee)by Chloe
When Rebecca moves to London to live with her best friend Evie and Evie's boyfriend Ashton Irwin, she is sent on a wild adventure full of love, heartbreak and a bit of m...
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is this true love? (A caspar lee fanfic) by DiannaRivas3
is this true love? (A caspar lee Dianna Rivas
Kattheryn was a 17 year old south african girl who just had moved to london, she stared to work at the local coffee shop near her house, and one day her old childhood fr...
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I Can Show You The World (A Jaspar Fanfic) by musicalfoodeater925
I Can Show You The World (A Trina
This is about the cut scenes or bloopers of "Joe and Caspar Hit the Road" where they secretly had dates together without the crew, they go to the bedroom a lot...
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