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Castle: Their Story 1 by KatherineHoughton
Castle: Their Story 1by DreamGirl47
Castle and Beckett are getting married, after the wedding comes the honey moon, and after the honey moon Castle, Beckett, Alexis and Martha went to filipines for a week...
Role Reversal by Turretwithaview
Role Reversalby Turretwithaview
"So Castle, missing your girlfriend?" the sinister tone cannot be masked by the remnants of laughter … the voice is familiar … not everyday familiar … but he k...
A Night Of Drunken Love by 4everandalwayscastle
A Night Of Drunken Loveby Caskettastic
This takes place after 'Once upon a crime'. Castle and Beckett go out for drinks, and get a little carried away.
The Surprise Baby by Shipper102002
The Surprise Babyby Shipper102002
While Castle is away on Tour and Martha is away with friends, Beckett learns something that could change their lives for the good.
Castle Oneshots. by VictoriaCrocker
Castle Victoria Crocker
This Is a book filled with Castle one-shots. I have a huge obsession with the show and am rewatching it for the third time already. If you are interested in reading sto...
Mirror Image by cbeeler15
Mirror Imageby cbeeler15
Beckett and Castle take a foster girl into protective custody after she witnesses her foster mom's murder. What they didn't expect is the girl being a lot like the both...
Second Chance by castlememories
Second Chanceby castlememories
What happens when Rick cheats on Kate and she finds out she is pregnant after they break up?
My Little Girl by Swiftie41319
My Little Girlby KBArianator41319
Charlotte Christine Castle was just born, there are going to be some new adjustments in the Castle household for sure.
The Time of Our Lives (Editing) by mocrig
The Time of Our Lives (Editing)by Morgan Crigger
Kate Beckett, fiance of the ruggedly handsome and somewhat famous mystery writer Rick Castle, has just found out that she is pregnant. With a demanding job as a detectiv...
Caskett: a Royal Romance by Alwaysbeckett41319
Caskett: a Royal Romanceby Kate Beckett
Rick Rodgers and Kate Beckett met by accident in a library one day, that accident led to a beautiful romance and resulted in them falling in love with each other, after...
Her Daughter (Kensi Blye) UNEDITED by densi_fangirl
Her Daughter (Kensi Blye) UNEDITEDby Densi_fangirl
Kensi's teenage daughter goes missing and its up to the team to bring her home safe How will deeks and the team react when they find out that kensi's a mother? Will they...
I'm ALWAYS here by WriterGirl_Katie
I'm ALWAYS hereby WriterGirl_Katie
It will be from Kate's POV. It starts in ep 09 in s 04 (Kill shot). Kate is still with Josh but they have lots of fights. And he maltreats her. He rapes her but she does...
Redemption (A Castle FanFic) by Alwaysbeckett41319
Redemption (A Castle FanFic)by Kate Beckett
A Season 8 Fic- He had enough, he was tired of being the class clown, she left him and her actions broke the final straw.
Finding My Way Back To You (A Castle FanFic) (ON HOLD) by Writer-NovelistGirl
Finding My Way Back To You (A Zoey Mann
Rick Castle and Kate Beckett had planned on going to Stanford together ever since the beginning of senior year, but when Rick's mom Martha suddenly had an amazing acting...
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers All) by LololovaX
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers LololovaX
Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are two spies from different organisations and their jobs are pretty much to kill people who their bosses tells them to get rid off. So w...
Take Me Down (Castle Fanfiction) by CastleCVJ
Take Me Down (Castle Fanfiction)by ✨Chloe
The ups and downs of love and bullets, Castle and Beckett. This story takes place as kind of a season nine for the team and is written as if it were summer. Caskett the...
All Of Me by Swiftie41319
All Of Meby KBArianator41319
Sequel to Over And Over Again. Castle and Beckett just got engaged, now it's time to plan the wedding and have the most perfect honeymoon.
Trapped Soul by LololovaX
Trapped Soulby LololovaX
Kate Beckett is a homeless woman in her twenties and one day a man stumbles across her. Richard Castle can't stop trying to convince Kate to stay with him, but Kate does...
I Loved Her First by densi_fangirl
I Loved Her Firstby Densi_fangirl
After spending eight weeks playing the role of husband and wife, Deeks and Kensi's partnership took a drastic change The pair went from strangers to partners, from partn...
What if we kissed? by Caskett999
What if we kissed?by HeyThereRainbowGirls
(Completed) It's right after shooting the last episode of season four when Nathan does something that could change his and Stana's life forever.