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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
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Jimmy Casket Isn't Just That by alicerivercreek
Jimmy Casket Isn't Just Thatby River.c.Writer
Jimmy Casket isn't just a wild murderer. He has shown a childish nature and a tolerance of rather liking to certain characters. If he was knowing of Ghost's existence, d...
  • casket
  • venturiantale
  • johnnyghost
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Until Death Do Us Part (Undertaker x reader) by AshShad0ws
Until Death Do Us Part ( Ashley Shad0ws
After one man overhearing about you liking someone you end up with the likes of Shawn Michaels flirting with you, thinking it's him. But little does Shawn, or the rest o...
  • love
  • lily
  • sortacute
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P.i.e one shots by werewolf6595
P.i.e one shotsby Werewolf6595
These are some p. i.e one-shots I'm open to suggestions if you have any so yeah Btw sometimes Jimmy will be in Ghosts head for some of these but sometimes he will not ju...
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  • casket
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P.I.E Reads Fanfic (CANCELLED) by CrafterLily1
P.I.E Reads Fanfic (CANCELLED)by Įm Ãłívë... Kīńdå
What would happen is Ghost, Toast and Casket read fanfiction? About themselves?
  • toast
  • jimmy
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Venturiantale PIE Adventures [Finished]  by PowderMcMc
Venturiantale PIE Adventures [ Powder4PU
Dimensions have started opening. Paranormal activity rates are dramatically increasing. Threat levels are starting to rise and climb. People are advised to stay in large...
  • universes
  • collon
  • adventure
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P.I.E's world (VT and Eddsworld crossover) by Venturiantalefan10
P.I.E's world (VT and Eddsworld Kayla Gumble
After a long day of hunting ghosts Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast try to relax by watching some television, They find a online show called 'Eddsworld' and start to watch...
  • casket
  • johnny
  • toast
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The Tale of Jordan Frye and Jimmy Casket by Castilight
The Tale of Jordan Frye and Artemis Taylor
Jimmy Casket has gotten bored of the Gmod world and has crossed over to the real world, where he has possessed his creator, Jordan Frye, aka, Venturian. His siblings, Ci...
  • ghost
  • immortalkyodai
  • venturian
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Evil Youtubers × Reader by SeaSorcerer
Evil Youtubers × Readerby Sea Delne
Soooooooo... I was bored when I made this... I'll take requests, just no smutty ones... seriously, I'm like 13... and Jimmy Casket for a cover cuz I got nothing else...
  • love
  • dragon
  • reader
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Magic of the Created Lands ~ VenturianTale, Fallout and G-Mod by Naomi334
Magic of the Created Lands ~ I ish Naomi... O.O
Cywren has traveled from Fallout to our world and met Venturian. She now wants to get back, and hacks the computer she came through to do so, but something's gone horrib...
  • venturian
  • frozen
  • pie
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This Isn't A Game Anymore (VenturianTale fan fiction) by MoonlightDragon
This Isn't A Game Anymore ( Ryft // Evvie
When the VenturianTale crew finds an old computer that they accidentally break, it opens a world that they never knew existed: their own. From Gmod to Minecraft, they mu...
  • toast
  • casket
  • venturiantale
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P.I.E Adventures by YeehawGrucciTime
P.I.E Adventuresby Karrot
RANDOM P.I.E ADVENTURES WITH SHIPS AND AWESOMENESS!!! This was originally just a Johnny Ghost X Johnny Toast fanfic but now it's P.I.E ADVENTURES!!!!
  • venturiantale
  • spooker
  • johnny
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The Sound Of A Silent Descent by Deux_oiseaux
The Sound Of A Silent Descentby Deux_oiseaux
The mind is a powerful thing; Controlling one is complicated, unless you're on the inside. It's all about manipulation and lies from then out. -------- Edginess warning...
  • johnny
  • ghost
  • toast
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Ghostly Falls by PurpleSnakeBoy
Ghostly Fallsby Half
-A Gravity Falls/VenturianTale Crossover. -When Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast meet Dipper and Mabel Pines, strange stuff happens. (As you probably already know, neithe...
  • bill
  • johnny
  • stan
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P.I.E by EmmaTheFemale
P.I.Eby Emma The Bunny
All characters belong to Venturiantale, unless I say otherwise. All pictures belong to SkylarGrim on DeviantArt.
  • jimmy
  • casket
  • jimmycasket
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Castle Baby One Shots (A Castle Fanfic) by WalmartsBestShoppers
Castle Baby One Shots (A Castle WalmartsBestShoppers
Let's hope this story is one of the last of it's kind before it actually happens!
  • castle
  • youwillloveit
  • fanfic
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Pie short story's  by FlutterBat1
Pie short story's by Flutter
Just some random short story's like -toastedghost -random stuff -AND MORE! Warning: bad grammar And spelling. Updates: Very slow Reason: I take my time on theses and ma...
  • ships
  • jimmy
  • johnny
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A Different Type of Love Story! by iluvelijah14
A Different Type of Love Story!by Anna
Drew is a seventeen year old boy and the schools football star and also the most popular boy in school. He has tons of friends, and his girlfriend is the most popular gi...
  • sweet
  • home
  • leelee
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Sojourner by Nagato
Sojournerby Koranteng Joshua Yaw
We won't journey on forever. Someday, our dreams will cease to exist. But I believe that fantasy turns to reality- when we learn to submit- at our breaking point. We nee...
  • walking
  • remember
  • left
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Katrina's Tale (A P.I.E. Story) by Fixer66
Katrina's Tale (A P.I.E. Story)by The Wrath
This is the story of Katrina, a member of P.I.E. (Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire), who died during an investigation involving Maxwell Acachalla.
  • ghost
  • toast
  • jimmy
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