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Clutched. by Shannara2
#1 Shannara2
Chloe McCarthy,intelligent and beautiful girl wins a college contest with which one of the prizes include trip to Belize.Being in the wrong place at the wrong time,she...
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Betrayed After His Time Pt.ll by DimezzTypes
Betrayed After His Time Pt.llby A Br💔ken St💔ry
Enjoyed book 1 and you've been itching to know about what's happening next?👀 I don't do bio's , it tells to much 🤫 I love surprises and that's what this book is filled...
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KIDNAPPED: ERICK BOOK III by deniseasonrisa
KIDNAPPED BOOK III OF V PART SERIES I'm so bad at descriptions 😂
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Los Narcos |Jikook| by jikookminie9597
Los Narcos |Jikook|by jikookminie9597
Jeon Jungkook. The kingpin of the Yeou Cartel, a drug-dealing ring in the center of Busan. Park Jimin. A small singer at a local bar. As soon as Jungkook steps in for a...
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Ghost Recon: War Within The Cartel by CT-5597
Ghost Recon: War Within The Cartelby CT-5597
Based off of: Dark Waters and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The South American country of Bolivia was paradise. Lush jungles, rivers, lakes, and beautiful mountains. But when...
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Dope boy dreams by assssiiiiaaaaa
Dope boy dreamsby Asssssssiiaaa
"Vadah! Just keep talking to me whatever you do just don't stop talking to me alright princess" "I can't " she said going in an out of consciousness...
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A bundle of trouble by Forevergoldiee
A bundle of troubleby Forevergoldiee
Riley Clooney has never had it easy; living in penury and having a lot of responsibilities. Somehow she gets involved in the drug business and the price she has to pay...
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Drugs,Guns and Him(James Valdez) by christiaingreyx
Drugs,Guns and Him(James Valdez)by Christiaingrey
Maya Mendoza never imagined getting caught up in the life with the cartels, but everything changed for her and her sister Teresa. She will soon discover new places and m...
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Cartel Land " Border Wars ". by AlanLujan
Cartel Land " Border Wars ".by Alan Lujan
An inside look to The War On Drugs, follow the story of an ex US Marine Thomas " Tommy " Max Riordan as him and an organization of armed volunteers defend the...
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FusionX by AllenRomero1
FusionXby AllenRomero1
Scott makes a deadly deal with a former mexican cartel soldier. Scott , Gerrardo, and John are sent to smuggle and sell a new drug "FusionX" across america fo...
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Who is to Blame? (A Drug Wars Editorial) by CRAZYxBUNNI
Who is to Blame? (A Drug Wars no
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Life of lies by TapishSingh
Life of liesby Tapish Singh
Political drama covering the protagonist's search for truth and meaning in the pile of lies. Believes compromised, faith broken and mind lost- the crisis has struck. Is...
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A Trafficker's Life by Chrysalis157
A Trafficker's Lifeby Chrysalis157
It's all about a super heroine with no dreams whatsoever until she met a Nigerian superstar that changed her life forever.
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Without Trust by GeoffreyMarshall7
Without Trustby GeoffreyMarshall7
Three brothers that are born in Haiti. Jaceon, Ali, and yakwon overheard their mother and father fighting with someone. Then they seen their parents dead on the floor. T...
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A Way that Seemeth Right by GaryWhittington
A Way that Seemeth Rightby Gary Whittington
A boy is found walking alone on the US, and Mexico border and no one seems to know who he is or where he came from, but it would seem that destiny has saved him a seat a...
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One Down & Five Up by redtree7868
One Down & Five Upby redtree7868
"Burn the bridge. Nuke the foundation. Back yourself up against a wall. Have an opinion one way or another, get off the fence and rip it up. Cut yourself off so the...
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A dangerous bond: Love&TheStreets by VeeViewss
A dangerous bond: Love&TheStreetsby Veezus
Tatiyana is seventeen years old, and she has seen it all, done it all and been through it all, after getting raped by her step father at eleven years old. He thought it...
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Chain Link by LeonoraV
Chain Linkby Leonora
Alessa Saunders and Logan Sargent have no connections with each other until they meet when Alessa's car breaks down. As their love story starts to enfold, they realize t...
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