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Hollstein Karate AU (Broken Champion on AO3) by geek_and_nina
Hollstein Karate AU (Broken Nina
Laura is the new girl at a karate studio famous for it's most talented students: Carmilla Karnstein the five time U21 World Taekwondo Federation Tournament champion. Lau...
For You by IdkImAwkward07
For Youby Pine🌲Tree
Hollstein HSAU There's just something about Carmilla's new neighbor who kept sticking around despite the snark and broody cloud hanging over Carmilla's head and her usua...
How 'Bout A Dance? by parkersxeeberle
How 'Bout A Dance?by Parker Eberle
Laura is dragged to a Zeta party against her will. Toward the end of the night, the DJ announces that they will be playing the last song shortly. Laura knows that the la...
The Crossover We All Wish For by Kailin_H
The Crossover We All Wish Forby Kailin Holland
AU where Hollstein are agents of a Styrian Division and Willa Earp has disappeared
Of Monsters and Women by filiaregis
Of Monsters and Womenby filiaregis
Laura Hollis is a strong independent woman who don't need no man...but a cute girl might be nice.
Carmilla by Zuzirix
Carmillaby Zuzirix
Love will have its sacrifices... Find out exactly what those sacrifices are with a new chapter every month on my new account Sapphic_Hollywood. The revamped story can be...
Hollstein: snow, dinners, and acts of romance. by fanfictionfluff
Hollstein: snow, dinners, and fanfictionfluff
A short story about Carmilla and Laura :3 based off of a cute dream. Enjoy! :)
Carmilla (Hollstein) One-Shots by LiesLike2ndNature
Carmilla (Hollstein) One-Shotsby Carter Pendertwat
Disclaimer: I don't own any music used in this writing, nor do I own the characters (This book will more than likely contain spoilers.) A collection of various randomly...
Bad Timing by thatawkwardnoodle
Bad Timingby Cayleigh
Adulthood AU: Danny and Laura have been dating for quite a while now. Carmilla has been Laura's best friend since pre-k and she's always there whenever Danny and her ha...
Silas Confidential by SilasConfidential
Silas Confidentialby Silas Confidential
As a freshman at Silas University, Mary Ringwold is quickly getting used to the weird. If anything, she thrives on it, absorbing the university's strange traditions and...
Carmilla: Trinity by S3v3nW0nd3rs
Carmilla: Trinityby S3v3nW0nd3rs
Trinity Clairborn is a fairy. Amongst the world of the supernatural, the fae are the most reclusive what with their natural desire for peace. Very few leave their home...
crAck Crarmila by swiggityswoogity919
crAck Crarmilaby Patricia A
This is a crack fic of Carmilla. It is supposed to be extremely random and weird so please don't report me for that. I haven't seen any of these so why not. This is afte...
Carmilla x Laura-Antecedentes peligrosos by NegraOveja
Carmilla x Laura-Antecedentes NegraOveja
Laura Hollis es una Youtuber famosa que junto a sus mejores amigas hacen Blogs y Pranks en la secundaria Silas antes de la graduación. Carmilla Karnstein es la chica má...
Omens by Sapphic_Hollywood
Omensby Sapphic_Hollywood
Love will have its sacrifices... That's what they say isn't it, that all love comes with a price? After all, that's what love depends on: sacrifice. Some are just willin...
and you never prayed for anything more than her by bloodaccusedstones
and you never prayed for bloodaccusedstones
You say her name until it brands itself on your skull, burns onto your tongue; it’s your mantra, your prayer, and you’ve never been religious (your mother’s death kill...
Hollstein Songfics by quidditch07
Hollstein Songficsby quidditch07
!!!!!!: I don't own any of the songs, Carmilla the Webseries, or any other company,band, merchandise or franchise mentioned in the story. I like Songfics okay?
Only a few things could make Carmilla breathless by spiderman_doccubus
Only a few things could make spiderman_doccubus
Only a few things could make Carmilla breathless, Laura is one of them
Hollstein : Will you be my girlfriend? by creampufffeels
Hollstein : Will you be my creampufffeels
Laura's at her prom. She decided to come just with some friends, although there's one girl she would love to be her date...