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Carlee One-Shots  by InsanityLover828
Carlee One-Shots by ♡
A few One-Shots with Lee and Carley. Lee x Carley (Carlee)
What if?  by twdg_leeeverett
What if? by twdg_leeeverett
What if Carley didn't get shot? What if Lee took her place and got shot in the shoulder? Find out in 'what if?' This story contains CarLee (Lee and Carley.) Story also...
Twdg Ship Fanart  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Ship Fanart by ♡
Here are some Fanart of Twdg Ships ♥️ [I appreciate any feedback & keep in mind that I don't ship everything in this book]
•The Two Dorks in the Library•  COMPLETED (kinda) by patrickiskrusty
•The Two Dorks in the Library• patrickiskrusty
(Doesn't take place in the apocalypse) It was hard for Clementine to leave her hometown, Duck , and Sarah. She also had to start HighSchool . When she took a tour she s...
colbybrock instagram by EmilyOkan5
colbybrock instagramby Emily Okan
enjoy this fun asf story
Chemistry  (clouis) (school AU) by ISHIPH20VANOSS
Chemistry (clouis) (school AU)by Nevaeh
the title says it all
I'm Pretending to be a Guy... Will my Secret Get Out?? Lucia && Rickson by tinny3038
I'm Pretending to be a Guy... Tinarra
Luke Snowater is a chapion Motorcross rider with a deep dark secret... he is REALLY a girl! Lucia Somers is a minor Supermodel that is leading a double life... As Luke...
Being a Gemini by yadorigi
Being a Geminiby yadorigi
I don't know anymore.
Twdg Ships One-Shots  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Ships One-Shots by ♡
A few One-Shots with a few ships :D
Walking Dead game ships by lostinthevoid17
Walking Dead game shipsby Łøst_Bitxh
just felt like doin it, cuz im bored. These ships are just by my opinion
Ya' Lil Nasty by girlsinthehouse4
Ya' Lil Nastyby girls in the house
me and a lil dude did something nasty It's a YN story
Intrigued// l.h by AyyeClifford
Intrigued// l.hby AyyeClifford
In which Luke sees a girl and falls head over heals
DIVERGENT HIGH by carlee_p
when tris and four hate eachother so much that they cant stand ANYTHING the other person does what will happen?what will happen when someone spills a great secret??full...
Little Bros by Aeroh_Prodigy
Little Brosby Aeroh_Prodigy
Well two young boys,Billy and Logan are technically brothers because they have known each other since birth.They always have their brothers back.But one day one one of t...
Me and the One by cutiepiebabe123
Me and the Oneby cutiepiebabe123
One day I was walking and I seen my crush Phil Lester I went down the hall to talk to him. Then I seen Brittany talking to him oh no! I thought she's asking to the danc...
A Wierd Deranged Friendship by the_power_of_tree
A Wierd Deranged Friendshipby the_power_of_tree
A story by us. CAUTION: contains crazy random stuff and may make your mind explode from too much awesomeness. -Annie approved (#1 fake therapist)
Achlys by 2003Orlane
Achlysby 2003Orlane
Evan Turner et un jeune homme de 20 ans, qui va vous raconter comment sa vie à basculer en tombant amoureux d'une fille cruelle telle la déesse achlys