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Sing! 2 x child! Fem! reader by AliceAngel5
Sing! 2 x child! Fem! readerby Lil bunbun
You are Mr. Crystal's youngest daughter This is my very first story! I hope you enjoy 😊
Steven Universe x corrupt gemling reader  by sammytheskitty33
Steven Universe x corrupt Samantha Szyperski
Your mother has been destabilized suddenly by none other than the crystal gems! Of course they can't destabilize you, you're just a little gemmy; destabilization is as g...
The Soldier by MidnighMoonlight
The Soldierby Ethan kərzē
𝗬/𝗡 is a lost sixteen year old child soldier. After being captured, they're tasked to forget their military life and build a new one. One where they could just be a ki...
𝙽 𝙴 𝚆  𝙲 𝙰 𝚁 𝙴 𝚃 𝙰 𝙺 𝙴 𝚁 | Montgomery gator x male! reader by Ethanius
𝙽 𝙴 𝚆 𝙲 𝙰 𝚁 𝙴 𝚃 𝙰 𝙺 𝙴 Ethan
This is my first story, and i got inspirated from my friend(?). so anyway.. i'm sorry for bad grammar and such, i'm not good at writing, but i hope i will excercise in...
Hugs & Kisses (Wrong Number)  by justmedrew19
Hugs & Kisses (Wrong Number) by Andrew
"Where are you little one?" She asks. "I'm at Wicked." He slurs into the phone and she can tell he's slipping into his head space quickly. Andrew...
Little Leo  by Imissyou420
Little Leo by Imissyou420
In this world you get classified as either a Master , pet , Mommy/Daddy , Little or Neutral Leo finds out he is a Little and quickly gets kicked out of his household an...
Little Oliver (Discontinued) by Angrytomato566
Little Oliver (Discontinued)by Angrytomato566
Everyone has to get tested and classified at 17. But when Oliver finds out he is a little his dad is furious and kicks him out, he gets taken and put into an adoption ce...
Steal A Kiss, Blush, And Heartbeat  by LiannQ
Steal A Kiss, Blush, And Heartbeat by LiannQ
Title: 偷親一口臉紅心跳 Author: 四未 Status: 85 Chapters (Completed) Description: Zhong Leyou was born with mild intellectual impairment and mild communication impairment. When he...
The Little's Tutor by kbabiesk
The Little's Tutorby kbabiesk
Avani was an 18 year old high school senior. She was always a good student, but she suddenly started to not care. The only thing that gave her comfort was age regression...
MAMA MODE by Hoodkitty33
MAMA MODEby depressed otaku
okay every time one of them turned into a baby and one time bakugou got hit with a quirk that made him go full mama mode on them all let's go! #78 - kota 11/7/2021 #1...
"Hello, little one!" Multi-fandom Agere by bunky_baby
"Hello, little one!" 🌙~ B U N K Y~🌙
Hello! I decided to make this bc I'm to brain dead!
the loud ghost. TLH by Wolfzero1
the loud ghost. TLHby Wolfzero1
(Special THANKS To NEWCHELSSICACC, FOR MAKING THE COVER FOR THE STORY, PLEASE SUPPORT HER PROFILE AND STORIES.) (: a young boy was took away from his love ones, a boy we...
The One Colored Room by Totallyme15
The One Colored Roomby Totalmente yo
In a world where everyone only knows their color. And lost the will to think. Trained as soldiers and servants. Can a family be united and escape their unknown prison...
Larry Stylinson Sickfics by lovelylarrystyles
Larry Stylinson Sickficsby lovelylarrystyles <3
Short oneshot stories of the boys being sick and taking care of each other (plus a lot of fluff)! Requests ARE open for these chapters, I'm open to writing about almost...
The multi-purpose personnel of the Company (OC x Hololive) by TheVoiceBehindAll
The multi-purpose personnel of The Voice Behind All
Meet Duc TheEntity. The multi-purpose personnel of Cover. He has been in the company the longest. But only Yagoo knew he. What will happen to him when others know th...
what it takes (horror x mother reader) by 23schristensen3
what it takes (horror x mother Victoria Von pink
you're a girl how heard a knock on the door and what you see is...... something that will change your life for ever. I will not edit it because i am lazy and don't want...
John is in a pretty dark spot. Having been forced back into the hierarchy and losing his only friend in Wellston, John is alone. Looking for an answer to this terrible...
The Last HeartBeat by FightingBreaks
The Last HeartBeatby FightingBreaks
Life moves so quickly, going from being bullied, having no friends to being internet famous; millions of fans screaming your name, living with friends so close you call...
austin butler oneshots <3 by austinbswife
austin butler oneshots <3by <3
austin butler oneshots i hope you like them!! (fluff and smut)
"NOONA! SARANGHAE!"- J.JK ffby 얀비-Jen
Credits for the awesome cover for to: @Ylettra check out their cover shop!! COMPLETED He has waited for you almost half of his life, Waited for you to love him back, H...