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Why Me? (Tobias Forge) by kissthego-goat
Why Me? (Tobias Forge)by Carnival
I feel like descriptions kinda give the story away because it sort of gives you a sense of what is going to happen. But you'll have to read to figure out what happens i...
That Dude From The Record Store by kissthego-goat
That Dude From The Record Storeby Carnival
Tobias Forge Not sure where im going with the plot but lets just see how it all unfolds ? Note: not every location such as the record store or "TRB" is a real...
Ghost B.C Imagines ;) by crisp_chip
Ghost B.C Imagines ;)by tasty orphan
Oi!It's just fan fictions of one of my favorite bands 👌
tobias forge one shots by bewitchedghoul
tobias forge one shotsby 🎃
a book for @A_Shadows_foREVer 🖤
Tobias Forge Imagines/One Shots by kissthego-goat
Tobias Forge Imagines/One Shotsby Carnival
Decided to make cute short stories of Tobbe because I have a lot of ideas but a lot of them aren't long enough to be a full story. Started: December 12, 2019 Ended:?
A Man and his Ghouls by MeidoKeiko
A Man and his Ghoulsby MeidoGhoul
"What happens when the old, vampiric Cardinal Copia moves out of the Clergy home to live with his beloved Ghouls in an ancient, Victorian mansion? -- From trying to...
Leviathan Emeritus. (Papa Emeritus 3's son) by Ghostlylittlegracie
Leviathan Emeritus. (Papa Ghostlylittlegracie
Papa emeritus and his ghuleh are having a baby. unfortunately the baby will be too young to become papa emeritus the 4th. he will be needing help from a protege named ca...
Morgana Pendragon & Sister Imperator : Hidden Legacy. by Aureum_Ghuleh18
Morgana Pendragon & Sister Aureum_Ghuleh18
Analysis on the parellelism between Morgana Pendragon and Sister Imperator.
Ghost One-Shots by NamelessAether
Ghost One-Shotsby NamelessAether
Yeah, I'm taking any kind of requests. Be as specific, as kinky, as edgy, as funny as you want. I apologise in advance if it takes too long for me to write it. I am an u...
The Moment Of Just Letting Go by XxTellTaleHeartxX
The Moment Of Just Letting Goby XxTellTaleHeartxX
Cardinal Copia and his Ghouls have come to visit one of their many Satanic Church locations. Upon the Cardinal's arrival a Sister of Sin in training, Elizabeth, will soo...
En la oscuridad de la capilla by ThatFilthyBlackGoat
En la oscuridad de la capillaby BlackPhilip
(GHOST B.c) Emeritus III debe casarse para continuar la linea de sangre. Copia no acepta esto.
Familia tenebris Dominus by Radially
Familia tenebris Dominusby Radially
A story about a girl with an unmatchable faith....
To Serve the Rats: A Ghost Fanfiction by BatsOnAPlane
To Serve the Rats: A Ghost BatsOnAPlane
Nineteen year old Reese Edwards once lived a cozy life with her rich parents on the outskirts of London until a deadly disease broke out across the country, infecting an...
kiss him 月光 ❝alpha x  cardinal copia❞ by navigavi
kiss him 月光 ❝alpha x cardinal Old navi
alpha y el cardenal descubren un juego divertido.
Faith by JOKES_ON_U
Faithby S.C.
Valentine, a fresh out of college photographer was always devoted to her faith to God. Raised to do everything good and right in the world. She's both shy and timid, the...
Necessary Suckoffs by ghost_tea_trash
Necessary Suckoffsby ghost_tea_trash
When we left off, Cardinal put his hand up and reached for the sky, he 80's armed Aether's buttholeeee.
Mary On A Cross: The Band Ghost  by CardiCsGhulehQueen
Mary On A Cross: The Band Ghost by Alexis
A fanfiction based off of the song 'Mary On A Cross' by the band Ghost. It delves into the mind of Imperator, and the could've been romance between Papa Nihil and Imper...
Don't Trust A Rat by ToothyGhoul
Don't Trust A Ratby Ya Boi Damon
Follow in the footsteps of Cardinal Copia. Learn his origins and learn how he got to where he is today. See the world from his point of view from the moment he first op...