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Home Is Where She Is by Katie02003
Home Is Where She Isby Katie
Percy was betrayed by his home and family (on the godly side). Disowned by Poseidon, stripped off his powers and forced into hiding from the gods, Percy ran away with hi...
  • end
  • wattys2018
  • percyjackson
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[KHR+CCS] Mảnh ghép còn thiếu. by _yoi-ssi_
[KHR+CCS] Mảnh ghép còn thiế リトルマスターラック
『 Thưa Chủ Nhân, đừng lo lắng nữa. 』 『 Ngài có mong muốn gì không, thưa Chủ Nhân? 』 『 Chủ Nhân, không sao hết cả đâu. Bởi vì mong muốn của ngài là mong muốn của tôi; V...
  • crossover
  • mushroom
  • katekyohitmanreborn
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Cardcaptor Sakura [fan fiction] by krishaeya
Cardcaptor Sakura [fan fiction]by A♛
[Complete] After the confession, Syaoran returned back to Hong Kong. 4 years latter he comes back to find Sakura with a new boyfriend. But he finds out that her boyfrien...
  • eriol
  • asuma
  • cardcaptor
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New 2016 Cardcaptor Sakura Manga - Clear Card Arc Volume 2 by MissBratzitudeReads
New 2016 Cardcaptor Sakura Miss Bratzitude
For all Cardcaptor Sakura and Clamp lovers I bring you ( this is not a joke - read it) 2016's all new Cardcaptor Sakura manga as a sequel to the last 12 volumes. This ma...
  • syoaran
  • cardcaptors
  • cardcaptorsakura
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Enchanted Cardcaptor Sakura by Lunastarredshaw
Enchanted Cardcaptor Sakuraby Lunastarredshaw
Solely based on Enchanted Disney movie, where Sakura Kinomoto transfer to another world where there is a unhappy ending set in Tokyo, Japan.
  • cardcaptorsakura
  • syaoran
  • romance
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JUNTOS. by Gurizeru342
#6 Guri.
Shaoran regresa a Hong Kong dejando a una sakura confundida y con el corazon roto, pero despues de 3 años a sakura le llega una carta solicitandola para una guerra, ella...
  • magia
  • shaoran
  • sys
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El Dulce Aroma Del Cerezo. by SusieCordero
El Dulce Aroma Del Clari Cordero
Siempre he pensado que las mentiras no son nada agradables y sin embargo, me he enamorado de una mentirosa ¿si la perdonaré? Eso aún no lo sé, pero debo admitir que es l...
  • fanfic
  • shaoran
  • amor
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A Través De Tus Ojos. by SusieCordero
A Través De Tus Clari Cordero
Un terrible accidente marcará la vida de Sakura, su miedo le impedirá que tome la oportunidad de salir en la oscuridad que estaba sumergida, ¿podrá el amor vencer los mi...
  • wattys2019
  • love
  • shaoranli
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New 2016 Cardcaptor Sakura Manga - Clear Card Arc by MissBratzitudeReads
New 2016 Cardcaptor Sakura Miss Bratzitude
For all Cardcaptor Sakura and Clamp lovers I bring you ( this is not a joke - read it) 2016's all new Cardcaptor Sakura manga as a sequel to the last 12 volumes. This ma...
  • yue
  • cardcaptorsakura
  • spinel
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Sensei, I Love You by sakuraakamichelle
Sensei, I Love Youby Michelle
A troubled homeless student and an eager to help teacher. What can result from that interaction? Disclaimer: Cardcaptor Sakura belongs to CLAMP. This is only a fan ficti...
  • cardcaptor
  • cardcpator
  • sakura
[Sakura and Syaoran] A Forged Wedding by Booklover170104
[Sakura and Syaoran] A Forged Sarana
Sakura Kinomoto - 1 cô gái hiền lành, dễ thương - vì 1 lý do nào đó mà cô phải giả vờ cưới Syaoran - 1 anh chàng lạnh lùng, khó ưa - trong vòng 3 tháng 1 câu chuyện dựa...
  • cardcaptor
  • syaoran
  • đámcướigiả
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Power of the Stars by MegansWorld08
Cardcaptor Sakura: Power of the Megan
Next part
  • anime
  • cardcaptor
  • sakura
[Sakura/Syaoran] Người con gái linh hồn by hangbep
[Sakura/Syaoran] Người con gái Hằng_Bẹpp
Đọc r biết, kể ở đây mất hay!
  • langman
  • tomoyo
  • bep
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Cherry Blossom's Wolf: Sakura-X-Syaoran (Cardcaptor Sakura FanFic) by AcheronX20
Cherry Blossom's Wolf: AcheronX20
A new story set in the Card Captor Sakura series, Post-manga/anime storyline. After a few years of being together as a couple, are Sakura and Syaoran really drifting apa...
  • syaoran
  • clowcards
  • cardcaptor
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Cardcaptor Sakura Stopped the World by XDSapphireXD
Cardcaptor Sakura Stopped the Worldby Amber Sapphire
Years ago Sakura transformed all the Clow cards into Sakura cards, her life returned to normal and she moved on to College. Everything was working out for her until Saku...
  • sakura
  • cardcaptors
  • adventure
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Worth it by syren888
Worth itby Syren
TouyaxYukito oneshot, 2 years after the manga. Someone was unusually sick in the Kinomoto family. Touya assured his family that he was ok and not to worry, and when both...
  • sakura
  • touyaxyukito
  • stablishedrelationship
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Sakura and Syaoran One Shot: A walk in the park... by LadyCroft4evr
Sakura and Syaoran One Shot: A LadyCroft4evr
Sakura ❤ Syaoran..One of my all time favorite ships, set in Clear Card arc, sometime in between Syaoran's return to Tomoeda. Just a normal day, walking home from school...
  • cardcaptors
  • cardcaptorsakura
  • clearcard
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Touya y el pasado de Clow Reed by clamp_yue
Touya y el pasado de Clow Reedby clamp_yue
Touya está pasando una temporada en Londres, junto a Sakura y los guardianes. Su poder ha aumentado tanto como para ver el pasado del amo Clow. Un sillón, una historia...
  • yue
  • touya
  • sakura
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Thank You [COMPLETED] by xiao_wen
Thank You [COMPLETED]by ♒︎ ωα ¢hα! ♒︎
When Sakura was 3 her mother died from a car crash and to make things worse when she was 13 her brother and father were shot in cold blood. She now suffers from depressi...
  • kero
  • cardcaptor
  • romance
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Harry Potter and the Master of Clow by echoranger7
Harry Potter and the Master of Clowby Echoranger7
(As a kid I watched all of the Harry Potter films and red all of the books. I had this idea for a while now and finally going to try and write this. Hope you enjoy also...
  • darkarts
  • magic
  • sister
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