A Family Defined in History by SherlockGurrrl999
A Family Defined in Historyby Aylis Oomen
The family history of adventure begun with James T. Kirk, and it was all passed on to his son and his children. These are their adventures through the Star Trek timeline...
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Forgotten Hero by ivanyuen
Forgotten Heroby Ivan Yuen
An unknown energy force threatens the safety of the station. As the crew investigates, they discover Jake and Nog are missing. This is a speculative script I wrote for t...
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  • startrek
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Star Trek: TNG: The Setlik III Massacre by Yel-Ashaya
Star Trek: TNG: The Setlik III Yel-Ashaya
O'Brien's story of the Setlik III massacre, as seen in TNG: The Wounded. This is O'Brien's experience of that fateful day on Setlik III when the Federation colony was a...
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Star Trek: Necessary Evil by solarchariot
Star Trek: Necessary Evilby solarchariot
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