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Unlocked Hearts Book 2 in the Hearts Series  by sajmra
Unlocked Hearts Book 2 in the 👑 Queen Saj 👑
Sami Sulayman has been a secret agent for the past ten years working for the FBI, and after assisting in one of the biggest busts to date, he expects everything else in...
Skript! #wattys2018 by sajmra
Skript! #wattys2018by 👑 Queen Saj 👑
Sometimes it isn't possible to include every single idea I have in my books. Sometimes I have to cut out hilarious or awesome scenes because they don't really fit, or th...
Ask Sajmra  by sajmra
Ask Sajmra by 👑 Queen Saj 👑
Have a question about one of my books? Wondering what Yusra is up to? Can't remember what Emma majored in in college? Curious as to what Finding Qadr is going to be abou...
Qawaa Zuci......(Labarin Zuciya) by ummAssidiq
Qawaa Zuci......(Labarin Zuciya)by ummAssidiq
Iyalan Professor AlMustapha Haske Ahali na hausawan usli me dauke da 'yan uwa masu tsantsar qaunar juna game da riqon Addini..Cikinsu kuwa akwai wata yarinya me dauke d...
I Quote Sajmra  by sajmra
I Quote Sajmra by 👑 Queen Saj 👑
So I decided instead of cramming the other books with quotes I should just make another book. So here I will post random quotes from my books that I love, and once in a...
#SajmraSubmissions by AeroKitKat
#SajmraSubmissionsby AeroKitKat
Submissions for Sajmra's Happy Place You won't understand unless you read Sajmra's books :D
Captured hearts by Bocchikoko
Captured heartsby Dandalan
He captured my heart unknowingly.