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Human Pets by EmileighJohnston
Human Petsby Emileigh Johnston
The world has been taken over by the animals and they have evolved into half animal and half human forms. They have saved the planet from the humans destructive ways and...
Where The Stories Come From  by kaylee_murphy
Where The Stories Come From by kaylee_murphy
Christine was but 18 when her life was changed forever. She led a very simple life of only the finest things provided by her father and those that worshiped his tracks...
Raphael Santiago & Lucy Blackstone ~ Shadowhunters by UltimateFandomQueen
Raphael Santiago & Lucy Lily
Raphael was born a Shadowhunter, as were his parents. The Santiago's were very close with the Blackstone family. They decided that they wanted an alliance between their...
Fire not only Burns by Shipper_of_Justice
Fire not only Burnsby Sassy McNugget
Pain, what is pain? Some say it's a feeling of disdain and emptiness. Others an emotion that consumes us. Yet little have known truth of it. The fire and brew that forms...
The Taste of Your Lipstick [ONE DIRECTION FAN-FICTION] by mrsnuffles
The Taste of Your Lipstick [ONE Mr Snuffles
One Direction's Take Me Home tour has just started, and all their fans are bursting at the seems with excitement. Joella Morris and her best friend Renee are so excited...
Spirit Captives by GwendolynOrzech
Spirit Captivesby GwendolynOrzech
A new race of humans with the ability to bend time and appearance is rising among the government. A new experiment by Dr. Alice Clarkson is being launched to create a ne...
Caged by Lord_Megatron
Cagedby Megan
A disease has taken over the world, everyone is in danger and there's no possibility of this horrid virus being stopped. It's taken the lives of millions of people, over...
Feared by jonekail
Fearedby Kat3
Ciel has been held captive for 5 years of his life. He learns that claude, his captor is a demon. He slips away and meets a man under unintended circumstances. But Seba...
AlterWorld (Discontinued) by jelly_selkie
AlterWorld (Discontinued)by Alice
WARNING: THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT! Mira is a sixteen-year-old girl living in Coastal Oregon. She has three younger siblings, two parents, and lives in a fairly normal town...
Scent of Gardenia - 3rd novel in the Scott Tucker series. by RichWaters
Scent of Gardenia - 3rd novel in RichWaters
Rich young men are going missing on the island of Bermuda. Since there are no bodies, and no ransom demands, authorities believe the men are being held for other purpose...
Multi by ladykatiestyle
Multiby ladykatiestyle
Willia Lank is going through a tough time. Over the past month, several of her friends were kidnapped. No one knew who it was. Next thing she knows, she is taken too. Th...
The Demon Under My Bed by larosie2000
The Demon Under My Bedby Lauren
James is an 8 year old boy. He is possibly the most ordinary boy you could ever think of. But no one knows why he never gets any sleep... James doesn't even know, but th...
You Should Never Mix Friends With Buisness by SparklyMCPro
You Should Never Mix Friends JadeDragonne
Not really sure where this is going quite yet, but wherever it is, I will have the Freelancers, Mercs, Reds, and Blues by my side. I am Crystal, and I would of like to t...
Captives by Pleyflin
Captivesby if they look like a snack is...
A boring camping trip with the Weasleys is torn apart when Hermione goes missing and is enslaved by rebellious goblins. After two months of whips, starvation, and loneli...
The Many Masks of Murder by David_The_Great
The Many Masks of Murderby David
One bad decision lead to another and now Peter and his friends find themselves on trail for murder. A guilty verdict would mean their death. Locked in solitary confineme...
Silver Bullets by Dangantorture
Silver Bulletsby Dangantorture
In the city of New York, gangs are littered all over the place, hiding in the shadows and striking at night. Alis was used to hearing the stories, gossip bustling aroun...